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for July 21st

If your Birthday is July 21st and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 21st Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 21st of July are believed to be sensitive, innovative and wonderfully imaginative with the usual perceptive caring crab traits. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter bestowing you with your expressive way with words. Quite sociable and charming your intuitive emotions make you naturally protective and sympathetic towards family and friends. Your
home loving temperament is fairly rational but easily bored and distracted with a proneness for bouts of anxiety and moodiness too. You are of high intelligence and possess an excellent memory but you can also be guilty of sometimes fantasizing or exaggerating things. Individuals with a July the twenty first birthday are usually purposeful, consistent and dutiful yet seem to retain
an air of independence. You have a rather conservative outlook and views but these can be swayed and changed within changing circumstances.

Work and Finances

Finding suitable employment and stretching your abilities is ordinarily easy to a person born on the twenty first of July. As you are talented, disciplined and inventive this makes you highly capable of applying your skills constructively in
most professions. When it comes to finances you usually manage to budget fairly well in spite of commonly finding financial matters stressful. You tend to like shopping and spending for yourself and others as you find this activity therapeutic. Saving money for future ambitions and plans is something you are often unlikely to consider until older.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer the person
born on the twenty first day of July is typically, in their youth, a bit naive and idealistic regarding love and romance. You are inclined to want to create your own destiny in this area of life and a disappointment romantically can make it difficult for you to trust again. Your emotional sensitivity and incredibly loving nature directs you to crave
stability within an intimate long term partnership. Despite your noticeable streak of independence you yearn to share life with someone special who possesses the same values, aims, interests and witty sense of humor. You need a soul mate who is as affectionate, kind and compassionate as you are and with whom you are able to talk openly and comfortably with about
your feelings. Sexy, intuitive and originative in the bedroom and probably enjoy erotic pillow talk.


The usual energetic robust health experienced by those born on July 21st is once in a while disturbed by your casual attitude to looking after yourself. You have a tendency to live for the moment and try and get the most out of life but you can
be susceptible to acquire bad habits along the way. If you do succumb to things like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol it is advisable to keep these addictions to a minimum. People born on this day are usually full of energy yet also not too keen on exercise. To aid relaxation gentle exercising and spa type treatments can be highly beneficial.

July 21st Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are showcased in your high levels of intellect, inventive mind and fantastic imagination. These positive traits and your eloquence, sociability and charm help you interact and judge positively, be helpful and make a good impression. The personality weaknesses of those born on July 21st seem to emerge more often if you are feeling particularly
anxious or moody. These weaker negative characteristics may cause you to act in an obsessive, argumentative or self pitying manner.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 21st of July is thought to bestow you with a strong belief in yourself and your ability to achieve desired goals. Failures or setbacks could decrease your motivation and discourage you somewhat but this will normally
be a temporary phase before you are ready to renew your efforts. Success based on the acquisition of increased knowledge and skills is important to you and appears to motivate you further. Your tendency to occasionally fantasize allows your best dreams to be adventuresome, at times ingenious and futuristic and almost always vivid and memorable.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were
born on the twenty first day of the month your birth date generates a Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' relating to your adeptness at coming up with wonderful ideas and methods. The 21st Tarot card in the Major Arcana deck depicting the World is associated with your birthday. This symbolizes all attainable
things in life and represents your inclination to try and overcome obstacles. The lucky gemstone for July the twenty first birthdays is an Amethyst promising calmness, happiness and the dispelling of negativity.


Cancer personalities are imagined to have their probabilities determined astrologically by the influence of our Moon. The actual day you were born on, the twenty first of July is governed
over by the planetary influences of Jupiter. So your probable disposition is thought influenced by the combined presence of these 2 planets. Your all round perceptiveness and eloquent understanding approach and mannerisms let you mix well with others of all ages. Your touch of originality shines into everything you do and along with your persistence and determination these are possibly your
greatest fortes. If you can manage to curb your likelihood to display stress induced temperamental behavior or tell tall tales every now and then it should make moods milder and thinking clearer. Discovering effective ways to relax usually reduces excess tension and the appearance of your less favorable side. A final thought for people born on July the 21st suggests
avoiding arguments by contemplating listening before dismissing viewpoints different from those of your own. Doing so should improve your chances of acquiring the contentment you seek.

