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for July 7th

If your Birthday is July 7th and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

July 7th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 7th of July are believed to be expressive and openminded along with lots of the typical crab intelligence and sensitivity. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Neptune making you constantly strive to better your knowledge through a mix of instincts and emotions. If you have this birthday you are also highly intuitive
and inclined to usually act on your hunches. Your shrewdness directs you to be often fascinated by the unknown and eager to explore your spiritual side. You are likely to enjoy solitude and periods of deep thought once in a while helping intensify your imaginative and creative nature. Individuals with a July the seventh birthday are naturally responsive and caring making
you ordinarily friendly, full of understanding generosity and family orientated. Competitive, fairly confident and ambitious you tend to put a great deal of effort into achieving the things you really desire in life.

Work and Finances

Favorite work choices to those born on the seventh of July are any type of job that involves doing something exciting, unusual or glamorous. You may be
especially attracted to design or photography careers that give you the opportunity to utilize your creativity. Your competitiveness and enterprising spirit direct you to want to climb to the top of your chosen profession. Financial compensation also plays an important part in your working life decisions. You are usually an excellent saver and extremely careful with money therefore unlikely to get
into many problems balancing your budget.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the seventh day of July is typically immensely generous and prepared to do anything for loved ones. Friendship, affection and understanding are three of the things you seek and value in a loving soul mate relationship. Your somewhat idealistic approach to romance gives you a strong need to
feel cherished and appreciated. If this is lacking in your love partnership or you are feeling particularly misunderstood or unloved you can be incredibly moody and withdraw into your emotional shell. Your craving to sometimes be alone and your dislike of criticism may occasionally prompt a few issues with a long term partner. Your responsiveness makes you sensual, spontaneous and innovative
between the sheets and usually eager to try new things. Your usual wacky sense of humor and openmindedness sees you often enjoying sex in unexpected places.


Some of the vague health ailments experienced by those born on July 7th may be the result of boredom or emotional upset. Although general healthiness is usually good minor imagined complaints like head and back aches
or bouts of malaise are common symptoms. If you are feeling a touch out of control of a current situation this irritating sense of unwellness often materializes. Reducing stress where possible and remaining active physically can help to alleviate anxiety induced illness. People born on this day should find regular check ups reassuring and ensure that they get enough sleep for
optimum well being.

July 7th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are to be found in your high levels of intuition, thoughtfulness and confidence. These positive fortes are great guides in life that help point you towards favorable directions. Your sensitive expressiveness and artistic inclinations are secondary admirable traits that prove useful throughout life. Recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on July 7th concern your
pronenesses to be unnecesarily difficult and suffer from slight hypochondria. These negative tendencies appear to focus on your stubbornness, nervous energies and refusal to compromise.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 7th of July bestows you with a plentiful amount of self assured motivation and ideas for original aspirations. Your philosophical aptitude and visionary outlook are inspirational in increasing your determination to
succeed. This motivated attitude and a willingness to work hard helps make future plans personally rewarding and something to really look forward to. A real passion for originality sees you sometimes achieving wished for goals a little differently from conventional methods. Dreams are where you are likely to fantasize about impossibilities rather than realistic possibilities.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born
on the seventh day of the month your birth date is also your natal Root number of Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Mystery' expressing your fascination with unusual things and unexplained events alongside an eagerness to expand your wisdom. The 7th mystic Tarot card in the Major Arcana set reflecting the Chariot is linked to your
specific birthday. This represents your many talents and efficiency as well as the trust you have in your instincts to find and follow correct paths. The lucky gemstone for July the seventh birthdays is Jade promising you maximum vitality.


The influences of our Moon are assumed to be astrologically responsible for the probabilities of all Cancer personalities. The actual day you were
born on, the seventh of July is allocated Neptune's power as its cosmic ruler. Both these planets in unison combine to determine your uniqueness from others in your zodiac group. Your friendliness and considerate home loving disposition assist you in your wish to understand and empathize with others. Your insightful senses, positivity and instinctive intellect greatly compliment each other and grant
you the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. If you can tone down your stubborn streak it should open more doors and enable you to become more knowledgeable. A closing thought for people born on July the 7th is that the key to success in all areas of your life lies within your adeptness to balance vision and
attainment in equal measures. You should try and nurture this gift as it could take you as far in life as you want to go.

