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for June 23rd

If your Birthday is June 23rd and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

June 23rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 23rd of June are believed to be generous, lively and talkative with plenty of the typical Cancer star sign astuteness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury bestowing you with high intelligence and a commonsensical attitude but also a slight touch of eccentricity. If you have this birthday your perception is very
sharp and usually allows you to be especially skilled at the mimicry of others and anticipating bad timing or vibes. Nonjudgmental and a good listener and learner you are also ordinarily naturally logical with an innovative mind. Individuals with a June the twenty third birthday are free spirited and adventurous and often possess an artistic or musical streak within their curious
temperaments. Your inquisitiveness can cause you to be sometimes nosy or gossipy. Home loving with a practical and sympathetic approach, you are a deep thinker who enjoys helping others and sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Work and Finances

Career choices are not often limited to a person born on the twenty third of June as you have lots of versatile talents. Orientated by
success you are willing to put in large amounts of energy into progressing to the top of your chosen profession. Many jobs are suitable but your arty disposition may be particularly attracted to work in the entertainment industry. It is unlikely for you to view money as a status symbol yet you do appreciate the sense of security it can bring.
Clever and conservative where financial matters are concerned you are adept at calculating wisely when contemplating monetary investments.

Personal Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the twenty third day of June is typically witty and sociable with a preference for an intellectual match in romance. Friendship and loyalty are also aspects you consider fairly important elements in love relationships. You
may make a few foolish choices when it comes to possible soul mates but you do not give up searching for your perfect partner. Although you crave warmth and an emotional rapport intense emotion can scare you. It can direct you to display caution in revealing your deepest feelings and present you as a contradictory mix of tender and distant. An
ideal partner will be immensely caring and communicative but not try to smother your occasional yearning for personal space. In the bedroom you are inclined to be highly sensual and spontaneous frequently enjoying erotic foreplay just as much as the sexual act.


Common health problems experienced by those born on June 23rd are once in a while due to your requirement for
a balanced emotional state. When you are emotionally upset you seem to be much more casual about healthiness and so rather susceptible to viruses at these times. When you are at your happiest it will be instantly apparent to everyone in your glowing appearance. People born on this day could be prone to sleep issues from time to time if they
have too many unresolved worries. Gentle exercise or forms of meditation before bedtime can often assist if you find yourself plagued by bouts of insomnia.

June 23rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are noticeable in your magnetic aura and abundance of generosity and liveliness. These positive traits make you immensely kind, interesting and generally lovely to know. Additional strong points are seen in your astute intellect, intense curiosity and unique inventiveness allowing you to see and pick up on things that others may miss. The most
obvious personality weakness for those born on June 23rd are focused on your tendency for nosiness. This negativity can manifest as you sometimes becoming overinvolved or in the display of indiscrete, gossiping or prying behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 23rd of June usually gives you a desire to take advantage of possible opportunities and get as much as you can
from life. Alongside this wish you have the required patience to follow and see wished for goals through to fruition. With a mind bursting with ideas as soon as you achieve one aspiration you have another planned. Your fondness for the freedom to explore independently can be a big feature in the contents of your dreams. While dreaming you are highly
likely to imagine yourself in unusual places of great interest and these moments can be when you conjure up some of your best concepts.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty third day of the month your birth date digits grant you a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' identifying a
prominent part of your overall curiousness, longing to learn and persistence. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 5th card featuring the Hierophant is linked to your birthday. This mystic connection represents your fascination with anything new or different and also highlights your insightfulness. The lucky gemstone for June the twenty third birthdays is a Diamond, to be worn for confidence and
an increase in wealth.


The Moon is the celestial body thought astrologically the most influential in determining the likelihoods of Cancer personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty third of June is assumed governed by Mercury's cosmic authority. The combination of these 2 planet's influence help decide your probable types of actions and reactions. Your reasonable and consistent manner
and clever patter get you easily in and out of desirable or undesirable situations. Your abilities to not judge, listen carefully and absorb information quickly are wonderful assets well worth nurturing. If you are able to tame your inquisitive side to be more tactful it should prove beneficial. A finalizing thought for people born on June the 23rd is to beware
of your loose tongue.

June 23rd Horoscope Comments

This is my husband spot on, everything .......I so much live this

[ Amarachi Philip ] [ Post Reply ]

My baby girl born on June 23Full of love. Hella character

[ nana ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday everybody

[ CatsRGreat ] [ Post Reply ]

hehe! I had a great birthday this year..hope everyone here did as well!Also, these predictions and analysis hold quiet true in my case at least.Have a great year ahead everyone :)

[ AGhosh ] [ Post Reply ]

Almost true :)

[ Jed ] [ Post Reply ]

very shocked....so true for myself atleast...all of it just few words that i thought wasnt true...wow!

[ ky ] [ Post Reply ]

wow, there must be someone who has been studying me.... am shocked that all this talk about my chracter. kudos for the research.

[ yvonne ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on! The first time I read it I didn't quite agree with the gossip thing and the sleep issues but after a while of thorough observation and self-introspection I think I have to agree to that. Getting less sleep than required upsets my energy levels and eating habits.

