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for July 13th

If your Birthday is July 13th and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 13th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 13th of July are believed to be charismatic, pragmatic and focused with the typical crab nurturing loyal temperament. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus guiding you to be highly instinctive and to usually learn best via experience. If you have this birthday a serious determined nature makes you very responsible and
in possession of a strong sense of duty. Hard working, efficient and organized you are ordinarily tough but fair with an eye for quality and a dislike of waste. Individuals with a July the thirteenth birthday may strive for material security yet are not greedy and are rather sensitive to the needs of others. Lots of patience and persistence helps you
be good at taking advantage of favorable opportunities and intensifies your naturally caring protective side. You are also however fearful of change and your confidence is soon knocked by setbacks or failure.

Work and Finances

Sales or customer service positions are a popular job choice to a person born on the thirteenth of July. Your high levels of charisma and practical skills make
you likeable, capable and believable. When these qualities are combined with your determined ability to focus strongly they allow you to perform well in any career. You could find coping with finances complicated and have difficulty keeping track of your budget and occasionally try and spend beyond your means. Although financial success is fairly important for future plans, it is not
actually all that essential for your overall happiness.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the thirteenth day of July is typically a mix of toughness and tenderness when it comes to romance. You are ruled by your warm heart, make love decisions on instinct and are extremely sincere within a relationship commitment. Compassionate, romantic and sentimental you are especially keen
on compromise but also sometimes slightly too possessive. You are passionate and faithful and require a soul mate on the same wavelength who like you cannot get enough affection. An intimate bond and the emotional stability of a long term loving relationship boost your confidence and encourages your emotional development allowing you to be a bit more sociable. Your sincerity
and devotion to a loved one is so intense you could find it harder than most to forgive or forget any kind of disloyalty or hurt from a spouse.


Health problems experienced by those born on July 13th are commonly the consequences of your tendency to have a bad habit or two. Firstly you are inclined to not monitor your diet adequately
and eat what you want making you likely to be often short of valuable nutrients. Secondly you are likely to have a proneness for stimulants like caffeine to keep your energy up and be too busy to stop for solid nourishment. This inclination for an active lifestyle sees you rarely put on excess weight. Despite this, people born on this day
seem to mostly enjoy exercise for its psychological benefits.

July 13th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are demonstrated in the firmness of purpose, sense of responsibility and loyalty you possess. These positive traits are assisted by your skilful natural instincts and they make excellent guides to discovering favorable paths. Personality weaknesses for those born on July 13th appear to be connected to your issues regarding adapting to changes of routine.
You will usually always show generally negative behaviors in reaction to an alteration of something you are used to. This negativity includes the tendencies to act impulsively and be very unforgiving. As you mature and recognize and anticipate these weaker unfavorable idiosyncrasies they are often much easier for you to control.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 13th of July is destined
to bestow you with plenty of optimism and extensive ideals and expectations in life. This positivity usually enables you to put in maximum effort towards the achievement of yearned for personal goals and making your fondest wishes come true. This enthusiasm and your usual patient approach allows you to be able to greatly inspire others to achieve through your encouraging
actions or words. Dreams are often suggestive of visualizing yourself in blissful idealized situations or once in a while they may also feature your fear of failing.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the thirteenth day of the month the figures in your birth date equate to a Root number of Four. This numerical reference has the keyword 'Honesty' highlighting
your sincere attitude and dependability. The 13th card in the Major Arcana Tarot associated with your birthday symbolizes Death, but no need to worry, this simply identifies your streak of pessimism and an inclination to sometimes dwell unnecessarily on the past. The lucky gemstone selected for July the thirteenth birthdays is Topaz, wear it for overcoming insecurities and its
probable relaxation properties.


