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for May 20th

If your Birthday is May 20th and your Zodiac Sign is Taurus

May 20th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 20th of May are believed to be warm, intuitive and observant with the usual loving, kind steadiness of a bull. The astrological planet that rules over this particular day is our Moon bestowing you with a nurturing temperament that likes to help others and is highly responsive. If you have this birthday it falls on
the Taurus Gemini cusp making you naturally charming, friendly and lighthearted. You are usually versatile, communicative and creative with an analytical mind and great dexterity. Your placidity craves security and serenity but your touch of restlessness makes you also long for change and diversity too. Individuals with a May the twentieth birthday are good listeners who generally give logical advice but
can sometimes be a little overly critical. You are rather expressive, energetically enthusiastic about life and likely to be a quick learner but easily bored and prone to leave things unfinished.

Work and Finances

Felicitous job choices may be difficult to a person born on the twentieth of May as a consequence of your mixed needs. Your versatility allows you to choose from
a wide range of different professions but you could be very selective due to your slight nervousness and need for emotional privacy. You prefer to keep your professional and private life completely separate and are unlikely to partake in office or factory gossip or after work activities. Favored careers often include those that appeal to your caring side. You are fairly
skilled at managing your finances and hardly ever seem to encounter problems.

Personal Relationships

For a Taurus, the person born on the twentieth day of May is typical in their requirements for a love partner that stimulates body and mind equally. Attractive and affectionate you are ordinarily intensely loyal yet still yearn for time and space for yourself in a committed long term
partnership. Your perfect partner standards and expectations can be a tad unrealistic but you are also openminded and desirous of meeting your destined soul mate. With your special loved one you will be incredibly attentively patient, romantic and reliable and utilize your brilliant imagination to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. In the bedroom you are inclined to be sensuously tactile,
playful and usually aroused by sexual verbal exchanges more than anything else. Occasionally your pronenesses for stubbornness and criticism can cause issues appearing if you feel unloved or unappreciated.


The glowing healthiness experienced by those born on May 20th is often a result of your alertness to the importance of taking care of yourself. Your concern for looking youthful and fit inspires
you to take physical and mental health matters seriously. Your food preferences can be a bit fanatical as you tend to opt for organic versions for their extra taste and additional nutritional benefits. You also enjoy exercise so rarely need encouragement to lead a more active lifestyle. People born on this day are quite prone to suffering from bouts of insomnia
especially if you have a build up of unresolved worries.

May 20th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are observed in your persuasive expression, intuition and kindness helping you interact well with others. These pleasant traits coexist with your innovative adroitness and resourcefulness giving you sound judgment, lots of common sense and the ability to think outside the box. Common personality weaknesses for those born on May 20th are the tendencies to
be headstrong, defiant and have a low tolerance of boredom. Along with these negative behaviors your only other weakness, being overtalkative, puts in an appearance frequently when you are feeling particularly nervy.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 20th of May bestows you with heaps of energy and enthusiasm to achieve worthwhile things. Although you are moderately ambitious you are a lot
more objective when assisting others to realize their goals than you are with your own desires for success. You may set a few targets for your aspirations but could find it difficult to stick to them and see them through to completion. You are more often than not keener on dreams where you can fantasize and visualize the fulfillment of your
greatest wishes. A big pipe dream of yours is to be able to go globe-trotting and experience alternative cultures and landscapes.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twentieth day of the month your birth date reduces to a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has the associated keyword 'Harmony' emphasizing your dislike of arguments and
highlighting your sociable, giving nature. The Tarot card linked with your specific birthday is the 20th in the Major Arcana deck symbolizing Judgment. This significantly represents your usual clear-sighted and fair assessment of situations. The luckiest gem for May the twentieth birthdays is assumed to be a white Pearl, wear it for relieving tension and increasing concentration, awareness and focus.


The probable
characteristics of Taurus personalities are imagined to be astrologically determined by the influences of the planet Venus. The actual day you were born on, the twentieth of May is governed by the Moon's cosmic rays influencing the finer qualities that set you apart from those that share your zodiac sign. Your warmth, dependability and perceptive responses make you wonderful to know
and these attributes give you excellent parenting skills. Your quickness to learn and eloquent communication help you mingle effectively in any social circle. If you can to grips with your proclivity for occasional restless nervousness and criticism it should allow you to accomplish much more. Two concluding thoughts for people born on May the 20th concentrate on possible improvements. It should
prove favorable to try to limit completing tasks to one at a time and take some time to observe your actions and know yourself better.

May 20th Horoscope Comments

well me also :D

[ mhr ] [ Post Reply ]

Every single detail is exact except one. I do not like to talk a lot; Maybe because I have gotten to really know myself and life a whole lot.

[ Len ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah this is true for me.I love to read this but i think about soulmate I'm not believe it lolll

[ Maryjane ] [ Post Reply ]

Me in essence.

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

97% correct

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Wahhh it's true facts gng on ma present lyf I luv to read abt myn!! There r many here lyk me gud!! Tx for dis

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Not me really. Oh well.

[ Sue ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Letara Gabrielle ] [ Post Reply ]

im scared by how true this is, but im also very happy that i know that there are others out there just like me and we share the same kind of traits, but its just plain SCARY how true it is for me, i am finding likenesses all over the place, :D all in all, i am scared, joyful, and just plain excited!

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

It makes my believe more strong to astrology, it's very true it's really what i am.

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That's crazy :)

[ Ms. Bambi ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate, a lot of half-finished books on the shelf

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yes... hit the nail on the head. me to a t... uncanny

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Goodness. Me to a tee. Quite incredible

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This is great, it's just perfect

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yes its super true! That Is really me!

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Dis is so me in the article...overly accurate

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This is extremely accurate, also hitting on obscure things I thought were simply my personal quirks, but it proves to be a common thread of people born this day!! Very enlightening!

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Extremely accurate! :)

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I found this very interesting and accurate.

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