July 7th Horoscope Comments

I m 7th July birth also hello friends

[ Aiza Fatima ] [ Post Reply ]

Me also 7 july

[ Umar ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on july 7 1999

[ Colin Taylor ] [ Post Reply ]

am also born 7th July

[ samanthraj Krishna ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey Friends, I born on 7 July 1976. Let's make a group in Facebook and we can share our thoughts.

[ Satishkumar ] [ Post Reply ]


[ MENZA ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Mustafa ] [ Post Reply ]

Was born 7/7/77.past 7am.thats why I'm here.curiosity strikes!

[ Mamba ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/77 too @3:57am weighing 7lbs 7oz

[ Nicci ] [ Post Reply ]

7-7-1977,I like finding this day's friends

[ Sunil jith m ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 7/7/77 too

[ RB ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/77 Johannesburg South Africa.

[ JhbActorSA ]

Born on 7th july,1997!!! :like:

[ jessica ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also born on 7july 1997

[ Alok Singh ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 7 7 1970

[ Bruce ] [ Post Reply ]

Not many born on 7/7/70....I share the same date as you!

[ Racheal ] [ Post Reply ]

Today is my birthday!!!

[ Tishti ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 07/07/1970.You would think with all those 7's I would be super lucky !!!But not so much but the second half of my life is making a turn for the best!!

[ Garth ] [ Post Reply ]

My bday is 07/07/77Where is this lotto?!

[ Jenny ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 7/07/1995 at 7:05 pm

[ Ruchika ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on July 7, 1949 at 7:49pm. As a high school math teacher I tell my students that I was born on a square root (77 or 7 squared = 49)

[ Linda ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 7-7-77 at 7.27am I am 5ft 7 and size 7 shoe!!

[ Bex ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/1995 !!!!

[ Rudi ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 07-07-87. Dear let's create a group chat called d cancer awareness group, we can start on facebook first let's see how it goes. U can add me up wit my name merciful

[ Georgewill Mercy ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/1982 am from Qatar waaw lets make a group or something i every one

[ Khalifa ] [ Post Reply ]

I was july 07 too, add me in facebook group please.

[ Nicholas ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on july 7 also. Can we be friends

[ Abinash Panda ] [ Post Reply ]

l was also born on 7/7/1982oladipo_ololade@yahoo.com

[ Ola ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 7/7 at 7pm, weighed 7lbs 7 ounces.. Came 7 days early! L upside down is a 7

[ Laoise ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on the 7th of July

[ Asana ] [ Post Reply ]

Interesting. . 07-07-1974

[ Romero ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 7th July 1994 at 7:07 Pm. I am competitive, creative, curious, spiritual, good at saving money, stubborn, highly imaginative, nervous and I do enjoy spending some time alone but I am not 'IMMENSELY' generous, intuitive and not good at expressing my emotions. Love d number 7

[ July 7 ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday too 7/7/1992. All d above given phrases are true in my life .

[ Sharmila Dilip kumar ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 7/7/2004. And all of the things above are true! I was really freaked out.

[ Mekka Pertuit ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 7/7/1976, very accurate info

[ Chenoa ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 7-7-1997.I did 7months in my mother's womb,I am also the 7th born in my family.the first letter of my name is G which is the 7th letter of the alphabet

[ Godwin ] [ Post Reply ]

I was miraculously escaped from so many accidents,my date of birth 7/7/85,but my family life not gud, divorce process gng on...

[ Romeodiaz ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born in the 7/7/89.

[ Lacian ] [ Post Reply ]

07/07/1997 for me!!! Hello everyone

[ Becky ] [ Post Reply ]

I was not 7/7/88. We should all create a society called the cancer awarness society.

[ Andrew tobeck ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 07/07/1970. I just love the number 07!

[ Nuku ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/98 We gonna make it big fam

[ A.C. ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/98 wouldn't change it if I could. Much love moon children

[ Alexandria ] [ Post Reply ]

07-07-1985 born at 7:07am

[ Raul ] [ Post Reply ]

Well , im 97 07 07 ,lucky time is 13:37 .. love the number 7 , been lucky all my life

[ Johny ] [ Post Reply ]

Lucky u I was born on July 7 1988Am so bad lucky

[ samantha ] [ Post Reply ]

07 07 1988 so lucky. to say itself

[ karthikeyan ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/83 at 7am on the dot.