The typified probabilities of Cancer personalities are imagined predicted astrologically by the influence of the Moon. The actual day you were born on, the thirteenth of July is governed by Uranus's power accounting for your varying characteristics and differences from your zodiac counterparts. Your abundance of fairness, common sense and seriousness help accentuate your mostly unselfish disposition. These
commendable qualities filter through into everything you attempt to do. Your persistent dutiful psyche and talent at organizing lets you accomplish plenty of worthwhile things in your lifetime. If you can manage to conquer your anxieties concerning adjustments from the familiar it should prove advantageous. A culminating thought for people born on July the 13th suggests that waiting patiently for the
right moments should reap substantial rewards. After all, as the old saying goes all the best things come to he who waits.

July 13th Horoscope Comments

July 13, 1983...

[ Bulilit the Great ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on July 13, 1979. Friday the 13th :)

[ Jun ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born on july 13 1986 :3

[ Vida ] [ Post Reply ]

man, this feels good. even though i knew. but its all good, n leads a kindlin effect, verily. 13 july, fills in, dope..

[ GeEfOuR ] [ Post Reply ]

We're awesome people.Born on 13th July 1987.I hardly find any of these traits even common with any others.Be patient and right time always come.Cheers :)

[ Shreyansh ] [ Post Reply ]

Negative voters suck

[ Blink ] [ Post Reply ]

7/13/1977. On point thanks

[ Sierra ] [ Post Reply ]

its all same,,,am intuitive,,,see finx too before it happens ,ah read people a lot too ,,,we are special very special

[ Jenny ] [ Post Reply ]

13 07 1969

[ Lena ] [ Post Reply ]

This sounds exactly like me. I find this so interesting and cool but also scary at the same time. I always thought it was cool that i was born on Friday the 13th, with a weight of 7 pounds and 13 ounces born around 7:13pm. I see my lucky number as 13 too. Interesting. 7/13/2001

[ Teandra ] [ Post Reply ]

Omgmy lucky number is also 13 and i was born on 13 july 2001

[ izza ] [ Post Reply ]

That is beyond amazing, I was born 7/13/1998 and feel like my lucky number is 13.

[ Marlenne ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born two minutes after you lol

[ Joe ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, sounds a lot like me. I work best under pressure but can't handle stress. In a life or death emergency, I remain calm and in control. I also have extremely strong intuition too the point of psychic abilities. It almost like I know what is going to happen before it actually does. I can also read
people like a book but attribute that to being streetwise.

[ Ana ] [ Post Reply ]

Actually I search the personality and full detail the meaning of my name. My personality my life every thing. I born 13 July 2000

[ mehwish ] [ Post Reply ]

But I was born on a full moon at night on the 13 and some of this does not sound like me.

[ hubert ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 13 July 1981. Interesting pose.

[ Oli ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too am ah cancer and ah also see finx b4 it happens maybe its in us

[ Jenny ] [ Post Reply ]

Chicana cancerian Ya-Ya. Activist International citizen born July 13,1948

[ samaya perran ] [ Post Reply ]

Friday, July 13, 1979 this horoscope is so accurate!!!

[ Jenn ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes it is! :)

[ alfredo ] [ Post Reply ]

13th july people 2016 horoscope

[ shama ] [ Post Reply ]

Being a Cancer woman has its challenges...especially being so intuitive and controlling the anxiety that comes with all that...but as a mature woman I have learned to control the emotions 07-13-1974

[ Cheryl ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes i do too. Being conpassionate was really me and also the anxiety of future but how to control those things mind to share i'd be willing to read thnx for cope up's like you heheh tnx

[ Jasmine ] [ Post Reply ]

July 13 1991, this is pretty true, I like security and nurturing.

[ kat ] [ Post Reply ]

july 13 1991 proud to be a cancer.i am filpino

[ roanne namoro ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on the 13 of July 1999,I am so proud be a cancer born,,Am an African (Liberian),,As a cancer born I have this gift of seeing things before it happen,,Things always look familiar to me,,I don't know if it happens to others cancer born =) =) :angel: :like:

[ Lasnetta P Devine ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm too a july born..with bday coming on 13th july 1999...i too have the sense of feeling about the event before it has actually take place

[ Harsh ] [ Post Reply ]

wouh sharing the same day, month and year.!!!yeah am also i have thing like that to see thngs before they happen..

