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for July 14th

If your Birthday is July 14th and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 14th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 14th of July are imagined to be full of quick wit and sociability yet serious and more independent than most crabs. The ruling astrological planet allocated for this particular day is Mercury making you friendly realistic and objective in your approach and creative in your thought. If you have this birthday in contrast to your
rationality you are also dreamy and fairly unpredictable too. A highly sensitive nurturing emotional nature gives you a humanitarian conscience and a great satisfaction in helping others. Your shrewdness directs you to possess a strong desire for personal freedom and usually sees you standing independently on your own two feet from an early age. Despite this tough exterior you are a
tad delicate emotionally and you tend to dislike being alone. Individuals with a July the fourteenth birthday are anticipated to be forthright and honest with lots of charm and a very persuasive manner.

Work and Finances

The professions of family members can influence job choices suitable to a person born on the fourteenth of July. Your gift of the gab guides you
to be attracted to the sort of careers that involve utilizing this talent in some way. You should find you are especially suited to roles that are customer facing, fast paced and able to stimulate your astute mind. Mundane tasks really bore you so it is rare for you to choose this type of work. Financial security is important to you
and this makes you willing to strive hard towards maintaining it and encourages you to be careful with money.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the fourteenth day of July is typically more in need of roots, affection and long term love commitment than retaining their independence. You are rather romantic and seem to have no problem expressing how passionately
you feel about a soul mate. An ideal partner needs to be on the same intellectual level, share similar ambitions and interests and enjoy and partake in your witty conversation. They must also cope with your occasional moodiness and tendency to be a bit untidy in a domestic setting. Genuinely affectionate, sympathetic and intuitive you appear to uncannily sense when a
partner is feeling down and requires an extra cuddle or kind word. In the bedroom spontaneity excites you and as a lover you are eager to be adventurous and try new things in order to keep the physical side of the relationship exciting.


Depletions in energy and health experienced by those born on July 14th are usually due to your desire to
be industrious. As you are so energetic and always on the go you are inclined to stay in trim physically but this approach can easily induce a bit too much stress. This surplus anxiety may materialize as irritating headaches, a sensitive stomach or spotty skin and dips in your usual cheery mood. People born on this day should try not to
take on the worries of others unnecessarily and consider the importance of eating well and regularly as well as taking timeout to unwind and relax.

July 14th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are detectable in the directness of your honesty, amiability and sense of humor. These positive attributes make you nice to know and are a fine match for your notable neutrality. This fabulous collection of traits generally allow you the inclination to have temperate and fair judgments and make balanced decisions. The personality weaknesses for
those born on July 14th are often activated in response to your occasional negative mood swings. In this state your behavior becomes temporarily variable and your powers of persuasion may emerge as quite manipulative.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 14th of July means you are conjectured to be profoundly family orientated and likely to set your goals on this focus. Your
number one aspiration is commonly based on the achievement of true contentment within your private life. Achieving targets you determine for yourself personally is a great method of expressing yourself and gives you motivation and hope for the future. Dreams are guided by your mix of a spirited self reliance and much softer emotions so they usually feature a diverse blend
of mixed subjects and can give you some brilliant inspirational ideas.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fourteenth day of the month the one and four in your birth date add up to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' highlighting the cleverness and creativity of your unique way of thinking.
In Tarot the 14th card illustrating Temperance is closely connected to your birthday. This is a symbol of your penchants for autonomy and insistence in establishing an individual style. The luckiest gem chosen for July the fourteenth birthdays is a Diamond, to be worn for the attraction of happiness, wealth, long life and harmony.


All the typical features of Cancerian personalities
are postulated to be decided astrologically by the influence of our Moon's power. The actual day you were born on, the fourteenth of July is believed governed by the planet Mercury's dominance. These 2 specific celestial bodies are thought responsible for your probable temperament. Your practical levelheaded attitude and warm heart are a perfect combination for keeping life harmonious and indulging
your craving to be helpful. Your witty verbal expression and discernible enjoyment of company usually stimulates your social intellect and gains you many friends and admirers. A closing thought for people born on July the 14th concerns gaining control of your astute faculty to persuade with words. Your eloquence can be super convincing so learn to understand its effectiveness and always
use it virtuously and wisely.

July 14th Horoscope Comments

Thank you, and yes you've nailed my bday quite well.

[ Amber ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutely true about me...I am 100% what this reading says..proud of myself

[ Neelam Rana ] [ Post Reply ]

80% true of me.its a great job

[ nuruddin ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG! This is so me! :D :)

[ @pearlymsizi ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, so true in some ways.

