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for June 2nd

If your Birthday is June 2nd and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

June 2nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 2nd of June are imagined to be strong willed and independent but quieter and more serious than most twins. The astrological planet that governs this particular day is the Moon bestowing you with a wonderful imagination and an abundant supply of charm. If you have this birthday your high levels of intuition give you a
naturally astute caring, kind and flexible temperament. Friendly, practical and thoughtful you are very dependable and you have an understanding nature often known to give good advice. Clever, optimistic, capable and observant with a need to achieve you are likely to have many interests and diverse tastes. Individuals with a June the second birthday are excellent at organizing and a
natural go with the flow attitude. You are usually lively, youthful, expressive and seemingly confident but your emotions can at times be rather fragile. Sometimes this sensitivity can cause you to be quite impulsive or stubborn.

Work and Finances

Work choices are usually decisive and definite to a person born on the second of June as you have set ideas of what you
want to do. Careers that fully utilize your intelligence and responsiveness are frequently top of the list. You need to feel stimulated and valued while working and cannot often cope with a job that involves periods of inactivity. Budgeting and other money matters can be difficult as you are not ordinarily keen on nor competent at handling them. This financial caution
is accompanied by your usual dislike of accepting advice on anything so you can possibly run into problems once in a while.

Personal Relationships

For a Gemini, the person born on the second day of June typically craves closeness and security but may be reluctant to sacrifice freedoms. Despite this hesitancy you are usually incredibly romantic with no fear of an intimate emotionally
bound love partnership. You can be selective when searching for the perfect partner of a best friend and lover combined who does not stifle your independent streak. They must also learn to cope with your harmless flirtatiousness and share similar interests, thoughts, ideas and views. Warm, charming and outgoing you really thrive on continual variety and your love life is no
exception with you often possessing a fondness for sex in unusual places. You are intensely curious about what makes a soul mate tick so are likely to be highly attentive. In addition your tender heart makes you dependable and considerate in a long term relationship.


Optimum healthiness experienced by those born on June 2nd is commonly dependent on the state of your
emotions. If your frame of mind and emotional stability are disturbed it can have an adverse affect on overall health. Headaches, feeling fatigued and digestive complaints are all common symptoms if you are particularly anxious about something. People born on this day can also be prone to comfort eating if they are in circumstances where they feel stressed or unhappy. At
these times it is important to ensure that you take special care of yourself and find ways to unwind, relax and have refreshing sleep.

June 2nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are found in the high levels of kindness, flexibility and optimism you display. These admirable qualities direct you to be noticeably amiable, adaptable and brilliant at problem solving. Further fortes include your imaginative inventive mind and unique empathic eloquent charisma. The personality weaknesses for those born on June 2nd seem to focus mainly on
your occasional picky stubbornness. This negative trait of obstinacy and your tendency for random impulsiveness can sometimes prove troublesome and cause you to miss out on opportunities to shine and progress.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 2nd of June favors you with lots of practicality, determination and outstanding organizational skills. Along with these adept attributes you are also highly perceptive and
as a rule have a good eye for detail. This gives you a great combination of capabilities for setting and seeing through any desired life goals. Aside from fulfilling employment ambitions you tend to strongly seek success in your personal relationship as this gives you a great sense of achievement and pride. Personalized dreams are likely to contain scenes of happy
memories and visions of your hopes for the future.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the second day of the month your specific birth date allocates you a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Harmony' relating to your friendliness and the quiet, steady thoughtful side of your disposition. In the Major Arcana the
2nd Tarot card symbolizing the Priestess is paired with your birthday. This mystic connection reflects your heightened insight, astuteness and youthfulness. The gemstone considered luckiest for June the second birthdays is a Pearl, wearing one will bring you energy boosts and harmonious associations with others.


Astrologically the governing planet of Gemini's, Mercury, is assumed most influential in determining their probable characteristics. The
actual day you were born on, the second of June is governed by the power of the Moon's influence adding to the probabilities of your differences from others in your zodiac group. Your receptive observance and adroit dependability help to carry you far in life and do worthwhile things. Your mix of liveliness and agreeable mindfulness make you spirited, thoughtful and
lovely to know. If you can learn to recognize and control your unpredictable obstinate streak and be more willing to listen to advice it should make life easier and less stressful. An ending advisory thought for people born on June the 2nd is simply to try and be a bit nicer to yourself. Spending some of your time alone could also
be a personally enlightening and calming therapy.

June 2nd Horoscope Comments

Very spot on.

[ Akoji ] [ Post Reply ]

It is real both not really because I was born june 2 and am businessman and I always organised.

[ destiny omoniyi ] [ Post Reply ]

Owesome June 2nd! I vote for true, coz for me it is! And im a student counselor and i love it!

[ Zaara ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Sag. woman, having a casual relationship with a Gem guy I met through online dating site about 5 months ago...He's 12 yrs younger than me and it was supposed to be just a fling but then I liked him and he asked me to meet again and then again. He's a guy that meets all what it's said here and
we really have enjoyed time together in and outside the bed. Over time we began meeting for dinners, movies, and he and I exchange text messages all the time almost every day...sometimes he chats for hours about from music to politics and sends me links and ask me to watch. We went to an overseas tr
ip for a week in Jan. and had an amazing time together (best travel experience I had with any guy and he said he had an amazing time too...) and I feel like we now becoming freiends. He invited me over to watch a rugby game and kept me from going home the following morning...so I stayed till late af
ternoon...We hardly ever talk about where our thing is heading except at our first meeting, I said it would be no more than one night stand...Last time we were together I suggested that we would be open and honest if either of us gets in a relationship and we wuld remain friends. He was happy to hea
r that. My question is...I find myself falling for him more and more as I spend more time with him (naturally).With my Sag. personality, I'd want to just be straightforwad and ask him what it is that we have. But at the same time, I know he's never been in a serious relationship and would hate to b
e in any. I also learn that he's not so expressive and kinda passive about this sort of situation. What should I do? How can I know where he's about with me? Should I just bring it up? I'm asking here cuase there seems to be similar type of guys here. lol Dwelling...

