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for January 6th

If your Birthday is January 6th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 6th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 6th of January are usually more emotionally sensitive and philosophical than their typified Capricorn Goat sign. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus influencing a person to be tough on the outside and tender on the inside. If you have this birthday you present yourself as strong, ambitious and practical, with a
giving, compassionate nature. You are creative and like to express this in your home and in some of your thoughts and ideas. Individuals with a January the Sixth birthday are peaceful people who hate any kind of disagreement and will refuse to get involved in gossip or petty squabbles. As you are quite perceptive and kind you tend to often offer
your help to others. You should take care not to allow yourself to be taken for granted. You can also have a tendency to put on a brave face when disappointed rather than showing it.

Work and Finances

Work choice is an important consideration for a person born on the sixth of January as they are inclined to be somewhat financially motivated. You
have a love of luxurious things so will usually aim towards securing an occupation or self employment that pays highly. Despite this, you are not overly avaricious regarding finances. You are prepared to put in years of study and hard work to secure the salary you need to satisfy your expensive tastes. Individuals with this particular birth date should possess good
money managing skills and are generally able to easily spot cash making opportunities.

Personal Relationships

As you are less guarded and more open with your emotions than most Capricorns you greatly value the companionship of others. The person born on the sixth day of January does not like being alone and is likely to settle down early. You enjoy taking the lead in
a relationship and the influence of Venus makes you a romantic and affectionate partner. You will seek a soul mate that shares and understands your priorities, aspirations and need to maintain a harmonious balance between home and work. Although you are not very demonstrative with your affections in public you often more than make up for it when you get privacy
as a couple. You may place a lot of importance on anniversaries marking the milestones in your personal partnerships. In long term relationships you will be totally devoted and take commitment seriously.


In relation to health those born on January 6th are normally able to retain their healthy constitution if they practice moderation. Your energy levels are prone to fluctuations so you
should ensure that you eat a balanced diet and avoid sugar laden snacks. You should also make sure that you get enough beauty sleep to prevent a sluggish feeling or a dull complexion. One of the best ways you can help your physical and mental well being is to try not to be so self sacrificing. You tend to neglect yourself
sometimes in favor of the welfare of others leaving you open to bouts of low mood.

January 6th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are your loyalty and reliability regarding anything you have promised yourself or others. Your understanding and accepting personality along with your devotion make you the perfect partner, parent or friend. You think deeply about everything and respond with great sensitivity. However you do have a few weaknesses among your characteristics that see you occasionally
being naive or unrealistic in your actions or thoughts. These occasional slips in the otherwise likeable character of those born on January 6th usually occur when you are tired or upset.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 6th of January gives you a strong desire to live life to the full and have as much fun as possible. One of your dreams
is to stay young forever and so you will usually have a youthful outlook that lasts well into middle age. While you are serious in your approach to life you appreciate that people, including yourself, need regular breaks from monotonous routines. Your most wished for goal in life is for appreciation of your kindness and for the stability and security of
a family setting. Whatever personal directions you go in will be connected to and focused on this aim.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the sixth day of the month your date of birth has a Root number of Six. Your birthday reference number has the keyword 'Social' attached to it and this emphasizes your wish for a secure happy
emotional and financial environment. The Tarot card linked to your birthday is the 6th card in the Major Arcana The Lovers. This is seen as a symbol of masculine and feminine and of sacrifices made for love, it highlights your longing for attachment. January the sixth birthdays have the lucky gemstone association of Turquoise attracting positive energy vibes and good fortune.


is believed to be the planet astrologically influential in determining the traits and behaviors of a Capricorn. The actual day you were born on, the sixth of January, is celestially ruled by the planet Venus. This makes Saturn and Venus the primary influences deciding your uniqueness and probable way of thinking. Your loyal, reliable, optimistic and thoughtful attitude are your best
assets and utilizing them will bring you an abundance of self esteem and satisfaction. If you can beat your reluctance to display or voice your disappointment you will reduce stress levels. For people born on January the 6th a final concluding thought is to devote your time equally and put yourself first sometimes.

January 6th Horoscope Comments

This is so me!

[ Dawn ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm turning 40 today! Decided to check my horoscope and this is a total description of me!!!Wow!!!!Happy birthday fellow Jan 6 people!

[ Sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

am happy to read about my life

[ patty ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday everyone born on Jan 6

[ Cedes ] [ Post Reply ]

will any one of u create a group...

[ dathu ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on. The best description of me so far.

[ Edwige ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on this day too. Does anybody else that was born on this day always had this feeling like there is this fate or destiny you have to find and do it in your life ? Whatever it is , but you always had that feeling or is it just me?