[ Jayzelle ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me.

[ Jude ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG everything about this is true to me!!!!!!!! =)

[ Hailey ] [ Post Reply ]

Bit true thooHella bored af

[ yo mama soo ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes this is so me, 7-14

[ Amber ] [ Post Reply ]

that's crazy i like my b-day!!!

[ angel ] [ Post Reply ]

Dats crazy.I c y I love my bday

[ erika cherry ] [ Post Reply ]

All true =) =)

[ Adil ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow this is soooooo accurate its a little scary lol its also super cool seeing ppl who have the same bday as me as i've never met anyone with it

[ Samildre ] [ Post Reply ]

Not correct as I m born on 14 julyAnd I am 42 and all lonelyThere is no women in my lifesyednabeelin@gmail.com

[ syed nabeel khalid ] [ Post Reply ]

wow amazing i was always able to persuade my parents to get me what i wanted and now i know how i do it

[ Asuna ] [ Post Reply ]

Its 50% correct not 100%

[ Raunaq ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! Yes, I'm super creative and a romantic!

[ Zamora ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing!!! it seems to true..gr8.

[ pradeep rana ] [ Post Reply ]

so true wow.....

[ Barbara ] [ Post Reply ]

Gives me chills...me 100% reppin 7/14!!

[ Wes ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Billy Gilmore ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true its scary lol

[ Nicole ] [ Post Reply ]

Glad am born on this day! Best Qualities in me! Honesty is a Jewel of the God and that I have in me.

[ Ajay Kumar ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep, this is true. I'm glad that Mercury is my birthday ruling planet along with the Moon. When you combine quick-witted Mercury and intuitive Moon it really makes a wonderful combination. ^_^And yes, haha. I can be quite persuasive at times... ;) Sometimes manipulative. But at the same time, I alwa
ys realize what I'm doing. Whether it's right or wrong. I'm guessing it's coming from my Moon intuition, hehe. I usually make decisions with both my mind and my heart.My life path is 7... So I guess that makes me a bit more serious and quieter than usual. My birthdate ruler Mercury still does influe
nce me. Along with the Moon. But I think it's still interesting to study your Life Path. =] This is great information! :)

[ 7 ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm quiet but I guess if I feel like I got some sh 2 say I can ramble on-only by then though I'm usually super passionate about what I have 2 get across. Its affective enough. Didn't think I was a manipulator but I do always think about my choice of words.*never thought I was a typical clingy cancer
* do believe I can adapt(even pretend 2) doesn't always mean I like it* do have a tendency 2 like staying home, not constantly, I get untidy somex's*always did feel like I was that person that if I walked in a room all ppl become aware, & in tuned w/ emotions yes I do care, so much somex's that it b
ecomes a 2 much! The negativity rubs off on me 2. I don't always want 2 b someone's crying shoulder either. It makes me feel awkward 2..*ppl tell me I'm funny. Somex's it's a front. I figure well I think I'm funny, gotta b able 2 laugh Even if it is @ myself Cuz yes I might b confident enough-@ time
s. Might keep me going when I think alotta ppl suck!+I've always liked Any type of art, I do enjoy music, actually don't mind the Betty crocker roles-even like doing it somex's, + even was going 2 b a paralegal. Go figure* I do give my kid freedom, but BC I didn't want 2 b the manipulator..& shed b
her own person anyway (of course hopefully w/ some good influence..)but somex's she does try 2 walk on me, somex's im stern, but we r attached 2 each other*I'm witty enough. I absorb what all I can absorb. A person comes @ me aggressively yeah I can automatically pull things out my arse.. I have wor
ked w/public alot. Ppl have told me that I always have all the "right" things 2 say, I'm a "smart ass", & ppl observe that I'll talk 2 just about any1 & then wonder wth I even come up w. :). Its like idk I just pull things out my ass. It is natural. &I can tell random strangers about themselves 2! T
hey're like how did u even know. Um observing, listening + um I guess the rest is just intuition. :/. * i can't explain it..but yes most of this true

[ Yo mom ] [ Post Reply ]

A lot of things are true, but this being such a general and mostly flattering description, I wonder where the real me, born on this date stands.

[ anka ] [ Post Reply ]

As I was reading this, I kept smiling and thinking : (check, check, check, check...) Yep!!! All me!! True Dat dude!!!

[ Heinchall. its my birthday!! ] [ Post Reply ]

Me to the t.

[ Jessica ] [ Post Reply ]

Cancerian are very emotional,kind, straight and serious.they take every situation as matter of honour.

[ Ejaz Fareed ] [ Post Reply ]

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