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for July 16th

If your Birthday is July 16th and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 16th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 16th of July are conceived to be very intuitive and wise with the usual somewhat emotional sensitivities of a Cancerian. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Neptune bestowing you with a brilliant imagination but also a proneness to sometimes exaggerate. If you have this birthday the quick accurate assessment of others and
your surroundings is a forte. You are usually of a self sacrificing nature, fairly quiet and a tad shy, yet sociable and warm with passionate ideals and views. Individuals with a July the sixteenth birthday appear to possess the occasional need for solitude in order to reflect and recharge their energies. Your rather dreamy demeanor carries an air of mystery and
sophistication that is often mirrored in your sense of style. You are mostly logical in your thought processes but in addition tend to strongly believe in the powerful positivity of the mind to help achieve anything.

Work and Finances

Utilizing best talents is important to a person born on the sixteenth of July and can frequently feature in job choice. Your speed at
assessing the feelings and needs of others along with your unselfish temperament often guides you towards work in one of the caring professions. In spite of this, your heaps of artistic ability can also make your most favored career options those that allow you to express this creativity. Money normally has little significance to you despite a love of luxury, but
you are ordinarily careful not to overspend. You keep your eye out for bargains and it is rare for you to get in debt.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the sixteenth day of July is typically mushy, doting and thoughtful within a meaningful personal relationship. Your insecurities can soon impair your confidence, so you need a partner who is
very loving and understanding of your requirement for periods of private deep thought. Your usual easygoing and playful disposition can alternate to be once in a while overly serious, intense and moody too. Despite this tendency for changeable behavior emotionally you give with all your heart and are incredibly supportive and usually ask for little in return. You are inclined to
prefer spontaneity in a lover to help you overcome your touch of shyness, totally unplanned sex is something that turns you on. Having a family is often a substantial wish that your soul mate must ideally share.


Poor health experienced by those born on July 16th is on occasion possibly associated with your dislike of visiting the doctor. You are likely to
only think about seeing a professional to seek advice regarding healthiness if you are really worried about something. You are usually generally healthy as you know how to look after yourself but could probably benefit from more frequent medical check ups. A habit of sometimes living a bit in the past may also be detrimental to your well being. Time for
reflection should be spent on looking forward rather than dwelling on anything that cannot be changed.

July 16th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably best demonstrated within your notable high levels of perceptiveness and wisdom. These finest qualities are accompanied by additional fortes of your reasoning according to logic and the sophisticated sociability and warmth you naturally express. Among these wonderful positive traits the personality weaknesses for those born on July 16th are quite minor. The
primary weakness is your inclination to sometimes stretch the truth a little too far. Other negative tendencies include occasional displays of repressed, unrealistic or moralizing behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 16th of July means you are incredibly receptive to your surroundings and the company of others. This sharp responsiveness is coupled with a spiritual interest that extends to your attitude,
viewpoints and outlook. The majority of your goals are presumed to not be based on the acquisition of materialistic gains. You prefer instead to concentrate your aspirations on securing a settled loving relationship and stable home base before contemplating supplementary aims in life. Your dreams are often fairly imaginative and visionary helping fuel your penchant for focused wishful thinking.

Birthday Luck and

As you were born on the sixteenth day of the month the digits in your birth date give you a Root number of Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Mystery' possibly in relation to the enigmatical and moody sides of your individuality. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 16th symbolic card that features the Tower is associated
with your birthday. This represents your mind full of inspiration and desire for enlightenment concerning otherwordly matters. The luckiest gem for July the sixteenth birthdays is Jade, wear this precious stone for increased mental clarity and the attraction of happiness.


The personalities of those born under the zodiacal sign of the crab are believed to be influenced astrologically by our Moon. The
actual day you were born on, the sixteenth of July is ruled over by the planet Neptune's power. Therefore the authorities of these 2 planets are imagined to help predict the probabilities of your characteristics. Your astute insight grants you a kind of sixth sense allowing you to frequently foresee, anticipate and not fear your destiny. Your speedy analyzing of circumstances
and sensitive mannerisms allow you to be intently helpful and sympathetic. The taming of your proclivity for overstating or embellishing things is unlikely to happen until middle age. In conclusion, a final couple of thoughts for people born on July the 16th are to avoid repressing your feelings and learn to direct your passion in the most favorable and worthwhile directions.
Doing so should be enlightening and reap valuable rewards.

July 16th Horoscope Comments

CANCER!?!?! That scared me for a moment

[ Rachel ] [ Post Reply ]

this is me, i never believed in this not until i read this .

[ obi ] [ Post Reply ]

I wish I wasn't so moody maybe I would have a companion today..I am sad and unhappy of being alone

[ Angeli ] [ Post Reply ]

You don't need to be sad any longer. I am an Aquarius male and we are better together. Get in touch via telegram let's chat https://t.me/Vshyne or @Vshyne Am waiting.

[ Shyne ] [ Post Reply ]

look in the mirror..wink and smile u r a July 16th person..u will succeed

[ Sam ] [ Post Reply ]

I wanna know about earnings

[ Shekhar ] [ Post Reply ]

humm this true I agreebut I want to make my career in yoga may u suggest me its gud for me or not

[ shaalu ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me!!! this is wonderful!!!! Hello, Homies born on 7/16

[ Dianne ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me...no doubt but de ups n downs are just awful...looove my birthday.