[ jeff ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on the 7th day of the 7th month at 7:45 am and I was born in 1996 and 1+9+9+6=25 and 2+5=7! I love meeting people born on the same day as me

[ Jordan (A Girl) ] [ Post Reply ]

I hate my bday 07/07/77. I dont have a luck.

[ valentina ] [ Post Reply ]

Mine is 7-7-78 and my whole life I've been hearing how lucky I would have been if I had the other 7 lol.

[ James ] [ Post Reply ]

I hate people born in the same birthday as me. They are Superficially friendly and selfish. They do not remember favors when you do something for them. I new 2 people and got the impression of them being irresponsible or unfair. Thank goodness I do not fall in that category even they I was born 07/0
7/75 but do not behave like these people born on 07/07

[ Art Jimenez III ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/70. Always fond of number 7. Feel lucky too.

[ Shan ] [ Post Reply ]

My Birthday is 7/7/70 as well =)

[ leisa ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey thats my birthday too:))))

[ Angela ]

7/7/88.i love my birthdate been caring,friendly and openminded in nature.

[ Oluwatosin ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/96 I love my birthday month.I really love your idea romero.we are special and unique,we should be able to meet each other because we are the only ones who understand us more..my facebook username is binta fatancy.hoping to meet a lot of 7/7 =)

[ binta ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/01!!!!! I never knew I was this lucky!! I'm living the life!!!
#July 7th birthdays rule!!

[ Shevauna ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/73 this is the most comprehensive article I've ever read about being a cancer.now I understand my love of jade. if somebody can give me tips on saving more money. Haha

[ Derek ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7/7/73 also :). I can't save money, can't help there :)

[ Amarrea ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 7/7/77 at 7:01

[ crystal ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on the same day, at 11:15. They say astrological twins have similar lives, so whats yours like?

[ Katja ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/92..I see it as lucky..7 7 9-2 7 =7/7/7. Lol

[ clif ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from clif 7/7/92..I see it as lucky..7 7 9-2 7 =7/7/7. Lol
I was born 7/7/92 too but I'm not lucky at all

[ Tesha ] [ Post Reply ]

That's crazy! I'm 07/07/92 as well!

[ Colin ] [ Post Reply ]

Am 7/7/92 too !

[ prashanth ]

7/7/84I love my birthday month...loving, caring and friendly. Though people take these for granted at times. But what can I do, it's just all part of me...

[ Felix ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/74..... I love my birthday !! Being intuitive, friendly and great with my hands. We're loyal friends, but we don't cosign on BS !!! RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG! I THINK ALL CANCERS BORN ON 7/07/.... SHOULD CONNECT AS CYBER OR FACEBOOK FRIENDS !!!

[ Romero ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 7/7/73 and I love who I am, do people take my kindness for granted and it hurt. But it never stopped me for been who I am. I think I agree with Romero. My Facebook name is jummai Esther Musa. Looking forward to meeting more 7/7 friends on Facebook....

[ Jumma. ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/78 I love my birth date We are loving individuals and we care, sometimes we care too much! But that's in our nature

[ karina ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7.7.79 ...LOL someone thinks it's Lucky.???

[ VALDEZ ] [ Post Reply ]

Ohmygod that's funny I'm 7/7/97!

[ Georgia ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 7-7-73 and love it!!

[ Robin ] [ Post Reply ]

Just like the old Johnny Winter song.. Still alive and well.. Going to have a few 7&7's for my 7/7

[ Tjulyrain ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/54 LOVE IT!! 61 years and going well! Let's not forget Ringo Starr Also birthday is today. Happy Birthday my friend!

[ Rob ] [ Post Reply ]


[ EO ] [ Post Reply ]


[ TLJ ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/47......love my earth day arrival.

[ Moegee ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Aajay ] [ Post Reply ]


[ ANTHONY ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Sailingary77 ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/71 7 letters first and middle name, and the 7's continue Happy Birthday!