[ Gabriela ] [ Post Reply ]

this is amazing me! everything was defined

[ cjay ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is on point! Not kidding, this is 100% what I am like!! Love being born January 6, feels unique.

[ Madeleine ] [ Post Reply ]

sorry..is anyone social phobic here?

[ a.y ] [ Post Reply ]

Me!! :(it gave me goosebumps when i read your comment dont know why....

[ n.s. ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 6th january, everything about are capricon are true.

[ Ben ] [ Post Reply ]

Mostly true except that I don't have an optimistic attitude and I usually suspect others have an ulterior motive. Also, I've no desire to settle down with anyone...ever.

[ Ljn ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 1-6-60 and all so true! I've read dozens of astrological interpretations over the years and the "Go To Horoscope" is by far the very best. Wow! Thanks so much.

[ Jeff aka "Thoth" ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 6 jan 1988. How can this be!! I'm in chock. Everything is on point except one time in my life I lacked loyalty BUT it changed when I confessed. I know it. I know myself!

[ Mikko Sey ] [ Post Reply ]

Sooo true.....

[ ayay badesra ] [ Post Reply ]

Me born also on this date,and its true,,..can we be friends nia...

[ ching ] [ Post Reply ]

I share this birthday!Very true.Happy Birthday to all!

[ Tonya ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah.. thats me.. A Capricorn gal.. wanna stay young forever and complete ma dreams.. very true to read this on my birthday...

[ Jags ] [ Post Reply ]

jan 6 ....its ma birthday ....anyone else?? hit me up on fb ..

[ ten sharps ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty much accurate!

[ Michele ] [ Post Reply ]

im special!

[ ra ] [ Post Reply ]

So true!!

[ Karin ] [ Post Reply ]

This is great stuff!!! Very accurate. I think another cap wrote this.

[ Jay ] [ Post Reply ]

100% correct

[ wreyne ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born in 2003 of his date. I'm a little baby stilll. . :angel: I think this is ALLLLLL true. It's amazing how true it is!!
Yeah. Lol

[ Kate E. ] [ Post Reply ]

me too omg we're twins :angel:

[ Yami P. ] [ Post Reply ]

true!! matches a lot

[ Rahul Das ] [ Post Reply ]

i love capricorn because i am capricorn.. :angel:

[ Adiba ] [ Post Reply ]

Remember to put ourselves first at times! !

[ Dia ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg this is sooooooooooooooooo me lol who wants to be friends on fb?

[ Niaa ] [ Post Reply ]

I want, I was born on the same date

[ Serge ] [ Post Reply ]

01/06/82 This comment is so me too. Look me up. Cassie Ravenwolf

[ Cassie ] [ Post Reply ]


[ keith G. ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to be your friend Niaa. Because I was born on 6 January 1996.

[ Asraful Azim ] [ Post Reply ]

I couldn't have read myself better... this is scary true...

[ Gia ] [ Post Reply ]

So true,my boy friend is a Capricorn and as am reading it now,it's as if am looking right at him.wow and wow

[ Raihana ] [ Post Reply ]

So true for me...amazing!:-)

[ Rose Macandog ] [ Post Reply ]

Perfectly correct characteristics have been g iven

[ T.Lal ] [ Post Reply ]

Scary true!!!

[ Julie ] [ Post Reply ]

its true..thats me..sweet n cute

[ Tarun ] [ Post Reply ]

100% correct

[ ben ] [ Post Reply ]

Man you got me to a "T". Noodles----1/6/51

[ Noodles ] [ Post Reply ]

this is scary

[ ryan reynolds ] [ Post Reply ]

Hun This Beautiful, God Bless You

[ Tayo ] [ Post Reply ]

Just like Looking At A Mirror...

[ Hope ] [ Post Reply ]

its true

[ emmie ] [ Post Reply ]

That's me!!

[ James ] [ Post Reply ]

Hate quarrels

[ Angela Quevada ] [ Post Reply ]


[ ASHUTOSH SINGH ] [ Post Reply ]

It is so scary how true all of this is.

[ Shondra ] [ Post Reply ]

Ya its true

[ pritam ] [ Post Reply ]

that is true! i just truned 12! :D

[ mckenna ] [ Post Reply ]

So me to a "T"!

[ Lady Prophet ] [ Post Reply ]

Not me at all.

[ lakotasue ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday, everyone!

[ Jac ] [ Post Reply ]

This is exactly true word for word!

[ Jesse ] [ Post Reply ]

my true nature

[ Usha ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!! Right on

[ Danielle ] [ Post Reply ]

This definitely described me!! That's cool!

[ Niah ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Myndi ] [ Post Reply ]

my love nd job nd life

[ shubham ] [ Post Reply ]

Money and married life

[ samgita ] [ Post Reply ]

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