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for July 23rd

If your Birthday is July 23rd and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 23rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 23rd of July are assumed to be outgoing and friendly with the typical Leo love of life and being the center of attention. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury directing you to be highly creative with a great imagination and a need to do things your own way. If you have
this birthday an independent idealistic streak is woven into your intuitive and humanitarian temperament. An intense curiosity and a broad open mind guides you to enjoy discovering new ways of doing things but also prone to mental restlessness. You are naturally very loyal, loving, generous and honest with a warm heart and ordinarily possess an enthusiastic witty outlook. Individuals with a
July the twenty third birthday are self assured and persistent with the ability to soon bounce back from setbacks. Despite your sweet natured manner you can occasionally display bossy and intolerant behaviors too.

Work and Finances


success in their career choice often comes quickly and easily to a person born on the twenty third of July. You are inclined to know from an
early age which type of work path you wish to follow and will toil hard to fulfill your ambition. Your high levels of creativity and inquisitiveness alongside your need to be mentally stimulated mean that you require an interesting job. Your combined independence, warmth and friendliness allow you to be equally comfortable working independently or within a team. You are fortunate
with financial matters if you are not tempted to gamble.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the twenty third day of July is typically fairly expressive and not afraid to show their feelings romantically. You tend to be rather uncomplicated emotionally concerning romance but your genuine trusting disposition could be rapidly disillusioned by love hurts. Affectionate and sentimental you strive
to keep a special soul mate relationship fresh as a result of your sincere old fashioned values. A partner must share your sentiments including your views on remaining faithful once committed. They should also appreciate your common desire to make the home stylish and serene as like the Lion you have a lot of pride. Sexually you are usually exceedingly lusty
but not selfish and more than willing to put a partner's needs first. If you are made to feel jealous your bossiness has a tendency to sometimes creep in.


Periods of illness experienced by those born on July 23rd are usually infrequent and few as due reward for your diligence regarding healthiness. Staying healthy in body and mind can be dependent on
your continuance to listen to your instincts and practice common sense health habits. Your plentiful energy and enthusiasm makes you likely to be a lover of sports and a dislike of laziness. People born on this day should consider developing cooking skills in order to be a little more adventurous with dietary choices. Staying away from alcohol and too much sugar
or fat laden snacks is advisable.

July 23rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are seen in your curiousness, compassion and sharing caring liberal attitude. This fantastic set of positive traits makes you noticeably receptive and responsive while your imaginative free spirit helps you see beyond the obvious. Personality weaknesses for those born on July the twenty third are often brought to the surface in response to feeling
insecure or a bit down. These negative tendencies can materialize as overly domineering conduct and increases in your intolerance, obstinacy and jealousy. Avoid them by keeping stress at bay as much as possible.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 23rd of July gives you a passion for success in your career and for security financially. These desires encourage you to be constantly
working towards achieving goals that will make a difference in these areas. You will usually set yourself some targets and not much deters you from trying again if you do not succeed first time. Your biggest wish is often simply for the love and respect of loved ones. This aspiration is likely to feature in the majority of your dreams along
with some inventive ideas and dreaming about the numerous possibilities the future could hold.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty third day of the month the two and three in your birth date equal a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' emphasizing your intense yearning to know and understand everything
you don't. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 5th card symbolizing the Hierophant is closely associated with your birthday. This highlights the equilibrium between your inner and outer consciences and reflects your wisdom and sense of tradition. The luckiest gem to wear to attract good fortune for July the twenty third birthdays is a Diamond.


Our Sun is imagined to astrologically be
the dominant influence on the probabilities of Leo personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty third of July is ruled over by Mercury's planetary power. Consequently these 2 planets are supposed responsible for your probable individuality. Your confidence, loyalty and generosity are fine attributes alongside your approachable accommodating warmth making you an immensely supportive friend, partner and workmate.
Your steadfast perseverance and skilled innovation assist you to accomplish the things that matter most to you. Getting to know and gaining control of your insecurities should help you be able to be more tolerant and less obstinate. An ending advisory thought for people born on July the 23rd is to attempt to not hold on to grudges or events of
the past. Learning to let things go has lots of benefits and it should decrease unnecessarily stressful situations.

July 23rd Horoscope Comments

I can't deny born 7-23...myself trying not too bossy around but it always on the top ,i am who i am.

