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for January 9th

If your Birthday is January 9th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 9th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 9th of January are idealistic and intuitive with a great sense of humor. Like all Capricorn Goats you are naturally protective and dependable, tough on the outside and able to hide your insecurities well. The astrological planet Mars governs over this particular day and creates confident, practical, tenderhearted personalities. If you have this birthday you
will be more receptive and understanding than others that share your zodiac sign. Your excellent organizing skills and 'can do' attitude equip you with a good business mind. You may contemplate starting an enterprise at some stage in your life. Individual's with a January the ninth birthday are also very kindhearted and get a lot of satisfaction from helping others. You
will usually have an interest in things like psychology and body language in order to quell your curiosity and expand your knowledge of people's behavior.

Work and Finances

The strong need to succeed and climb to the top in a career is important to a person born on the ninth of January and they are prepared to work endlessly at it. Although you
have a good head for finances you are not motivated by them, you are primarily driven by ambition. Individuals with this particular birth date are so ambitious that they are sometimes accused of putting work before anything else. As you do not place too much importance on money you tend to occasionally spend recklessly especially in your youth. You should avoid
borrowing and try to reorganize your income instead.

Personal Relationships

You are more perceptive and sentimental than the majority of Capricorns and untypically you like the idea of love. The person born on the ninth day of January will instictively know when they have met their ideal partner. You are easily disappointed with your high expectations but you are a generous and unselfish
soul mate. You will usually expect your partner to be much more than a lover, you will need them to be your best friend too. When you settle into a long term personal relationship it may take quite a while before you are ready to open up emotionally. You are good at reading the likely feelings of others but need to
not neglect learning about yourself too. By recognizing what makes you happiest and feeling the most secure you will find that one to one relationships in your life are a lot easier.


Those born on January 9th are usually lucky enough to not suffer from any major health problems. Any medical issues they may experience are generally mild and short lived and
often connected to their level of emotional happiness. People born on this day should learn a special method to deal with stress to stop it building up into anxiety. By doing this and also taking regular breaks any frequent headaches or muscle tension will be eased. You are advised to consider mild forms of exercise and the consumption of an exciting
and varied diet for optimum health and plenty of energy.

January 9th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are your purposefulness and resourcefulness that compliment your adaptable and tolerant nature. These allow you to think and act positively in most circumstances. Personality weaknesses for those born on Jan 9th are their tendency to be sometimes controlling and stubbornly inflexible. You are also the type of person that becomes stressed quite quickly especially
when you have taken on too much. You would probably benefit from observing others and seeing how they pace themselves or contemplate practicing a natural relaxation technique.

Dreams and Goals

Any dreams you have and goals you may set for yourself are sometimes shelved due to your self doubt and indecision. You are not exactly sure what you want to achieve but you
are nevertheless highly ambitious. The progress you make in your life and the various people you meet will help you determine your main wishes and aims. Being born on the 9th of January You could have to overcome your shyness and hesitancy if you want to make a big impression. Put uncertainty behind you and just go for it. The first
step towards a wish may be the hardest but without it you will never know.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the ninth day of the month your date of birth has a Root number of Nine. This number numerically associated with your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker'. This possibly refers to your thirst for knowledge regarding peoples thoughts and
actions. The Tarot card linked to your birthday is the 9th card in the Major Arcana The Hermit and fits your bashfulness and occasional stubbornness. Those with January the ninth birthdays should wear their luck attracting gemstone the Bloodstone. This is believed to bring its wearer good fortune, inner peace and financial rewards.


Being a Capricorn means that when you were born
the planet Saturn had the most influence on your characteristics. Your actual day of birth, the ninth of January also has the astrology influence of Mars attached to it. These pair of celestial bodies combine their forces to give you your originality and sense of purpose in life. These planetary influences are responsible for your wit and practicality and for your
helpfulness and patience. Although you like to laugh you do not find relaxing easy. You are often mature for your age and can sometimes be a smidgen too serious for your own good. A pertinent thought to aspire to especially for people born on January the 9th is that 'Fun can be had at any age', and will hopefully encourage you
to learn to relax more.

January 9th Horoscope Comments

I nearly cried reading this... damn I need to get my life together

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It's 85% true for me... Let's cheer with bloodstone..... I

[ Sweety ] [ Post Reply ]

This is exactly me

[ lily ] [ Post Reply ]

My name is lily too and it's exactly me. How old are you? I'm 1995

[ lily ] [ Post Reply ]

Lol a lot of people find it accurate for themselves, just like I did. That makes a lot of us same persons. Hey! let us all plan to meetup to know like minded people. :)

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Very accurate. Now I am looking for that Bloodstone!

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Damn, what on earth did I just read ? This is insanely true

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oh thats great, 9 january lets be friends all together email me at irfanhhashmi@gmail.com

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I was born January 9th. This is 100 percent true... All of it.

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This is the most "spot on" horoscope I have ever read:)

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im a capricorn and i am lit for those of you who are not good luck because i love my birthday peace out jealous much

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This very accurate, particularly regarding money. ;)Does bloodstone mean garnet?

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A "bloodstone" does not mean "garnet". These are completely two different types of stones. You can find a bloodstone in a Metaphysical shop, etsy, and ebay.

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It is exactly true.i would like to appriciate this information

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