[ Sadelle ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Jhaz ] [ Post Reply ]

:ups: waaaw me to 7.7.1982 at 2 pm hi

[ khalifa qatar ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 7/7/70 at 5:07 and weighed 7 lbs. love my 7s!

[ Sspencer ] [ Post Reply ]

this month is a very unique month,we have a special personality but its always compromised with emotional issues,we want people to accept and not judge us.im proudly 7/7

[ Davies ] [ Post Reply ]

7.7.96 :) Abhinav (7 letters)

[ Abhinav Athankar ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/97 and proud!

[ anum ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 7-7-77 at 7:07am. Not sure why everyone insists I play the lottery:)

[ April ] [ Post Reply ]

I turned 21 on 7-7-77. Sure wanted to go to Vegas that day 'cause I knew I'd be a lucky roller. But.. didn't. Was happy at home with lots of friends for a bbq. But, I still think about the coincidence of the numbers that day. Cool!

[ Leslie ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/1994....born 7am in d morning...as if itz nt enough..I'm named Victory(7 letters)..favorite number 7...I love meeee

[ tunechi ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Ashly ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, same day, same month, same yeae with me.

[ joseph ] [ Post Reply ]

Proudly 7/7...

[ Uzor ] [ Post Reply ]

my name is jayde and my birthstone is jade.... 7/7/03! born at 7:34 am on the seventh day of the week !! Ironic

[ Jayde ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/72 ...triple 7's,,,seventh day of seventh month and born in the 70's...

[ Oct ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7/7/2001. I just love my birthdate =)

[ M T ] [ Post Reply ]

nice ^_^ ..7/7/94

[ klienE ] [ Post Reply ]

Dang what a trip

[ Sarah .S ] [ Post Reply ]


[ joe ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought I was only the weird one !hmmmm it was on 7/7/92 when it all began.!

[ Prashanth ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7-7-1996 and 1+9+9+6=25 and 2+5=7!!

[ Jordan ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/1990,I av never lack of any gud tin Dat I wish to av buh life is soo hard bcos pple always depends on me financial buh my pocket can cater for dem all. Difficult for me to found my soulmate.

[ Solfash ] [ Post Reply ]

sometimes i dont think being a cancer is so great, most ppl dont take the time to get to know me. being alone is great sometimes, but alot of times i just want to find someone i connect with.

[ Ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel the same way 7/7/93- this all is all me except the saving money part. Not so much.

[ Laura ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7/7/99 yayy cancer buddies whoot =)

[ Brandy ] [ Post Reply ]

oh my god we all have the same birthday holy shit :angel:

[ sexy mama ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes! 7/7 is wonderful! Hello to all my fellow Seveners! Love to you all xxx

[ Martha ] [ Post Reply ]

Proudly Cancer.7/7/96

[ Ahmienart ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm Proud 2 Be Born on 7/7

[ naveen ] [ Post Reply ]

7-7-69. Definitely a mind reader

[ Tanya Breaux ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow my sister I have always thought I was crazy! 7/7/83

[ Charity ] [ Post Reply ]

Mine is 7/7 too... Can't believe there so many people out there

[ TJ ] [ Post Reply ]

escuse me i was born on this day i love it but life is hard at shcool

[ horeeot ] [ Post Reply ]

The chosen 1 Born on the 7th day of the 7th month the year of 75

[ anessa g ] [ Post Reply ]

7 july 1984.. our intuition never fakes us! trust our sense it wont harm us,, yes somtimes we can read other people minds and detect good or negative feelings,, PROUD TO BE A CANCERcheers

[ Awad ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7/7/84 also. Nice to finally meet someone with the same bday

[ Alma ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7/77 here we are awesome mates

[ K brantl ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 7/7/77 too!! Yay!

[ AN ] [ Post Reply ]

07 07 81You are only unlucky if you think you are..LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!!

[ LUCKY SEVEN ] [ Post Reply ]

The 7th day, the 7th month, and 1997. Team Cancers =)

[ Shawn B. ] [ Post Reply ]

Y'all My Niggas. keep up with being hella lucky nd' shit. I see u out there.