[ Gautami ] [ Post Reply ]

i have two of my freinds including myself has the birthdays on this date ,the common thing i have observed is people with this birthday will be definately will be great entertainer

[ Ravi Teja ] [ Post Reply ]

This is real, this is me. :-D i thnk i'm d crziest prson ever.othr people told me so :-D i cntrol myself in gossip so as not to hurt others... Oh yeah :-D

[ Jeanette ] [ Post Reply ]

i cant agree more

[ Ravi ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on. Scary.. This is me to a T

[ Ashley ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true except I am not gossipy.

[ Maria ] [ Post Reply ]

Tooo Correct

[ Aparna ] [ Post Reply ]

this is amazingly true and so spot on, except the gossipy part like many other 23rd june mentioned. am not the gossipy type, i keep my tongue tight simply for the respect towards the other person and their privacy and not to hurt or complicate things unnecessarily.

[ zen ] [ Post Reply ]

this is amazingly true and so spot on, except the gossipy part like many other 23rd june mentioned. am not the gossipy type, i keep my tongue tight simply for the respect towards the other person and their privacy and not to hurt or complicate things unnecessarily anecdotal eve. insomnia are correct
. I enjoy bouts of sleep anytime.

[ Nitin ] [ Post Reply ]

Not gossipy but the rest so spot on.

[ Toots ] [ Post Reply ]

mmmmmmm...mostly true. im not gossipy and i dont like people.so yeah.

[ Kryshna ] [ Post Reply ]

So true

[ Josh ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, I've been studying birthdays a lot recently and this is exactly me. I'm not necessarily gossipy, but at one point I was and I decided to stop being that way. I met another person with this same birthday too and they were just like me, crazy!

[ S ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything but gossipy

[ Emily ] [ Post Reply ]

all except insomnia are correct. I enjoy bouts of sleep anytime

[ satya ] [ Post Reply ]

I am not not a gossipy type,and i don't have sleep issues other parts maybe right,i am not talkitive or nosey either.

[ Paul ] [ Post Reply ]

i am not not a gossipy type,and i don't have sleep issues other parts maybe right,i am not talkitive or nosey either

[ ann ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow... what the f*ck has someone known me my whole life that I've never met been following me or some sh*t wrote this....to creepy I mean they didn't miss a beat #completemindfuck

[ Nathan ] [ Post Reply ]

very relevant... =)

[ Rits ] [ Post Reply ]

I just found out my boyfriends bday and I agree with all except for the insomnia. ...he sleeps like a champ and many of nights I can't sleep cuz he snores like a champ! Sometimes I just have to go back home to sleep....but the reading is him and spot on...I am lucky to have him..he's caring and w
onderful...I am the luckiest girl!!!!

[ nini ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg! Shockingly true!

[ Gogi ] [ Post Reply ]

on point ! Except my gossip is minimal

[ Gerald ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite true for me.."

[ Jo ] [ Post Reply ]

very accurately enumerated

[ vebhav ] [ Post Reply ]

Aptly said!!

[ Okoye Robinson Chibuzo ] [ Post Reply ]

Arrrreee uuuuu serrriiooouuussss????? Everything is truee.....

[ Moudy ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazingly right...

[ Charm ] [ Post Reply ]

Hell true :p

[ Anum ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep it's all very accurate! Lmao

[ sabryna23 ] [ Post Reply ]

Nailed it! But i can fall asleep anytime anywhere...no prob lol

[ Chris ] [ Post Reply ]

Uncannily true.

[ dotty_gill ] [ Post Reply ]

That's me .... Lol .... Just the sleeping part is not correct .... Never have problem with sleeping :)

[ Jarka ] [ Post Reply ]

VERY COOL!! Hi guys nice to know im not the only one


this is crazy!! omg

[ jasmine ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow its true

[ vina siluscu rewan ] [ Post Reply ]

wooooow kkkkk this is amazing,,,,june 23 baby and im proud of it :D

[ Annah ] [ Post Reply ]

omg i thought i was the only one wow this is alll acurate :angel:

[ wandarley ] [ Post Reply ]

It is very nice

[ Seher ] [ Post Reply ]

NO WONDER IM NOT GETTING ANY F****** SLEEP HAHA!!!!! My son is now 9MOS old n I have not slept since his birth, it's supposed to be HIS insomnia not mine lol xD

[ Shamrockaz ] [ Post Reply ]

everything was true...insomnia very true =)

[ surya ] [ Post Reply ]

so true June 23 charisma working in me.

[ Ugy ] [ Post Reply ]

Haha wow this is so accurate

[ Steph ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is damn true on me.

[ Mac Derrick ] [ Post Reply ]

damn right! especially in the insomnia part! lol

[ kath ] [ Post Reply ]

holy sh*t I have twins XD :D

[ Dominic ] [ Post Reply ]

Almost correct 'beware of loose tounge'

[ Dhananjay Thakare ] [ Post Reply ]

Im happy i hv twins.hello brothers & sisters

[ Moliehi ntlotshoeu ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow i am twelve i was so interested in this

[ lil kay ] [ Post Reply ]

almost accurate eheheheh that's me

[ johnny ] [ Post Reply ]

i am also a june 23rd baby....

[ sreegopika ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born on 23 jun 1991 but i have a sign libra wt to do?

[ deepan ] [ Post Reply ]

Hmmm same birth date. What do you mean about that Libra sign, we've got no connection unless you mean Gemini.

[ Phranck ] [ Post Reply ]

everything they said was right I am talkative

[ lujean ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty close.....

[ Foz ] [ Post Reply ]

It's crazy how dead on this is!

[ jess ] [ Post Reply ]

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