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for June 15th

If your Birthday is June 15th and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

June 15th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 15th of June are conceived to be lively, youthful and charming with the typical Gemini quick mind and witty repartee. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus bestowing you with plenty of benevolence and grace and a realistic outlook. If you have this birthday a natural adeptness for communication allows you to
utilize your voice to good effect. This mastery of language gives you a subtly persuasive and understanding nature that is fairly open, kind and receptive. Your pleasant manner is quieter and less argumentative than most twins and you are usually flexible enough to consider all sides in a debate of opinions. Individuals with a June the fifteenth birthday are generally good
at directing their talents where needed. You seem to instinctively know when and when not to push a request or problem. You are shrewd and tend to absorb information easily but being a bit indecisive means you can miss opportunities.

Work and Finances

Careers helping others such as counseling or law are popular job choices to a person born on the fifteenth of
June. You like to feel useful while working and your usual nonjudgmental approach lets you work within a wide range of different environments. Your subtle but sharp communication skills can make you especially skilled and successful at sales. Whatever profession you choose it must offer lots of variety and a strong sense of purpose above anything else. Money is quite important
to you but it is not a primary concern for occupation options. You are careful with financial matters so rarely have problems budgeting.

Personal Relationships

For a Gemini, the person born on the fifteenth day of June is typically in search of a soul mate and playmate in one for a love relationship. You crave affection and understanding but may take a while
to settle down as you can be choosy about the ideal partner and greatly value your independence. A perfect match of emotional and energy level similarities is of high importance in a loving long term partnership. Affectionate, kind and fairly considerate you seem to be super at sharing and despite your flirty fun loving approach you are ordinarily very loyal in
a committed romance union. Young at heart you usually dislike repetition and dull routines and so need constant stimulation or you could grow restless. You try your best to keep your loved one happy but if you are unhappy in the relationship you can display inconsistent and impatient behavior.


Health issues experienced by those born on June 15th are generally rare occurrences
due to your attention to looking after yourself. Your requirement to look and feel healthy encourages you to take good care of your body by being careful to eat the right things and get regular check ups. You are inclined to possess a real interest in food and enjoy cookery. People born on this day can often have a touch of
laziness that can irritate circulation flow as a result of inadequate physical activity. Staying as active as possible is the best method to adopt in order to maintain your healthiness and trim figure.

June 15th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably apparent within the youthfulness, charm and gentle persuasiveness you naturally exhibit. These admirable positive traits and your intuitive timing and receptiveness are brilliant assets that can help take you where you want to be in life. Noticeable personality weaknesses for those born on June 15th are mainly seen in your pronenesses for
impatience and indecisiveness. If you are especially hurt by the words of others, angry, stressed or overtired you could become egotistical and manipulative in your mannerisms and prone to sullen sulky moods.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 15th of June usually makes you a free thinker who is a bit ambitious and has a can do attitude. You are bestowed with
plenty of motivation to achieve goals but in your dreams you commonly appear to seek settled personal contentment above career aims and progression. Your inclination for realism assists you to face challenges and overcome disappointments with a clear head. You also trust your instincts and as a rule know when to give up on something and when to persevere. Being
less hesitant with decisions should allow you to not miss out on a potentially favorable opportunity.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fifteenth day of the month the one and five in your birth date grant you a Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' indicating your goodwill, openness and communicative spirit.
The Tarot card closely associated with your birthday is the 15th in the Major Arcana deck depicting the Devil. This simply represents your combination of your free spirit, liveliness and adroitness. The lucky gemstone for June the fifteenth birthdays is imagined to be Turquoise, to be worn for potential increases in courage, vitality, calmness and prosperity.


All Gemini personalities are believed to
be astrologically influenced by the powerful presence of the planet Mercury. The actual day you were born, the fifteenth of June is astrally governed by Venus's power. These 2 planets each play a prominent role in determining the probabilities of your uniqueness. Your combined astuteness, wittiness and flexibility present you as friendly, interesting to know and fun. Your kindness, caring refinement
and purposefulness guide you to do worthwhile things and spend your time wisely. If you can attempt to be more patient and decisive it should reap significant rewards. Two finishing thoughts for people born on June the 15th are to think about spending time alone and enjoying it and try to have a tad more confidence in yourself.