[ Tyrone ] [ Post Reply ]

07/07/98 #Cancer

[ antonio ] [ Post Reply ]

We are the greatest 7 7 72

[ Darren ] [ Post Reply ]

people born on this day will be popular!!!!!in their interested fields!!!!All the best!!!!

[ Prraneeth ] [ Post Reply ]

Much love to all my lucky 7's out there. 7th day of the 7th month on the 7th day of the week (Saturday) in 1984 with 177 days remaining in the year. :{()

[ Tha Pole ] [ Post Reply ]

1997-7-7 I love 7..!!!!! Yeeeee! :cool:

[ Raisa ] [ Post Reply ]

So glad I had my son on 7-7-02

[ mom of 3 ] [ Post Reply ]

7/7Can't believe there are so many of these birthdays out there!!!

[ Darla Brown ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 7/7/4 :like:

[ Supergirl :aka: Mari ] [ Post Reply ]

I m still to decide....

[ lidia ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on the seventh day of the seventh month on the seventh day of the week. Woo :angel:

[ hey ] [ Post Reply ]

born on the 7th day of the 7th month of 74. to tell you the truth, i don`t feel so lucky.

[ cortez ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on the seventh month, and the 7th day. On a Sunday. I weighed in at 7lbs. 7 ounces. I was born at 7am. I love (777)All of you who are Cancer signs. We are so intuitive. Learn to follow what your gut tells you.Make sure you always go with your intuition, as we have been so blessed with th
is gift.Practice makes perfect.

[ sheila ] [ Post Reply ]

its not good for family life

[ sunil ] [ Post Reply ]

Proudly July 7th

[ Komone A. ] [ Post Reply ]

July 7th birthdays!!! Yay :) go us

[ MC ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 07/07 and Proud of it to!Happy Birthday To Me Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To Everyone :) !;) :D =) ?) :cool: :like: :angel: :love:

[ N***** ] [ Post Reply ]

MY Birthday is July 7

[ WHay ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow Well so AMazing

[ Leyani ] [ Post Reply ]

July or August, Jan or Feb I believe in hardwork and god.

[ ravi ] [ Post Reply ]

so damn true

[ shellie ] [ Post Reply ]


[ casper ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born july 7 at 7:11a.m.

[ edwin ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep we are full of dreams and stubbornness

[ Mzamo ] [ Post Reply ]


[ UNCLE ELROY ] [ Post Reply ]

We are also eager to get our shaft bussy

[ Rob ] [ Post Reply ]

I just wanted to tell all of us. don't be to hard on ourselves. we are actually great people

[ Jeremy ] [ Post Reply ]

heyy i born on july 7 7:00pmi hope i win the lotto

[ cesar luna ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes we are the best

[ darren ] [ Post Reply ]

tell me about the love. ?win or loss. ?

[ muqeem ] [ Post Reply ]

its right i have ocd anxiety disorder..but i m not intelligent

[ parvinder singh ] [ Post Reply ]

happy birthday to ALL OF US!

[ Kay ] [ Post Reply ]

Craziness! All true!

[ Joaquin ] [ Post Reply ]

What every u said was true.. 101% i agree on it....

[ Veena devadiga ] [ Post Reply ]

you hit the nail on the headwith the statement about photography. Have always love it and will always persue getting better at it

[ Brian ] [ Post Reply ]

This is awesome. Searched this up because my bd is coming up soon. Yaay to 7 july

[ priscilla ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on the seventh month, on the seventh day, at 7AM, with my first name starting with the seventh letter...hehe.

[ G ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from priscilla This is awesome. Searched this up because my bd is coming up soon. Yaay to 7 july
Priscila I would like to keep my shaft bussy with you, woundn't you agree?

[ Hitech ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Bhavin ] [ Post Reply ]

oh yeah such correct such beautiful. so spot-on. 3

[ laineylainelainey ] [ Post Reply ]

This is correct! Exept I'm not that confident but I am defiantly a cancer crab ?)

[ Amanda ] [ Post Reply ]

Thats corect..we were born awesome and we atr legends of the world #TrueStory

[ Thando ] [ Post Reply ]

This is a beautiful explication on my life!! 7/7

[ Amelia ] [ Post Reply ]

Its correct

[ kiran ] [ Post Reply ]

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