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for May 15th

If your Birthday is May 15th and your Zodiac Sign is Taurus

May 15th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 15th of May are believed to be expressive, imaginative and personable along with the typical bull placidity and determination. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus, the same cosmic influence that dominates your zodiac sign intensifying your creativeness and charm. If you have this birthday a quick entrepreneurial mind and your calm,
capable and cooperative nature make you highly receptive to your surroundings, organized and hard working. You are usually immensely loving, forthright and dependable with a real appreciation of simple comforts like a nice home, friends and family. Your compassionate laid back attitude has a strong belief in fairness and natural desire to please that sees you enjoying entertaining guests and doing
good. Individuals with a May the fifteenth birthday are generous, modest and contemplative but can also be prone to be occasionally self centered, rigid and critical.

Work and Finances

Suitable work to a person born on the fifteenth of May is often easy to choose as your thoughtful, helpful temperament tends to draw you towards certain professions. You gain much satisfaction from helping
others less fortunate with your sound judgment, persistence and abundance of great ideas. Although you are not ordinarily motivated by money you like to splash out every now and then and can sometimes take risks to try and increase your finances. Despite this you can be fussy about financial agreements and likely to always scrutinize the small print in a contract
before signing anything.

Personal Relationships

For a Taurus, the person born on the fifteenth day of May is typically caring, romantic, sentimental and likely to fall in love easily. You are quite idealistic when it comes to seeking a partner and will often search instinctively for someone who can teach you the life lessons you feel you need to know. A dislike of
being alone makes companionship especially important to you and intense closeness is an essential requirement in an ideal personal relationship. You are big on give and take and your ability to compromise usually helps keep loving romances harmonious. To win your heart a soul mate needs to be witty and talkative with similar interests, ambitions and values. They must be passionate
and committed as well as willing to share everything as you do. You are softhearted and patient but can sometimes be rather stubborn and set in your ways.


Health issues experienced by those born on May 15th are on some occasions linked to your usual fondness of eating and aversion to exercising. Your penchant for food on its own is not
often a problem as you are usually interested in nutrition, keen on cookery and try to eat healthily. However when this is coupled with your touch of laziness it could cause you to become overweight. Discovering a form of exercise that you enjoy may be difficult for people born on this day but well worth considering if you want to
stay trim. Avoiding isolation is particularly beneficial for your well being.

May 15th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are detectable in the unselfish modesty, affability and dependability you are bestowed with. These qualities and your expressive magnetism assist you to be a wonderful kind and supportive friend and acquire the things you seek from life. Observable personality weaknesses for those born on May 15th concern your occasional stubbornness, inactivity and tendency to
critisize. An increase in the appearance and frequency of your negative traits seems to correlate with you being overtired. At these times you can also be uncharacteristically emotionally unresponsive.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 15th of May bestows you with a creative imagination and the likelihood that you will be familiar with your talents. Your receptiveness and sense of appropriate
timing generally helps keep you on course to achieving desired goals. You may be hindered by your proneness to be soon distracted by events happening in the present and sometimes temporarily lose focus of the future. Your persistent determined approach to challenges directs you to rarely give up on an important goal. A popular dream is envisaging expressing your generosity on
a grand scale for a very worthwhile cause.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fifteenth day of the month the one and five in your birth date generate a Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' accentuating your friendly sociable side. The Tarot card most commonly associated with your birthday is the
15th card in the Major Arcana signifying the Devil. It simply highlights your quickness to forgive and not dwell on the past. The luckiest precious stone for May the fifteenth birthdays is thought to be Turquoise. Wearing this specific gem close promises you boosts in your courage, clarity and prosperity.


Brief descriptions of the probabilities of Taurus personalities are created from the
imagined influences of the planet Venus's power. The actual day you were born on, the fifteenth of May is also governed by the aforementioned celestial body doubling its significance to your probable moods and mannerisms. Your calmness, air of capability and readiness to cooperate is accompanied by fabulous organizational skills giving you a head for business and getting ahead. These admirable
characteristics allow you to spot and seize favorable opportunities and get along well when working in cooperation with others. Your straightforward honesty and directness help you attain the emotional security you crave. If you can manage to get some control on your stubborn and lazy streaks it should reap rewards. A last pertinent thought for people born on May the 15th
is to learn to trust your fair-mindedness as it aids you in making balanced positive decisions.

May 15th Horoscope Comments

Happy to known the real me

[ MLEERABARI Martin ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of the above explained are true..I fall in love easily and deeply.lol. :love: :like: .Soooo true.

[ Rose ] [ Post Reply ]

100% accurate

[ baby calf ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a child I just turned 12 yesterday, is this for adults or everyone because most of this stuff is me =)

[ Kailah ] [ Post Reply ]

Cool! Its says whatever I am! I am creative, I fall in love easily and I am caring. BUT I love sports! They say 15 may born people are lazy for exercise. Well, thankx for the other information. Really it made me learn more about me! =)

[ Samiksha T. ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG this is so me :P

[ AAma ] [ Post Reply ]

This is my twin flame's birthday and mine's Sept 3, now I know why we're inseparable, we pretty much have almost the same birthday description. We are not together right now but he said he will wait for me until I'm ready, we're best friends, talk about everything and for hours.

[ TeTe ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow.....This is so me as well.............

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OMG that is the real very so meOoh my its cool to know note about me =)

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Seriously........ I have no words to say how much it talks about me.... :D

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a chance to know me more....cant agree less !;)

[ cassell ] [ Post Reply ]

Soo me

[ Jasmine ] [ Post Reply ]

We have the same name and birthday

[ Jasmine L. ] [ Post Reply ]

No one could have said it better!

[ Scott ] [ Post Reply ]

the truth about our live style

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Its really true . :)

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very true

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facts about me

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I not like this I don't fit with this words. I so mixed up. ?)

[ Thea ] [ Post Reply ]

Nice reading thank you.

[ hope ] [ Post Reply ]

Generic enough to apply to almost anyone, regardless of actual burthi date. Everyone likes to eat but look at nutrition, everyone gets distracted by the present to lose focus in the future.

[ Ed ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me

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its really cool! :D

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