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for May 23rd

If your Birthday is May 23rd and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

May 23rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 23rd of May are conceptualized to be versatile, witty and stylish with the typical eloquence and liveliness of a Gemini. The dominant astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury, the same celestial body that rules this zodiac group. This double influence makes you destined to be overflowing with mental energies, quick and foresighted. If
you have this birthday a highly imaginative, inventive and communicative nature is bestowed upon you along with a playful sense of humor. You are rather intelligent and dexterous and usually have a fondness for gathering information, sharing ideas and theorizing with others. Your natural inquisitiveness gives you an optimistic broad mind with fluent expression and a youthful attitude. Individuals with a
May the twenty third birthday are ordinarily very loyal, compassionate and self sacrificing but can also sometimes act in an argumentative, stubborn and unpredictable manner.

Work and Finances

The most enjoyable jobs to a person born on the twenty third of May are those that provide a high level of variety. You are happiest working in an environment where you are challenged, feel
valued and paid a generous salary. Your faculties of versatility and dexterity make you capable of turning your hand to any task and see you adapting quickly to variable conditions. Your wide range of talents and skills may be great at earning you money but when it comes to saving you are often not so skilled. With finances and the organizing
of your budget you are inclined to require a little guidance especially in your youth.

Personal Relationships

For a Gemini, the person born on the twenty third day of May is typically unsentimental yet likely to become deeply emotionally involved in romance. Your gregarious humorous temperament is friendly but can be hesitant about love and emotional commitment. Friendship and mutual respect will form
the best basis for your ideals regarding the perfect partner as these elements of a loving relationship are particularly important to you. Restrictions on your independence is something you dislike but in a soul mate partnership you will be intensely loyal and take any vows very seriously. Your wonderful openminded imagination and curiosity direct you to be an innovative lover with
a strong desire to please. You need a partner who is equally as uninhibited and enthusiastic sexually. Igniting your passion intellectually is frequently the key to your heart.


Health disorders experienced by those born on May 23rd can on occasion be linked to your inability to fully relax. You generally look after yourself well in other ways but you can be prone
to neglect your body and mind's need for regenerative rest and relaxation. The biggest contribution that can possibly make a difference to your overall healthiness is learning an effective technique to relax and prepare for restful sleep. People born on this day should find that their metabolism is higher than most peoples and so rarely have issues with excess weight gain
as you tend to burn calories at a rapid speed.

May 23rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main recognizable strengths of character are probably seen in your altruistic and conversable disposition. These favorable qualities accentuate your friendliness and make you a caring considerate companion. Additional strong points are displayed in your mental alertness, prudency and tendency to always look forward and not dwell on the past. Personality weaknesses for those born on May 23rd appear
to concentrate on your cautious and changeable emotions. These negative traits prompted by your insecurities can cause you to once in a while behave in an uncharacteristic unreliable, naive and inflexible manner.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 23rd of May can mean that you may be a tad idealistic and selective about what you wish to achieve in life. However when
you are encouraged to plan for the future with goal setting you can be daydreamy and vague about planned aims. You prefer to keep your yearned for ambitions and contrivances a secret until they reach fruition. Any goals you decide on will be likely to have a personalized order of importance that tends to be based on necessity or urgency. Dreams
are usually more focused on envisioning the attainment of general happiness, a nice home and financial security.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty third day of the month the total of your birth date figures equalizes to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' reflecting your curiousness and penchant for
theories. The Tarot card mostly associated with your birthday is the 5th in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant. This highlights your self assurance and the prudent decisiveness you possess. A Diamond is considered the luckiest gem for May the twenty third birthdays. Wearing one is thought to promote healthiness and courage as well as attract prosperity and contentment.


Typified descriptions of Gemini

are usually compiled astrologically from the presumed influences of the planet Mercury. The actual day you were born, the twenty third of May is also dominated by Mercury's presence so your originality is a result of this planet's powerful authority. Your optimism, energy and adroitness help you cope with life challenges while your loyalty makes you a brilliant friend. Your chic,
wit, articulation and modern outlook help you keep up with the times. If you can gain control over your touches of stubbornness and naivety it could improve the speed of your overall progress. A couple of concluding thoughts for people born on May 23rd are to not be so eager to please and try to ensure that you discover an effective
method of unwinding. Taking this advice should prove beneficial and possibly make life a bit easier all round.

May 23rd Horoscope Comments

I'm stubborn

[ Rena ] [ Post Reply ]

That's me!

[ CurryKid ] [ Post Reply ]

True to the Core 5/23 baby

[ Keisha ] [ Post Reply ]

This is brilliant and exactly me !!

[ Jacquie 23/05 ] [ Post Reply ]

I am very happy to see my name here. :) WOW!

[ DISHITA ] [ Post Reply ]

True so true. And I do need to find a way to unwind

[ Betty ] [ Post Reply ]

This is true =) wow xD

[ Katelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

So true

[ nonny ] [ Post Reply ]

very interesting info regarding the Geminipersonality...

[ mattie ] [ Post Reply ]

its very true specially dreams and goals. . everything is true to myself :)

[ julfa ] [ Post Reply ]

This is brilliant and so me !!

[ Jax ] [ Post Reply ]


[ MS.YONDA ] [ Post Reply ]

This happens to be true and credible accordingly to my actions and though process. Know that u are the best and most intellectual being a Gemini out of all the astrology signs. God bless all.

[ Damian ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Damian This happens to be true and credible accordingly to my actions and though process. Know that u are the best and most intellectual being a Gemini out of all the astrology signs. God bless all.
Sorry, I unintentionally hit the thumbs down and was unable to change it
. Your comment is actually quite good. GOD BLESS YOU!

[ John Smith ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow.. This is unbelievable true. Even those traits i wish were not true of us are indisputable true.. This is mindboggling

[ Albertus ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes exactly

[ Santosh ] [ Post Reply ]

Is it

[ inzamam inzy ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true :(

[ Adriana ] [ Post Reply ]

Dis is 2ru,nd d part dat pains me most is excess weight gain as a result of calories burn at a rapid speed

[ Joycee ] [ Post Reply ]

i thing its not real ?)

[ arathi ] [ Post Reply ]

Why am i finding hard to meet the right woman

[ blake ] [ Post Reply ]

so true, this is really me.

[ Thadd ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty true:)

[ Maja ] [ Post Reply ]

So surprisingly true. Although, I prefer the number 3

[ Katherine ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree with Nelson, not so eager to please even after a certain age. This was accurate to some degree. It's been a tough one to bear living a May 23rd life. But it's been wonderful. Peace to my fellow Geminis.

[ Deborah ] [ Post Reply ]

This is amazing. I love how well this resembles me and others born on May 23. Splendid! -Sammy

[ Sammy ] [ Post Reply ]

i swear it me u'r talking about

[ Austine ] [ Post Reply ]

did they just read all about me cause is T to the R to the U E True

[ Rudy ] [ Post Reply ]

This describes me really well except the part about trying to please not so much especially after a certain age.

[ Nelson ] [ Post Reply ]

Seriously I am not surprised. This is me to a T!

[ Amber ] [ Post Reply ]

This is all so true

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

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