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for June 14th

If your Birthday is June 14th and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

June 14th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 14th of June are believed to be chatty, thoughtful and versatile with the impulsive intelligence typical to most Gemini's. The ruling astrological planet designated for this particular day is Mercury, also the planetary ruler of your zodiac sign, making you creative and critical. If you have this birthday talking too much is a consequence of
your thirst for knowledge and opinion on absolutely everything. Your sociable free spirit is good at understanding and communicating with others but you are rarely easily fooled. Quick witted, resourceful and adventurous you usually embrace change and welcome challenges and possess a desire to be continually learning and developing wisdom. Individuals with a June the fourteenth birthday have a tendency to
hoard interesting things and ordinarily enjoy reading and watching films. Although you are fairly adaptable and crave affection and emotional stability yet when it comes to closeness and intimacy you can be shy.

Work and Finances

Working life options

are often rather important decisions to a person born on the fourteenth of June. A suitable profession is one that fulfills your strong sense of
purpose and need for some form of financial security. Your natural intellectual curiosity and skillful perception and comprehension allow you to quickly learn new skills for any job. Scientific or medical type career path choices could be particularly appropriate and enjoyable as they present constant variety and opportunities for progression. Keeping a close eye on finances is essential as you
have a probable proneness for impulse buying.

Personal Relationships

For a Gemini, the person born on the fourteenth day of June is untypically a bit of a loner and a tad hesitant about romance and togetherness. A slight mistrust of your inner feelings sees you being choosy over the perfect partnership and taking time to settle into a committed long term loving relationship.
You are likely to be physically attractive so inclined to often have more admirers than true friends. Tender, generous, considerate and kindhearted you require a soul mate with similar qualities and romantic expectations who brings out your adventurous fun side. Your ideal partner should be as laid back as possible to put up with your usual oversized collection of possessions and
occasional restless moodiness. As you get older you tend to become more emotionally sensitive and so prone to be more sentimental concerning special love unions.


The general healthiness experienced by those born on June 14th is once in a while disturbed by periods of mental exhaustion. You have a habit of pushing yourself just a bit too hard and being overly picky
with your diet. With your oodles of energy and touch of competitiveness you will find that pacing yourself effectively is the best way to contribute to remaining healthy. Practicing patience is also of great benefit to maintaining stress levels and overall well being. People born on this day will discover that frequent breaks from daily routine provide a fabulous method of
recharging your batteries.

June 14th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed in the brilliant mix of creativity and versatility you have. These positive traits compliment your sharp wit and sociability giving you an amiable, clever and imaginative edge to your individuality. The biggest personality weaknesses for those born on June 14th are your tendencies towards criticism and impulsiveness. Less frequently occurring negative behaviors
are your inclinations to act in an overstressed, impatient or domineering manner. If you have extra worries on your mind these disagreeable expressions seem to put in an appearance more often.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 14th of June makes you likely to have big hopes and wishes for your future but your optimism is often diminished by a fear of
failure. You are usually not as self confident of your abilities as many of your twin zodiacal sign counterparts so unlikely to set definite goals. Your resourcefulness helps you combine and concentrate your achievement efforts but you will also need additional encouragement and incentives to push yourself forward. Your continual interest in expanding personal knowledge and collecting intriguing unusual items is
a common feature in the content of your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fourteenth day of the month the total of your birth date equates to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' reflecting your passion for information and high degree of curiousness. In the Major Arcana Tarot the
14th in the deck symbolizing Temperance is associated with your birthday. This card represents the modifying of desires to reveal new truths in relation to your fondness of education and also highlights your moody streak. The lucky gemstone for June the fourteenth birthday is Diamond, to be worn for boosts to wealth and happiness.


The planet Mercury is assumed to be the
most powerful influence on the anticipations of Gemini personalities. The actual day you were born on, the fourteenth of June is astrologically governed by the same planet's dominance intensifying its authority on your probable disposition. Your purposefulness and adaptability is well directed while your wittiness and sense of adventure make you a fun companion. Keeping knowledgeable constantly stimulates your talkative temperament
and ensures that you are never usually lost for words in any circumstance. If you can control your touches of impatience, criticism and irritability it could make you happier and you should find relaxing a little easier. A final contemplative thought for people born on June the 14th is to remember to be at your most attentive and flexible to those
that you believe love and respect you the most. Prioritizing in life is one of the major keys to ensuring you opt for positive paths to contentment.