July 21st Horoscope Comments

i live for the love of God.to love and help others

[ Esther ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm born on 21st July 1989..Hello, nice to share same date of birthday with u all

[ Ada ] [ Post Reply ]

July 21 1989 cancer baby I love it

[ kestina ] [ Post Reply ]

Best day in the year lol. Happy birthday cat Stevens and if only u were with us still Mr. Robin Williams R.IP.

[ Marian ] [ Post Reply ]

can't believe it! but it was so me... Happy birthday to us all!!

[ Jayson Lee ] [ Post Reply ]

Sending out birthday wishes to all born on this day the 21st of July, being a crab makes us truly unique individuals who shine like rubies and pearls. I found the reading very well written and true to my persona,it is often likely you will me pottering about my home either cooking,reading a book or
doing tai chi exercises. Whilst chasing after the little ones.

[ eleni ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me!

[ Gee ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true

[ Mari ] [ Post Reply ]

I just read this it's the most perfect wonderful description of myself. I'm so proud to be born on 21th July it's the same day as Paloma Faith and she's so cool! Just a couple more things I'd add Crickling self-loathing and addiction to online girl on girl porn! And that would be me all day!
Thanks for this you've really happyed up my day! Off to bake fairy cakes, love you!

[ Little Jon ] [ Post Reply ]

July 21stI am so lucky to be born on July 21st this has got to be the most truthful and respectful thing I have read this described me very well I am truly blessed I am such a proud CRAB!!! well I enjoyed reading this and it has touched my heart xox

[ Lewis the crab ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing this is us all day

[ Kan ] [ Post Reply ]

,21 July is Leo not cancer

[ nigel ] [ Post Reply ]

ayeee ,July 21st :angel:

[ thtgirllow ] [ Post Reply ]

very true! =) it describes me well.. good job.. i love being a crab..

[ msindependent ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey guys can any one tell me when does Leo start If I am a cancer but I have more Leo traits in me

[ Nigel ] [ Post Reply ]

Let us explore July 21st Birthday Personality traits for Cancer.Cancer is the fourth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Cancer. The symbol of the crab is based on the Karkinos, a giant crab that bit Hercules during his fight with the Hydra. Cancer is a mysterious sign, ful
l of contradictions. Wanting security and comfort while at the same time seeking adventure. Being helpful to others while at times cranky and indifferent. Cancer has forceful personality that is kept hidden under a calm and cool exterior. They can come out of their shell and shine, but then go right
back and hide in their shell in the depths of the ocean. Cancers value home comforts above all. True happiness can be found with a tranquil and harmonious home life. Comfort at home for themselves and their families is a high priority. Cancer is a sign that avoids conflicts and easily helps others
to avoid trouble. Persistence and determination is their big strength. Having a warm home and loving family could be called the ambition of a Cancer. You would probably want a Cancer to be your manager because they care and treat their employes as family. To their family Cancer is and will always be
loyal and dedicated.

[ Miles ] [ Post Reply ]

kUDUZ!!! 2 all of U born on 21st of JULY...Am proud 2 be among d STARZ!!!! U can add me up on 2GO@@@ Coolest535...Love diz Month So Much!!!

[ Merlixkera ] [ Post Reply ]

July 21. I wish to meet all of us born on this Friday of 1989.

[ Kenyan male ] [ Post Reply ]

This is likely the most descriptive summation of who I am that I've ever read... Very much on point & I Love being a Cancer... Crabs of the world are a blessing to those they encounter... Well, when we're not moody!! LBVS!!

[ Rich ] [ Post Reply ]

God bless the day i was born, July 21 rocks

[ Blessing ] [ Post Reply ]

Aye .. July 21 babes

[ Rachael ] [ Post Reply ]

I am confused if I am cancer or Leo

[ Nigel ] [ Post Reply ]

you're a cancer in the leo cusp

[ jordan ] [ Post Reply ]


[ OGUNTUASE KENNY ] [ Post Reply ]

i dont like my birthday which is 21st july. its the worst birth date in all the birth chart. i dont want to take birth again in this birthdate. its so troublesome.

