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for January 2nd

If your Birthday is January 2nd and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 2nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 2nd of January are usually quite easygoing and flexible for a Capricorn. They still have the typical resolute characteristics their Goat zodiac sign symbolizes but have a generous helping of cooperative spirit. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is the Moon. This creates personalities that are highly desirous of success but also more
willing to accept help from others. If you have this birthday you are competitive but fair and prefer to partake in joint enterprises rather than solo ones. You present yourself to the world as a determined hard worker with a strong intellect and sense of justice. Inside you may suffer from little insecurities that you try your best to hide. You
tend to take on too much occasionally and need to learn to pace yourself. Individual's with a January the second birthday are also good mediators with a creative streak and a love of music and art.

Work and Finances

In deciding on a career path the person born on the second of January will often opt for a job with high pay. You
enjoy work that involves mental challenges and is varied and although you are not particularly driven to be successful you often are. When you find an occupation that stimulates a sense of achievement you are at your happiest. Individuals with this specific birth date will have a great skill in handling their finances however they can be prone to being a
bit mean with them too. Experience and maturity should teach you how to better manage your money to suit your circumstances.

Personal Relationships

You are a rather sociable person for a Capricorn as being born on the second day of January means that you benefit greatly from interaction with others. You are not happy spending time alone and will seek out and make
lots of friends, but romantic attachments seem to be not especially important to you until later in life. When you do choose a partner you will look for someone that shares the same goals and who arouses your intellectual as well as physical interest. You have high standards for everything and soul mate relationships are no exception so you can be
difficult to please. However once committed to a partnership the imaginative part of your personality will surface. An ideal personal relationship will enlighten you to be a touch less serious and discover there is so much more to life than just working.


In order to prevent health issues those born on January 2nd should ensure that they take regular breaks from routine.
You like to keep fit and get plenty of exercise but may become lethargic if you are unhappy in any area of your life. As you have a tendency to keep your problems to yourself they could build up and cause ill health if you do not find a release for your emotions. You should take extra care of your teeth,
hair and bones as these could be weak spots in your otherwise fairly healthy constitution. Be careful also to not be tempted into following the latest food fads or diets.

January 2nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are your responsible, thoughtful and dedicated attitude in whatever you are doing or saying. These qualities and your need for fairness make you an excellent friend, co worker, committed partner and equip you with very capable parenting abilities. Personality weaknesses for those born on January 2nd include a liability to be unnecessarily self inhibiting
and sometimes over demanding. You are advised to have try to gain more inner confidence and give yourself a bit more freedom from responsibility and time to relax and have some fun every now and then.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 2nd of January you will probably have a whole list of goals you want to achieve. While most are likely
to be committed to memory you often find it useful to make a note of your plans to refer to and keep you motivated. The only thing standing in your way of accomplishing anything is your fear of failure. Once you understand and face this barrier and overcome it you will be able to make giant leaps forward. The people you
meet and get to know well in your adult life are usually influential in encouraging you to defeat your pessimism and pursue your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the second day of the month your date of birth has a Root number of Two. This numerical association with your birthday has the keyword 'Harmony' and signifies your
need for balance in the main areas of your life. The tarot card connected to your birthday is the 2nd card in the Major Arcana the Priestess. This symbolizes your gift of heightened intuition that can make you so cautious and also your occasional apathy when feeling negative. The lucky gemstone for those with January the second bithdays is the Pearl
and if worn it will generate a boost of positive energies.


The star sign of Capricorn is astrologically ruled and influenced by the planet Saturn while The actual day you were born, the second of January, is governed by the Moon. Therefore it is these two planetary influences that combine forces to make up your unique personality and behavioral and emotional traits.
Your amenable nature allows you to mix and communicate well with others allowing you to be a popular person at work and in your social circles. A final thought applicable to people born on January the 2nd is to remember that any difficulties you may encounter in life are mostly a result of your own perception. If you can beat your
concern of failing you have a great chance of being highly successful and emotionally satisfied with your life.

January 2nd Horoscope Comments

Yes it is absolutely correct.I also born on 2nd Jan 1988

[ mahanteshwari ] [ Post Reply ]

Ohh thats all being thruth about me.Friends I am also born on 2 january 1998

[ Ganesh kulkarni ] [ Post Reply ]

This is totally true...

[ Gina ] [ Post Reply ]

January 2nd 1998

[ Navi ] [ Post Reply ]

January 2 1998 ^_^

[ Laila ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday to us all......

[ Laverne ] [ Post Reply ]

January 2nd 1998

[ Adela ] [ Post Reply ]

Jan 2nd 1998Oh my God this is all do true but me. Johnson u are my Other Twin right?

[ Blessing ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me, down to a t, scary really.

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

Well....honestly....I can't belive this! I write stories n I made a charactr hu hs his b'day on jan 2....my fren introduced me 2 dis zodiac personality thing....neway, dis completely matches wid d charactr I'd made.....freakin evrythin matches wid hw I had shaped his charactr!! Wat the hell!! So dis
even has influence on fictional charactrs?? Hw on earth did it match?? It's almost as funny as it is creepy! It's amazing!