[ Bluemoon ] [ Post Reply ]

This is quite true.... I flirt with my crush without a single care~ however it's also that I'm too stubborn...

[ Cyx ] [ Post Reply ]

stubborn and impulsive...I am not alone haha

[ cris ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born June 2nd and I'm a organization expert and great at handling money and making money running business. So not all true.And I'm not independent

[ Jan ] [ Post Reply ]

Kudos guys!!! Well said Roxcella, Michael,Caity, Alicia and the rest!!!So true.. Kind, loving, charming, witty, unorganized, adventurous and Spiritual..Let's continue to be restless !!!Oh!! and I forgot... Harmless Flirtatiousness!

[ Pavan ] [ Post Reply ]

that's super true:-) I was born on the 2nd of June....and everything there is completely true.....#Perfectly_Imperfect

[ Roxcella ] [ Post Reply ]

You know I believe we are one of the most naturally intelligent signs and spiritual. Not religious but spiritual. Natural talent and very independent. Most Gemini's I've met are pretty different from most people but I can always sense they are a Gemini. I've met probably 5 people that were born on t
he 2nd of June and we didn't even have to speak to know what the other was thinking. Very crazy stuff!

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

That's we June babies..Caring, protective, Loving and yes ESP..we very Giving...But we do talk toooo much..My excuse is I have a busy brain & like to share it..At my late late years of age, am a happy Gemini...Enjoy, every day....

[ June ] [ Post Reply ]

not totally true. I am born on 2nd of June. they said noting about our spiritual life. that, they can't predict

[ Chidiebere ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't know how this people manage to get all this info about us, but everything is absolutely %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% true!!!

[ Prince Bright ] [ Post Reply ]

can u tell what ppl are think sometimes rare then they do or say exactly what your thinking?

[ Eric ] [ Post Reply ]

For as long as I can remember, I've been in the same boat as you. We're psychic.

[ Caleb ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes! So often sometimes I think I have psychic powers

[ Rebecca ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel really special now that I have found my horoscope

[ kelsey ] [ Post Reply ]

Born june 2nd 1989 and this is pretty spot on, besides the organization part. But thats mainly bc im always on the go n dont like to tie down to one place ;)

[ jay ] [ Post Reply ]

That's exactly what I was going to say! I'm horribly unorganised ahaha but everything else is perfect :')

[ Caity ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't know if this applies to the rest of you, but one thing I find is that I'm not as organized as I'd like to be. I've always had an issue with deadlines and being on time. But I think it may have a lot to do with stress or trying to do too many things at once.

[ Alicia ] [ Post Reply ]

I absolutely agree with rarely being on time, Im horrible at being on time for anything partly because I dont want to be the first one there. I want to enter and get straight on with it. I also dont like to be the center of attention and love to give rather than receive. Everything said else is tota
lly true, especially the stubborness..!

[ John. ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Belated Birthday to us June 2 babies! I feel like we have a good year ahead of us to achieve a lot so lets try to stress less!

[ rex ] [ Post Reply ]

Aww..I'm so sweet and perfect

[ brandon ] [ Post Reply ]

Scary true - so many accuracies about me, my personality and how I live my life.

[ Melissa ] [ Post Reply ]

It's all so amazingly true!!!

[ Raashi ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes it's really true....

[ Allwin ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is perfectly perfect...It's all about me...wowastrology rocks man...awwwwwwwwwww 3 2nd June rocks as well...

[ Mohit ] [ Post Reply ]

So nice. June borns we rock

[ Teddy Adams ] [ Post Reply ]

100 %%%%%%%%%% true

[ andy ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg me tooooo like it's all mee!!!

[ Diana ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so true.

[ Kesha ] [ Post Reply ]

Gemini baby

[ Adrian ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, I'm a Jun 2nd female too. I always stay Positive & full of Optimism in whatever I do. Wish all of us here, the Very Best in Life!

[ Susan ] [ Post Reply ]

yess its damn true

[ vishna ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me :/

[ thrashin_anthonyy ] [ Post Reply ]

So ture!!!!!

[ Paul ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! Very true.

[ tina ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me... Amazing!

[ Olayinka ] [ Post Reply ]

OMW! Advice noted and gonna be worked on ASAP! But wow accuracy be crazy true :D

[ Rosalie ] [ Post Reply ]

Any help for me I'm a June 2 Gemini male

[ Kimball ] [ Post Reply ]

i love me and june 2.

[ kibrom ] [ Post Reply ]

dats everything about me, woow! Am in

[ ijey ] [ Post Reply ]

Holy mackerel

[ Elly C ] [ Post Reply ]

oh my it's me how could this be...

[ jonelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

Damn..... u keeping an eye on me???

[ vishu ] [ Post Reply ]

This is exactly me! go june 2's we are all twins i guess!

[ Bella ] [ Post Reply ]

it is true

[ ishrath ] [ Post Reply ]

Hmm thats certainly me

[ Mel ] [ Post Reply ]

so freaaknnn trueeee..lol

[ johnson ] [ Post Reply ]

this iss my husband in a nutshell

[ dana ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds a lot like me, How did you, my computer is following me, well done computer you win this round.

[ Raymond ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so real

[ alina ] [ Post Reply ]

Much appreciated

[ Kelvin ] [ Post Reply ]

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