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for July 30th

If your Birthday is July 30th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

July 30th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 30th of July are supposedly witty, fun loving and flirty with more self awareness than most Lions. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter lavishing you with heaps of charisma and communicative expressiveness. If you have this birthday your silver tongued insightfulness makes you a natural entertainer with a preference for company
over solitude. As an eloquent attention seeker you can be a little nosy but you are also extremely loyal and understanding too. Pragmatic in your approach you are inclined to have your feet firmly on the ground and possess loads of energy and a need to keep busy. Individuals with a July the thirtieth birthday are full of innovative ideas and
are endowed with the abilities required to carry them out. Your modern outlook allows you to develop emotionally and in later years you will usually take more of an interest in the spiritual side to your nature.

Work and Finances

A keen aptitude and interest in Science common to a person born on the thirtieth of July can sometimes direct career choices. You
are also especially skilled at researching information and would make a great writer or counselor. Your wittiness and energetic practicality guides you to be a wonderful workmate who will always pull their weight as part of a team. Although you are not too concerned about a favorable financial status you are nevertheless fairly good at and lucky in creating money. A
dislike of debt sees you ordinarily saving patiently for the things you really want or need.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the thirtieth day of July is typically rather loving, romantic and passionate when involved in soul mate relationships. Your charming affectionate temperament needs a partner who you admire and respect intellectually above all else. A suitable partner must
be as cheery and outgoing as you are and able to also get along with your many friends. Meaningful intimate conversation with a lover and the open sharing of emotions and similar ambitions is also very important to you. A mix of laid back and spontaneous romantically you are usually lively and flirtatious with no real rush to settle into a
long term partnership. In the bedroom you are lusty and frolicsome and your way with words excels in the form of a seductive sexual banter. Once committed to someone special you tend to be intensely devoted to them.


Periods of unhealthiness experienced by those born on July 30th are sometimes linked to your mixed response to regular exercise. You seem to both
enjoy and loathe exercise as you like its effects on your appearance and mood but do not associate it with being a particularly pleasurable activity. Your usual fondness of food often makes it essential that you find the time to partake in a type of exercising you are not too bored by. People born on this day can occasionally neglect their
mental health so ensuring that you get adequate rest and sleep can be essential to maintain overall healthiness.

July 30th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably displayed in your sense of humor and ability to openly express yourself. These positive characteristics are complementary to your youthful down to earth attitude. Additional fortes are seen in your sturdy decisive loyalty, these admirable qualities stand you in good sted throughout life. Personality weaknesses for those born on July 30th appear
to focus on your tendencies for an egotistical manner and a touch of nosiness. These negative traits are more likely to surface along with phobic or repressed moods if your pride is hurt or confidence low.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 30th of July means you are destined to be quite ambitious with a mind full of creative concepts. This enthusiasm
and talent often greatly impacts on the majority of your goals and dreams. You are also gifted with the wisdom to know exactly where you are headed, what you are aiming for and the skills and ample positivity to get there. A bit of sensitivity to criticism can once in a while deter you but it is about the only barrier
you have to achievement of your greatest wishes. Dreaming about the future is not unusual as a result of your insightful and inventive disposition.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the thirtieth day of the month your birth date automatically qualifies for a Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' identifying your innovational
thought processes and tendency to have an up to date perspective. In the mystical Major Arcana Tarot deck the 3rd card picturing the Emperor is associated with your birthday. This is a symbol of your resourcefulness and highlights your likelihood to be incredibly practical. The lucky gemstone for July the thirtieth birthdays is Amethyst to be worn for heightened alertness.


All Leo
personalities are imagined to be astrologically predicted in their typicalities by the influence of our Sun. The actual day you were born on, the thirtieth of July is separately ruled over by Jupiter's authority. Therefore these 2 planets are thought primarily responsible for your probable individuality and differences from other Leo's. Your perceptiveness, loyalty and compassion alongside your wittiness inspires reverence
and makes you a fabulous friend. Your decisiveness and spirited self expression allow you to generate plans, stick to them and make them happen. Try not to pry into the business of others as it will rarely prove fortunate to do so. A completing thought for people born on July the 30th is to aim to be more receptive to deep
emotion and remain open minded about the philosophies of life.

July 30th Horoscope Comments

July 30

[ Rachel ] [ Post Reply ]

Its amazing I couldnt believe these facts of me !;)

[ chandini ] [ Post Reply ]

No wonder I love liono as if there a part of me. Plus everything I read is 99% correct .

[ Jaimie Gremard ] [ Post Reply ]

This is creepily accurate 98%

[ Ashely ] [ Post Reply ]

Unbelievably 98.8% spot on. Please don't ask about the other 1.2%,!

[ Dom ] [ Post Reply ]

It is true i am also love food... feel happy feel leo...the lion.......

[ VINOD ] [ Post Reply ]

This is really true about me. but apart from it I doesn't like food....i am not too fond of food n i am not so foodie this is the main problem of my life.......it led me to be unhealthy......

[ Tisha ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing....matches same as me "leo"

[ meeta ] [ Post Reply ]

This is 98% true ! Im impressed because ive never considered myself a typical Leo! Dont think anyone has ever thought of me as being 'stuck up' but apart from that the traits listed are very applicable to me! Very good!

[ sue ] [ Post Reply ]

This is soooooo true abo ut me spoil true it ain't funny

[ CHARITY ] [ Post Reply ]

All of this is so true about my daughter everything she loves food and doesn't stop talking about the future too!! :D

[ Elizabeth ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true but I didn't track my feelings lately that I was loyal cause I'm a Leo

[ Chassity Neris ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!! Extremely true really enjoyed this reading

[ althea ] [ Post Reply ]

Above whole explanation is absolutly right

[ Shekhar shukla ] [ Post Reply ]

So ture ... I LOVE FOOD

[ OSA ] [ Post Reply ]

Dang that's crazy....but all true
=) :like:

[ Jayy ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow that is creepily accurate.

[ Amy ] [ Post Reply ]

Extremely accurate, I LOVE IT! :love:

[ yuderka pichardo ] [ Post Reply ]

Some of that describes me but I don't like food that much actually I'm underweight and only eat certain foods and I'm an introvert

[ Awesome Ginger Leo ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree with Veronica, growing up I wanted to be a doctor and people have called me stuckup but called me for help and counseling

[ Milton ] [ Post Reply ]

:-) LEO!!!!!!!!!!

[ KBell2014 ] [ Post Reply ]

Great reading, right on target...extremely accurate

[ Susan ] [ Post Reply ]

So true....I want to become a doctor but always think of fashion designing,and I am a born counsellor.And people think that i'm stuck up

[ veronica ] [ Post Reply ]

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