[ erick ben ] [ Post Reply ]

Heheheheeeee, a proud mother of 3. I was born on the 13th July 1967. I often tease my siblings by telling them I am the " perfection of God's works " because I am child number 7 in the family, born on the 7th month of the year, in the 7th year of the decade (1960-1970) and I love it. I am happy to
have been born on July 13th. =)

[ Spozey ] [ Post Reply ]

Proud to be a cancer b day is 07-13-04 most things describe me kind of scary lol

[ Austin ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy to be a cancer born on 13july 1991,my line of work is the same as discussed herein

[ Victor ] [ Post Reply ]

my name is farnaz .im a girl persian .me to 1991.07.13birthday. very happy

[ farnaz ] [ Post Reply ]

July 13th 1969.......and our sign is a 69 go figure

[ cindy ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday my fellow cancers have a nice one #20 today 1995

[ Angelica ] [ Post Reply ]

Wooow all the traits talks about me ..proud to be cancer...

[ felix ] [ Post Reply ]

My day July 13, 85 :angel:

[ carlisha ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born july 13th. 1998 this made me understand the way i am thanks ;).

[ marcus hamilton ] [ Post Reply ]

7/13 are basically my favorite numbers including some others7-13-1999 Luv my birthday and proud to being a cancer

[ CM ] [ Post Reply ]

my birthday is 7-13-1990

[ Nathan ] [ Post Reply ]

That is also my birthday 07-13-90 lol

[ isamar Contreras ]

My birthdae 13 July 1994.M so excited for this cuz it elaborate myself better, most of things written here explains me;-)

[ Maurinne ] [ Post Reply ]

i sometimes wish i wasnt a cancer lol

[ cancerian ] [ Post Reply ]

beingh born on 13 july m hapy but still very upset emotionaly..

[ zara ] [ Post Reply ]

my birthday is on 13th July 1992 and i feel proud to be a cancer woman. i knew a lot about myself especially about the things that suit me the most. i am sure other cancer women feel the same.

[ kelzang choden ] [ Post Reply ]

We have the exact same birthday. What time were you born?

[ Heather ] [ Post Reply ]

I love 13th july, my moms birthday

[ goutam sawant ] [ Post Reply ]

7/13/we are awesome!!!

[ jonny ] [ Post Reply ]

i felt vvv happy,,,

[ hari varma ] [ Post Reply ]

i love my 13july birthday

[ aliraza ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a July 13th rebel, I defy the relationship part. :cool: Btw, I'm 14

[ Alaishia ] [ Post Reply ]

So you were born in 2000 because I was born in to 2000

[ Erika I.S. ] [ Post Reply ]

I WAS checking about my 5 yr old daughter, now. I understand Her traits, I am happy.Thx

[ alex ] [ Post Reply ]

i am cancer woman born on July 13 and when i went through the views, i felt the views matched with the character i posses and the feelings i have.

[ kelzang choden ] [ Post Reply ]

i felt special about myself. :)

[ kaye ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born in 13 july

[ Sikander Latif Bajwa ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Liberian born july 13, 1983. I believe in my self I love me being a cancern. Now that i know my soul mate must be a cancer to understand me and love me for who I am. Thank you.

[ Kelvin S. Karbah ] [ Post Reply ]

I born July 13, 1983 we both are the same age

[ Joean ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Joean I born July 13, 1983 we both are the same age

[ Bulilit the Great ]

the views are very much acceptable and appreciable.

[ john raja ] [ Post Reply ]

My d.o.b is 13 july 1970. We will be my future plans regarding my business,house, chidren , entire family.etc

[ Gh.Nabi ] [ Post Reply ]

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