June 15th Horoscope Comments

Yes the above things is very similar to my character thankyouuu

[ Sona Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, I love this!! So damn spot on for us Gemini's. Thank you! 6.15.91

[ Anna Catherine ] [ Post Reply ]

very proud as a gimini girl..so true.. my bdate is june 15, 1963..

[ emmie ] [ Post Reply ]

Cool... these all traits describe me in a well manner, I am extremely happy to know that there are people outside there who share the same characteristics... hope to meet someone soon :)

[ Anju ] [ Post Reply ]

This is definitely me. I'm so glad I read this. And I'm glad I am not alone. 6/15/73 I wondered for years if I was crazy. It's nice to know I am not. Have an awesome day and peace out.

[ reezer ] [ Post Reply ]

Great twin,Great leader,of june 15th who has a lot to give,also plans to give You hope and a brighter future;I love you all the Geminis and am proud to be one of you

[ Anajemba Ignatius Chinonso ] [ Post Reply ]

So incredibly accurate!

[ Kathy ] [ Post Reply ]

This is also so like me- wow! Happy birthday Gemini-twins!

[ H ] [ Post Reply ]

=) those are my personalities..!! I'm proud that I was born on June 15, 2000.I'm turning 16 tomorrow.. happy sweet 16 to me!!

[ Katie ] [ Post Reply ]

I was quite like this,I like counseling but I never took that job but I took a job which is related in hospitality,and that is food and beverages,by the way advance happy birthday to us! June 15th peeps!! :D

[ ayra ] [ Post Reply ]


[ SANDEEP ] [ Post Reply ]

Yea I agree. GEMINI!!15/6/04

[ KingXA ] [ Post Reply ]


[ EMMY ] [ Post Reply ]

I have to agree with most of this.I've terrible trouble making my mind up about the simplest of things. 15/6/1972

[ Stu ] [ Post Reply ]

omg thats totally me

[ yosief ] [ Post Reply ]

This is quite accurate, I'm full of paradoxes, Angel/demon, intro/extro, juvenile/intellectual all these contradictions. I crave knowledge and info, spongelike. I can be compelling or invisible and can switch or change my mood, opinion, stance in the blink of an eye. Brutally honest, do not suffer f
ools, stubborn as a mule, imperious, dictatorial, autocratic. To counterbalance that I'm kind, empathetic, have high EI, compassionate and self-effacing. A maelstrom of emotions and contradictions.

[ Robert. ] [ Post Reply ]

My niece & my couzn.got this date of birth..

[ djmer ] [ Post Reply ]

Some of it is true I do like to spend time on my own that bit is so true the health bit is so me too lololol

[ Ghulam ] [ Post Reply ]

Some of this is true I feel kinda like Thai is a good match for me and I am a June 15th birthday (btw hello my twin sises and bros) so I feel like this is good for me [COLOR=Magenta] [/COLOR]so yup

[ Brooklyn ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi twin 6/15/1994

[ Texas ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Brooklyn Some of this is true I feel kinda like Thai is a good match for me and I am a June 15th birthday (btw hello my twin sises and bros) so I feel like this is good for me so yup
:like: hi there i want ta explore more about us this opptertuittie or wat ever ,for me i
s good

[ Trinity ] [ Post Reply ]

This is not me, but it is my husband and it is so very very true. I was born June 14th and I too am a Gemini.

[ Rhonda ] [ Post Reply ]

so true

[ sharon ] [ Post Reply ]

very very true

[ emmy ] [ Post Reply ]

15-June-1990 ........hi my daer twins...

[ Vivek lal ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeap! I agree ! This is totaly like me! I was born june 15 and i also cAnnot make up my mind for a career! I also have strong beliefs to be happy ! With all my worries resolvef! Hope it hies well for all and me!!