[ rakesh ] [ Post Reply ]

many thumbs down but cmon, he was just ahving 7/21 moment!

[ Ian ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow this describes me completely Thank you internet!

[ Deira ] [ Post Reply ]

Great work,i feel up

[ chirag ] [ Post Reply ]

Great done

[ sunny ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow I am amazed to read this.Thought cancer sign was unlucky,now I can tell people heartfully I am a proud crab.

[ Ruteeka ] [ Post Reply ]

21.7.1971 great people!

[ Natalia ] [ Post Reply ]

Well that's great.. ! Now I know why I am like this.. Yeah, also my sensitivity ! I thought im just over reacting but no. Thank you for the positive and negative impression..

[ Grezeil ] [ Post Reply ]

I love reading about my birthday (I think people born on July 21st rock) and this is pretty good at describing me.

[ Angelique ] [ Post Reply ]

i like how there is a cusp that we are a part of. :like:

[ justin chemmachel ] [ Post Reply ]

Would like to be ur friend on Facebook. Ogunjimi Babatunde L'tincelant. Was born on 21 July as well.

[ Tunde ] [ Post Reply ]

That is very interesting considering the fact how that is exactly like me in every way. It's interesting to the point that it's scary but At the same time interesting. Thanks for letting me see this.

[ Tyler A ] [ Post Reply ]

Describes a soulmate I know. I truly miss my soulmate.

[ Comel ] [ Post Reply ]

almost of it is true..yah i wanted to meet a guy like me so that we can easily understand bout what we feel..

[ Babz ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Babz almost of it is true..yah i wanted to meet a guy like me so that we can easily understand bout what we feel..
Well I'm single

[ Dee ] [ Post Reply ]

It will be great to meet you Babz since we both share the same date of birth.

[ KOA ]

I wanna meet a person who has the same birthday as mine. Never met one before. I think it'll be nice to have a friend like myself:)

[ ernest ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from ernest I wanna meet a person who has the same birthday as mine. Never met one before. I think it'll be nice to have a friend like myself
Hey my birthday is one that day

[ azmara ] [ Post Reply ]

dchevy2000@yahoo.com 7/21/63 is me what to chat

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

Love part is truly right and now I don't want to go in love matter, for my own good. "Just not worth it." :-(

[ Anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

It was right for me

[ Kimberley sheard ] [ Post Reply ]

Every thing is Possible in life except nothing... Do that things that Astrologers dont know so when you do that things they have to edit their thinkings... (Y)

[ Waqar Ahmed ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on July 21st, 1933 and this describes me quite well And my life. I wrote a book The Miracle of Self Power and beside giving good advice on how to live happily, I discuss the life I led.

[ Iris D. Lynch ] [ Post Reply ]

alexander the great !

[ suman ] [ Post Reply ]

People born on the 21st of July are also death seeking and can be suicidal.

[ Anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

yes I was born on this day and I can be an extremely pessimistic person and I also suffer with depression

[ jordan ] [ Post Reply ]

So did Ernest Hemmingway. Suicided.

[ bozo ] [ Post Reply ]

Not so sure about "death seeking" lol from what I read, and know to be true about myself were moody so depression is very fleeting.. In the amount of time that it takes us to first admit that were depressed, we have already forgotten about the core of depression..

[ Maratwy ] [ Post Reply ]

Yea, there is Robin Williams born on this day. I've been dating a guy with this birthday and he is truly wonderful. This birthday profile is accurate in many ways.

[ N ] [ Post Reply ]

i dont believe

[ rachana ] [ Post Reply ]

Hmm exactly.. :)

[ Sakshi ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Sakshi Hmm exactly..
Can we meet

[ Ibrahim ] [ Post Reply ]

Reading myself.

[ Rufin ] [ Post Reply ]

Can't believe it. Exactly! 4real

[ Doughan ] [ Post Reply ]

It's definitely right on for me! Describes me to a t.

[ susan ] [ Post Reply ]

Very straight on

[ Debra ] [ Post Reply ]

It describes me.... :like:

[ Nyiko ] [ Post Reply ]

Too close :) Nice

[ Megha ] [ Post Reply ]

Unbelievable true

[ Rajesh Dua ] [ Post Reply ]

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