[ Nanaboachie ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me that is being described there!lol

[ Bryan ] [ Post Reply ]

absolutely true!

[ kalu ] [ Post Reply ]

escrtotally my diption

[ tejaswini sharma ] [ Post Reply ]

Em a hapy go lucky girl n i need same kind of partner.I had to face too many ups n downs realy em getng EXOSTED nw!!!Em nt a quite grl instd i tak too much:-/

[ Arpita Paul ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Arpita Paul Em a hapy go lucky girl n i need same kind of partner.I had to face too many ups n downs realy em getng EXOSTED nw!!!Em nt a quite grl instd i tak too much:-/
Add me up on Facebook.. Nwosu Emmanuel Loshe

[ loshe ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Arpita Paul Em a hapy go lucky girl n i need same kind of partner.I had to face too many ups n downs realy em getng EXOSTED nw!!!Em nt a quite grl instd i tak too much:-/
We humans generally pay too much attention to what is going on outside us / our circumstances and in
the processforfet our essential nature. Therefore we feel exhausted.

[ Ram ] [ Post Reply ]

Hmm I agree.... :like:

[ Jerry ] [ Post Reply ]

Ooo :-) i am into central goverment job, Great to born on this day..!

[ Jackson ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg described me perfectly

[ Qu3en t ] [ Post Reply ]

So nice of us who birthed on 16 july happy to all of you

[ Nisar Awan ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Shahmeem ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too! I really like the word.

[ Genki ] [ Post Reply ]

true true true all of it we so special and happy birthday to all :) !;)

[ hashim ] [ Post Reply ]

Too many ups and down.

[ Guzzy ] [ Post Reply ]

I love my birthday, but hate most alot of ups and down that comes with it. Others always sees faults with me no matter how much i try.

[ Maryann (Nigeria) ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy to be born on 16 th July but sad because of ups and downs....always exicited about my birthday....

[ sona ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm happy to be born on July 16th=) Love Nim

[ nim's ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!!Happy to be born on July 16.

[ John Abraham Austin ] [ Post Reply ]


[ shumaila ] [ Post Reply ]

so true happy birthday to me

[ nigel joseph ] [ Post Reply ]

This is right on point for me as well , for i was born at 1:06 pm on this day. I'm a 7 all the way around.. To all my other 7/16 i wish you nothing but wealth, health, prosperity and abundance.

[ Thonas ] [ Post Reply ]

great! i love this. and who are born in this day.thanks

[ Nawaraj Dahal ] [ Post Reply ]

it sow true (Y) :D

[ carmelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm so happy, becouse I know about my birthday..

[ Allauddin khan ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah its true :)

[ cj ] [ Post Reply ]

Real truth of mine..everything perfectly matches..!

[ Himanshu ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true about me =)

[ Marisol ] [ Post Reply ]

I looked up my boyfriend's libra bday and his was dead on as well. But what is more amazing to me is that comments that they made were so dry and matter of fact. Our 7/16 responses even show our caring and nurturing nature! It is really awesome to see. Happy Holidays my intuitive, caring Cancerians!

[ The Glamazon ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birth day to my sweetest, darling one and only son Jyothir Aadithya who born on 16july

[ P madhu ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true.Helpful to find your true self.

[ Shantanu ] [ Post Reply ]

It all connects to my personality.. so true! :)

[ marie ] [ Post Reply ]

Crazy how right all this is about me! July 16 =)

[ Keira ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes its very true happy birthday my fellow july 16th mate we are the best we are born happy

[ oxmoses ] [ Post Reply ]

My Son's b day. He's such a sweetie. So proud!

[ Jaime Lynn ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Sexy Suzi ] [ Post Reply ]

I made 50 on this day, I have to say this have been an awesome experience for me. Everything seem so clear, it seems like a new beginning in the most favorable way. LOVING IT!!!!! =) :cool:

[ Mary ] [ Post Reply ]

happy birthday my little darling vihaana

[ Drvijayalakshmi ] [ Post Reply ]

I am 81 today, and have been reading my horoscope since I was 11. All totally correct for me, born on July 16.

[ Joanie ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Joanie - I find learning from people with your wealth of life experience fascinating. Especially as you say you've been reading horoscopes since 11. I'm curious - how does that affect your choices? (by the way - i'm a july 16th person as well)So far what has struck you the most about your life? W
hat has been the one consistent thing that has stayed true for you till this day? - i would like the pleasure of your acquaintance if you would not consider this message too forward.

[ Chinedu ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday, Joanie. I agree with you. (It's my birthday, too!)

[ Jen ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday Joanie. Hope this is one of your best. Stay happy and be well!

[ maryjane ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Shun ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to all born today. May this be the start of our very best year yet, :)

[ Nicholas Phoenix ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Chelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

Alos mine :Pmohsinbinyunus@yahoo.com add me on facebook :P

[ Mohsin ] [ Post Reply ]

How do they get this to be so true

[ Natarsha ] [ Post Reply ]

This is all just like me!!!!!! I cat believe it, very impressed.

[ Payton ] [ Post Reply ]

I was Born On This day .

[ sparkle brown ] [ Post Reply ]

I think its true.. very truly conect to my personality

[ Allen ] [ Post Reply ]

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