[ Soo-mai-na ] [ Post Reply ]

2nd Jan 2002...by the way Happy Birthday to all of us!!!..Enjoy lyf!!

[ Disha ] [ Post Reply ]

i was also born on 2 jan 2002..

[ shivani ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Dennis Misana ] [ Post Reply ]

01/02/98!!Happy birthday to us all!

[ Johnson ] [ Post Reply ]

Jan 2nd 2001

[ jasmin .. ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi jasmine, Me too January 2 2001

[ Marvin ] [ Post Reply ]

2 January 1996

[ Annabel ] [ Post Reply ]

yes you are right. this is my image

[ varun tyagi ] [ Post Reply ]

DEFINTELY spot on!January 2, 1972

[ Cathy ] [ Post Reply ]

I am an identical twin. This partly descibes myself. Though, I'm guessing the other half of these facts are true about my twin. Both her and I share things in common, but majority of these facts are either her or I. Not shared. Exceptionally great description of us both. It is spot on if you combi
ne us. I'm just wondering where the other halves of our personality comes from. My sister and I are the complete opposites. So whatever she has that is good, is my down fall etc. Any one know where to find information on Jan 2 1995 born babies?

[ Keal ] [ Post Reply ]

wat is the lucky stone for the person who born on 2nd of january. pls suggest me

[ sudeep ] [ Post Reply ]

what ca i sudjes you please contack me

[ Romeo A. Mayonila Jr. ] [ Post Reply ]

Garnet is lucky for a person who belongs to capricon

[ Disha ]

January 2, 1993

[ shontell Living ] [ Post Reply ]

these points are all right because whatever mentioned here is much with my personality.

[ Ferooz noori ] [ Post Reply ]

Now understands that I can overcome my failure and insecurity be facing it head on. Born January 2nd, 1978

[ Angela ] [ Post Reply ]

yes me too, I can face it head on now. Jan 2nd 1979

[ Seyi ] [ Post Reply ]

January 2nd, 1979 This is awesome Birthday wishes to all of you

[ Selena Rose ]

I too was born on 2nd Jan'1978 at 17:10 approx

[ Surendra ] [ Post Reply ]

This is my husband's Birthday, and this explains him almost exactly, except we got married very young... He was 20 and I was 18. Any advice from those of you with this Birthday on the fear of failure thing? He misinterprets everything I say thinking I'm accusing him of being a failure...that's the f
arthest thing from the truth.

[ Betsy ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow all the way

[ Shane ] [ Post Reply ]

Well, it's a true prediction about my personality. I am like that

[ vikram chavan ] [ Post Reply ]

Now I knowI'm also capricornJanuary 2 1991

[ Jackie sua ] [ Post Reply ]

Now i understand me. Now the world is mine to conquer. Who's with me fellow caps!!!!!

[ willie b. ] [ Post Reply ]

Ok! This 95% represents me. This feels so unnatural.....2nd Jan 1999

[ Athira ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg we were born on the same day!!

[ Moday ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a year older than you 4! Jan 2 1998

[ Emma ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also were all probably a long lost set of quintuplets

[ Xavier ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm also born January 2nd 1999!

[ Marica ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too!

[ Mallory ]

What's up. Happy Birthday, late

[ Dustin Leigh Johnson ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes.. hammer hit the nail on this one .. jealousy tho.. umm not..but see it in other Capricorns .. I learned very young (before pre- teens) this will hinder progress/success .. can't focus on next man.. ladder years .. must keep it in consideration .. works well in business.

[ Tammy ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks for showing me a written image of myself =) =)

[ sana ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing how true the words written about my birthdate. Blessed Earthstrong Natural Mystic....

[ Lupito Acosta Jr. ] [ Post Reply ]

wow...this is so really me:)ihope soooo.... =)

[ nemai ] [ Post Reply ]

2nd Jan 1985

[ Naveed ] [ Post Reply ]


[ dooney ] [ Post Reply ]

this is real meeeee

[ maxi ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep.. This is sooo so me! I really don't like failures.

[ Sheionn ] [ Post Reply ]

Its so me guys, but I feel that I lack the firmness, rigidity, rationality of most capricorns sometimes, I come off as a clown to people at some times, I think so.... ?)

[ mell ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me upset I can have a bad attitude sometimes

[ taiya ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me too, born on Jan 2, 1968

[ JP ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally me:-)

[ honey ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so me,all over :)

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on the 2nd and this is so me!

[ Tammy ] [ Post Reply ]

yooo any other january 2nd's up in the hizz-ouse yeas i said whattt- werdd!!! WOO!

[ Aimee ] [ Post Reply ]

also aimee born on jan 2nd 92:P

[ aimee ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born in second of jan

[ christ ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 01/02/03 born 4:56 PM

[ Lexi ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Lexi I was born 01/02/03 born 4:56 PM
I wish i was like that i was born at 11:59am

[ Mya ] [ Post Reply ]

This is lonely deep me.

[ Daria Horne ] [ Post Reply ]

On point.

[ francine ramirez ] [ Post Reply ]

This was really spot on

[ Jenn ] [ Post Reply ]

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