[ Lisa ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 23/7 at 8:35 PM IST. does this make me much of a leo or cancer? i can initiate a conversation with a stranger easily but i'm not so dominant during Group Discussions. consider my traits and then answer.

[ Shivam ] [ Post Reply ]

If your born on the cusp of Leo and Cancer, in a way you are both!

[ Lina ] [ Post Reply ]

I have the numbers 232323 appear everywhere and it is my store number, by door swipe card number and on credit cards, or debit cards and once a code was sent by mail in a sealed evelope inside another sealed envelope and walla guess the number that was sent. yes the one above. I was very amazed.

[ Liz D ] [ Post Reply ]

I also see 723 everywhere. This pretty much describes me.

[ ann ] [ Post Reply ]

Im born on July 23rd at 14.30am and this is soo accurate!! Im really a Leo and not similar to a cancer at all! :angel:

[ Gabrielle ] [ Post Reply ]

23 july....cusp of leo n cancer.....such an unpredictable personalities....exaple...myself..shy one moment and drama queen..the next...but thts not our fault...relaaaxxx

[ anas nisar ] [ Post Reply ]

23rd of july..cusp of oscillation. I can be a introvert one moment an the next I'm an extrovert.

[ piyu ] [ Post Reply ]

Sometimes the person you would take a bullet for is the one holding the gun , loyalty is our nemesis

[ Fiona ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born in 23/7 but I have lots of traits of a cancer and a few of leo... Also I was born 11.30 pm !! How come? ......

[ Caroline ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 23th july at17:00am in yours describe me by astrological horscope cancer.but in onther zodic sign dating describe by Leo. What is my Realy zodic?

[ Mulugeta ] [ Post Reply ]

Is it creepy that this is so accurate?

[ Moh ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born July 23 2001 at 9:01 pm I classify as a Leo but I also have a few traits of a Cancer I must say that I really love being a Leo

[ mollie23 ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on July 23 at 1:40 a.m. Since I am right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, when asked for my sign I say I am a Crabby Lion. An astrologist friend once did my horoscope and said I am definitely a Cancer with various signs rising, including sun signs. But I will always identify most with being
a LEO! :D

[ Writer Eva ] [ Post Reply ]

i was on july 23 but according to my janampatrika i am a capricon............

[ bhavyanshi ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born on july 23 as well so kinda mix up but i stil love mahhh bdayyy!!!!!! ?) :love: :angel: :like:

[ asha16 ] [ Post Reply ]

Depends on what time you where born on this day makes your starsign, 7.24 am makes me a cancer sign . Just!

[ Steve ] [ Post Reply ]

love to be born on 7-23 :like: :D

[ Emily23 ] [ Post Reply ]

Go Leo's!

[ S ] [ Post Reply ]

i always see 723 everywhere i look. I'll switch the channel on tv, for no reason and i will see or hear 723 at that exact moment. the best was where in some movie the elevator stopped at 7 and went to 23. its always on room numbers, houses.license plates. specific dates on documents, police shows et
c. its a trip! one birthday I was at a small bar, really small and certainly theme specific, in which 2 other (new to the bar, i wasn't) people (who didnt know each other) of course had the same birthday. (and me being 00 degree Leo, everyone had to join in and celebrate and have a good time) And fo
r living in a large tri-state area, nj,ny...was the universe giving us a birthday nod!

[ stephanie ] [ Post Reply ]

I see 723 everywhere as well! On the tv, on my phone, happenstances. Or the clock in the car, for no particular reason I just ee it once in a while. So it is both scary and fascinating that I'm not the only one to notice this.

[ Suzanne ] [ Post Reply ]

you two are not very bright... everyone experiences the same "phenomenon". its your fuggin birthday so of course you notice it when its on the clock. it means something to you, its not just a random series of numbers.

[ "7:23" birthday ]

My birthday is at july 23rd 2003 so...My zodiac is cancer/leo?

[ nindita ] [ Post Reply ]

Its so me :)

[ darragh ] [ Post Reply ]

july 23 is LEO not cancer

[ lee backer ] [ Post Reply ]

True! I completely agree.

[ vnk23 ] [ Post Reply ]

This Is A Wizard Program

[ Elvis ] [ Post Reply ]

So true! Thanks for the advice!

[ nilda ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, this hit the nail on the head! Describes me perfectly:)

[ Tia ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutely true!

[ jourdain ] [ Post Reply ]

All true. I was born July 23

[ tina23 ] [ Post Reply ]

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