June 14th Horoscope Comments

Wow I am very happy to be born June 14!

[ benjamin ] [ Post Reply ]

All said am happy to no :) 14th June

[ Helen ] [ Post Reply ]

S/o to 1994 club of june 14ers

[ edward ] [ Post Reply ]

I wish my wife can understand this is me. She's still finding it hard to do so and I careless.

[ Neppy ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Pamela/DJT ] [ Post Reply ]

While I love having June 14th as my birthday, I am disgusted that I share it with Drumpf. He is a gross, selfish, horrible excuse for a human, and his policies are as anti-American as they come. He lies and cheats, and treats women like chattel. "God's choice for president"? Puh-leeze! He is an emba
rrassment to our country.

[ Pink Wonder ] [ Post Reply ]

You can't save America drowning the world. It doesn't work like that, sorry.

[ edwin ] [ Post Reply ]

Some things are rightright =)

[ athira ] [ Post Reply ]

Seems about right!!

[ Ocean Girl ] [ Post Reply ]

some true, some not, man am that moody...scary...i need to start wearing my diamonds...who knew..

[ nowonder ] [ Post Reply ]

Definitely True.. Sounds amazing why they cope up with this best explanation.

[ Jurryn ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow... thats almost accurate!!!

[ fabs ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep....sounds like me. #Gemini

[ Tiffany ] [ Post Reply ]

Yup me to a T

[ Ricky ] [ Post Reply ]

Explains a lot!

[ Grrr ] [ Post Reply ]

It said everything that was about me

[ jakilra reeves ] [ Post Reply ]


[ RAJ ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow this is definitely me. I am spooky happy to be born June 14!!!

[ Yesitsme ] [ Post Reply ]

Thank you

[ may ] [ Post Reply ]

I love being me no matter what happen this is who i am

[ MaxerSajili ] [ Post Reply ]

did you know trump has our birthday too?

[ CaughtInCandy ] [ Post Reply ]

On point, Insightful, Empowering and oh so Inspirational.*singing* Diamonds, Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend.

[ Zuri ] [ Post Reply ]

it`s all true about me and am happy to be here today

[ arthur iheanyi ] [ Post Reply ]

I am, what I am, and I love it, it's all true, or will be true. I love being a Gemini ... Gemini's Rock

[ R. Swinney ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!! Yep, that is sooooooo me. All of what u said is most definitely me. Thanks.......... Hello all 14th of June Gemini's.........

[ Rhonda ] [ Post Reply ]

That is all so true but what if it wasn't!!

[ Coco14 ] [ Post Reply ]

wow that my life story lols

[ khesa ] [ Post Reply ]

most of it. Now i know that i like diamonds

[ Syu ] [ Post Reply ]

100% true

[ kapil chauhan ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing!! Happy bday y'all!!!

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

Great Job!Almost Exact!

[ Michele Angelica B. ] [ Post Reply ]

happy birthday guys ( in a few days) 5 days so excited mum still won't tell me she's doing for my bday annoying right also i know this like so true the my parents literally have to force me to shu my bday is 14 June

[ Hodan ] [ Post Reply ]

Thaaaank youuu !! :)

[ Msknsi ] [ Post Reply ]

Thank you. Very true and insightful.Your reading was fascinating!

[ Jack D ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of it is true. Can a man and woman born same day marry?,, diamonds are expensive though.

[ Nis ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on June the 14th, and this all true about me and my middle name is diamond, I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the Sign.

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this is so mee..facebook.com/xdifferentxadd me :)

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This is the real me .....

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Doesn't describe me.. Except the 'shy' part

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i 100% believe the relationship part :(

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It is both astonishing and absurd how accurate this description is.

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Sounds like me lol

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This decribes be way to much its scary

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looks like a good description of Geminy born on 14th June

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At a moment i thought i was reading something written about me...that is really true.

[ Armstrong ] [ Post Reply ]

I totally agree! I am just like this! :)

[ Abi ] [ Post Reply ]

This is absolutely right on as a description of the gifts and obstacles for my son, born on June 14th. Thank you for the accurate, insightful reading!

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Wow,ave now learnt something about myself and will try hard to perfect my imperfections......

[ MERCY AMONDI ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah sounds like me too lol

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