[ Ludmila ] [ Post Reply ]

Gotta love gemini!!! 15/06/92

[ cherise ] [ Post Reply ]

I love when you read something that is so true to yourPersonality! Gemini's are awesome!

[ Sheila ] [ Post Reply ]

Interesting,June 15 1990

[ Nicole ] [ Post Reply ]

My boyfriend and I were both born June 15 in 1965 we kinda look alike we've been told even . We're so much alike but so different at times too. Can he be my twin ?

[ Maria dee ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy 50th birthday to you both. I too share that same date . . .6/15/65

[ B Renee ] [ Post Reply ]

I was also born june 15 th 1965. Happy Birthday to us !!! Geminis rock...

[ Cali girl ] [ Post Reply ]

This is spot on! Especially the indecisiveness part...

[ Ansh ] [ Post Reply ]

June 15th 1989 is in the house. St.Lucia Island all the way to Toronto Canada. Public relation officer, Car sales man and political adviser

[ bobbygeta ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes I think it's true on a lot of things

[ Vivienne ] [ Post Reply ]

It's all Wright but the devil :(

[ jada ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow...so spot on. I'm in school to be a psychologist, but considered a career in law as well lol. This is totally me!! 06/15/86 :)

[ Ejay ] [ Post Reply ]

Am i courage???????hehe,not as well im happy.....Im happy because i was born on june 15 being a charming and charing lady....

[ joyce ] [ Post Reply ]

The devil, hmm? :]

[ Mathieu ] [ Post Reply ]

:cool: we have the key to the universe !

[ 17`17 ] [ Post Reply ]

I tend to find myself at dilemma.I get bored. Motivation is something I look for dreadly.I have a certain code. but I find it difficult to please myself. Career makes me worry. Though man engineering student. I ought to find inner peace.

[ shivam ] [ Post Reply ]

I tend to find myself at dilemma.I get bored. Motivation is something I look for dreadly.I have a certain code. but I find it difficult to please myself. Career makes me worry. Though man engineering student. I ought to find inner peace.

[ shivam ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm going for engineering as well. That's funny. I always straggling to make a decision coz I have two strong and opposite opinions:-)

[ alex. ] [ Post Reply ]

yes we are unique in alot of ways but as a june 15th person i understand that we have amazing potential to bring extrodinary benifits to who ever is apart of our life on a mental and emotional level were the key to making people feel complete

[ Raymond ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, I'm shocked. It's so strange and amazing in one time, to read something like that!

[ Andrew ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true of the June 15th Gemini. Relates to me in strange ways!

[ Jacqueline ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh I was always told this make me feel a tiny bit better

[ marissa ] [ Post Reply ]

yeesss mee too I'm inspired on this.thank you.

[ alfons ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow ! This is so true ! I'm a june 15 born. I work in the HIV counselling field ! I'm a dancer and can speak and write in four Indian languages and of course English !

[ Teja ] [ Post Reply ]

All us rule forget the others one

[ kelvanica ] [ Post Reply ]

yess...we all are true leaders..and much more confident...yepeee....15th june 1981

[ Nax ] [ Post Reply ]

June 15th babies rool (: 06-15-94

[ sunni ] [ Post Reply ]

same birthday! ^_^ we're gonna be 21 this year!!!

[ bri ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow nuts. #spoton #june15

[ Alx ] [ Post Reply ]

Mmmmh...i'm greatly impress. It's just exactly wat i'm.

[ Buay ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, I'm a June 15th baby and this is scary accurate. Very cool, I love reading things like this

[ Lexi ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! I too am born on the 15th June and this the best horoscope I have ever read. I already enjoy a lot of time on my own but will definitely work on my indecisiveness and try and believe in myself a bit more. Thanks whoever wrote this.

[ Jeff ] [ Post Reply ]

Im born on june 15th and this amazingly connects to me exactly. I am surprised at how accurate this is and I feel happier knowing I am a unique type of gemini although I belive all people are unique and special in their own way.

[ Lorraine ] [ Post Reply ]

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