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for January 29th

If your Birthday is January 29th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

January 29th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 29th of January are astrologically destined to be individualistic, caring and compassionate idealists. Like your Aquarian zodiac symbol the water bearer you are a very independent spirit but you also have an intense desire to belong. The ruling planet for this particular day is the Moon giving you a generous helping of intuition and creativity.
If you have this birthday you are broadminded, sociable, reasonable and rational. You are rather good at compromising and judging others without preconceptions. Individuals with a January the twenty ninth birthday are bursting with inventive ideas but with your colorful imagination they are often only viable in theory. You are, for an Aquarius, more foresighted and romantic than most but you
are also a lot less forgiving. Your mix of the need for independence and the contrasting yearning for companionship and intimacy make you well balanced emotionally, friendly and fun to know.

Work and Finances

Work of any sort is usually of considerable importance to a person born on the twenty ninth of January as you like to feel useful. You have an avid
love of learning and may be attracted to, and have the perfect aptitude for, a career in something like education or research. Your job choice will not necessarily depend on salary rate as it needs to offer you more than financial gain. Individuals with this particular birth date are commonsensical and careful with their finances. You have the patience to save
up for things and you are able to easily rearrange your budget with changing circumstances.

Personal Relationships

Akin to a typical Aquarian, the person born on the twenty ninth day of January is often cautious and indecisive when considering commitment. You tend to believe in destined soul mates and seem to fall in love easily, but you will only commit when completely sure
and definitely ready to settle down. Friends are important to you and a partner will need to be both understanding and accommodating of this. In a long term personal relationship you are sensitive and tolerant towards your partner's requisites. Despite this you can occasionally display jealous and possessive behavior in some situations. You expect total fidelity and devotion while in a
loving partnership as you strongly pledge these promises yourself. Disagreements with loved ones are something that you detest so you will normally be the one that initiates making up.


Health concerns that may bother those born on January 29th can generally arise from fatigue due to a fast paced lifestyle. Although you have lots of energy you sometimes find it difficult to
know when to slow down. As you try to do as much as possible and are so helpful your life tends to be quite hectic so you should ensure that you get adequate rest. You are inclined to be a bit fussy with your food and may have a habit of eating on the go. This casual approach to nourishment can
add to the chance of suffering from lethargy so you could benefit from taking more of an interest in your dietary intake.

January 29th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths included within your character are your impartiality, sociability and fun loving kind nature. These qualities and your eagerness to learn allow you to move forward in life at a quick pace gaining lots of companions and admirers along the way. Perceptible personality weaknesses for those born on January 29th focus on your hesitancy and indecision. These
less positive traits can be annoying to others but they could be your way of not being carelessly impulsive. Another weakness that could prove troublesome is your tendency to sometimes be more compliant than is necessary, saying No more often helps.

Dreams and Goals

Being an individual born on the 29th of January it is unlikely that your dreaming moments will feature furthering
your ambitions at work. They are much more likely to be about wanting to share your acquired knowledge in the hope of making a difference and aiming to better understand yourself and others. Your wisest choices and successes in life are usually based on the realism of your goals if you can manage to stick to them. Even though you have
an excellent perceptive imagination you can every now and then have difficulty trusting your instincts. Try to trust them more when following or actualizing your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty ninth day of the month the numbers in your birth date added together and reduced create a Root number of Two. This numerical birthday reference has
the keyword 'Harmony' and probably signifies your great ability to compromise and avoid and resolve arguments. The card in the Major Arcana Tarot deck closely associated with your birthday is the 2nd card the Priestess, it identifies your tolerance and your caring intuitive side. The lustrous Pearl is favored as the luckiest gemstone for January the twenty ninth birthdays promising it's
wearer happiness and prosperity.


The planet Uranus is designated as the astrological ruler over all Aquarian personalities and bestows you with your originality and self reliance. The Moon however rules the actual day you were born, the twenty ninth of January, giving you the wish to be emotionally attuned to and needed by others. The cosmic forces of these 2 planets combine
to shape your principal set of probable characteristics. Your friendly and fair manner and realistic attitude gain you much love and respect. Believing in true love and loyal friendship helps you to find and build solid, trustful and long lasting relationships. Finally, a pertinent thought to ponder for people born on January the 29th is that it should be to your
advantage to have confidence in, and listen more often to, your high perceptivity.

January 29th Horoscope Comments

Love the outcome.. its spot on on this site and on other sites! We are spiritually blessed! You all should listen more often to, your high perceptivity!

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

we should creat a facebook group for who born on 29 jan 1989 we ll all connect to each other through it search on facebook for "29 jan 1989"

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lil bit true !;)

[ sanket Devekar ] [ Post Reply ]

Unexpectedly TRUE...!!

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That's me all the way to the love part cause I'm crushing on a boy right now!!! :love:

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true... thank you

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agree with everything here except the finances, am rubbish when it comes to money!

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So true :)

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Not me at all

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So true its like all me

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This is soooo me. Unbelievable as I usually do not put much stock in horoscopes and zodiac signs

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Wow! Its just like u were talking to me directly. Thanks

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Unbelievable, just shocked how much of this is so true. Thank you!

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Spot On!

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I feel like the writer has been talking about me directly!

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