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for May 27th

If your Birthday is May 27th and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

May 27th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 27th of May are imagined to be extremely energetic and clever at multi-tasking but with the typical Gemini low threshold for boredom. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars bestowing you with a cheerful, dedicated, giving and persevering nature. If you have this birthday your natural charm and friendliness is accompanied by
a very high level of inquisitiveness. You are usually communicative, witty, compassionate and selfless and your heart tends to rule your head. Individuals with a May the twenty seventh birthday possess a strong sense of adventure, a zest for life, wonderful ideas and often love to travel. You also have a fondness for quirky novelties or unusual things or places and
ordinarily enjoy collecting anything of special interest. Your empathic humanitarian outlook can cause you to be quite outspoken concerning your views and sometimes act in a rash or impractical manner.

Work and Finances

A job that offers variety to a person born on the twenty seventh of May is much more likely to be favored over mundane tasks. You need to feel constantly
stimulated as you are soon bored by set routines and the same sort of work each day. Your helpful understanding temperament makes you perfect for occupations where excellent customer service is required. As you usually like to dress well this and your usual bubbly enthusiasm can present you as an asset to any business. Managing finances is something that you
may find difficult as you can be overly generous and on occasion spend a bit foolishly on impulse.

Personal Relationships

For a Gemini, the person born on the twenty seventh day of May is typically wholehearted but flirty with a preference to do the chasing in romance. You usually have a full social life and a real appreciation of fine food, wine and
interesting conversation. Romantic, sincere and devoted you care deeply and are easily hurt by emotional betrayal causing you to normally display some caution concerning long term love commitments. When seeking a soul mate you yearn for a best friend as you feel that mental stimulation is more important than physical compatibility. This does not stop you from being a sensitive and
seductive lover who does not usually need encouragement to reveal your sexual fantasies. You are an affectionate mix of straightforward and fun, full of compliments and brilliant at expressing your emotions, making you a great catch.


Health issues experienced by those born on May 27th may be frequently related to your tendency to get easily stressed. Although you generally adopt a sensible
attitude to staying in good shape physically your highly strung excitable disposition can be difficult to manage. Self induced stressfulness can cause your usual healthiness to wane as it drains your energy and spirit leaving you vulnerable to illness. Learning to relax and not let anxiety build is the key to helping yourself stay fit and well. People born on this
day could be especially prone to suffer from insomnia so need regular sleep patterns.

May 27th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are apparent in the charming humor and persistent caring sophistication you possess. These fortes make you extremely likeable and reliable as a friend and help to get you attention and be heard. Personality weaknesses for those born on May 27th seem to mainly focus on your pronenesses for rashness and bluntness. These negative tendencies
can occasionally give rise to you saying or doing things you do not really mean and may later regret. In addition another weakness is the inclination to be really susceptible to low mood and irritability if your slumber is disturbed.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 27th of May gives you a bit of an ego and a real need to be
noticed and recognized for your talents. You can usually find a unique way to shine and stand out from the crowd when setting and accomplishing your goals. Your faculty for doing more than one thing at a time and an avid determination sees you quickly achieving anything that you set your mind to. Traveling is a popular method of satisfying your
intense curiosity and adventurousness and so commonly features in many of your dreams. Other wishes include the desire to do something markedly worthwhile and rewarding with your life.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty seventh day of the month your birth date digits equal a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword
'Seeker' pinpointing your naturally inquisitive nature and fondness for collections or everything new or different. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 9th illustrating the Hermit. This is regarded as a symbol of meditation and silence highlighting your requirement for plenty of rest, quiet reflection and relaxation. Wearing the luckiest gemstone for May the twenty seventh birthdays, a Bloodstone,
attracts wealth and happiness.


All Gemini twin symboled personalities are presumed to be strongly astrologically influenced by the planet Mercury's power. The actual day you were born on, the twenty seventh of May is ruled over by Mars's authority adding slight differences than those normally typified in your zodiac group to your individuality. Your warm dedication and compassion are admirable qualities that
grant you balanced direction and purpose. Your friendly wittiness and cleverness make you interesting, funny and overall nice to know. If you can try and think more before acting or speaking and not overlook your few faults your progress in all aspects of life should be smoother and faster. A concluding thought for people born on May the 27th is
to never push yourself too hard and be guided by your conscience.

May 27th Horoscope Comments

Wow so many Gemini's my birthday is of course may 27,1987

[ Olin ] [ Post Reply ]

Im impressed, this is so me

[ Sheen ] [ Post Reply ]

This is a real definition of who I am I am impressed and happy I was born on may 27.

[ Chinonso ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello fellow 27th of May birthdays:) This is a very interesting article and so accurate! We are strong people and intriguing people. The spotlight is usually on us as soon as we enter a room attention is on but we don't do it intentionally..

[ Aileen ] [ Post Reply ]

I am happy knowing that there are some guys with same attitude.....!

[ Rajeev ] [ Post Reply ]

i think everyone on this page is may 27.... HI five brothers and sisters... lol

[ gev ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh gosh! I am in my early 50's and I'm still having to make sure I keep my mouth shut sometimes and think first!! It does happen less frequently now than when I was younger so we do get wiser folks!! Wish I didn't have so much energy sometimes as I try to do too much in a day or weekend!!

[ Susan ] [ Post Reply ]

hmm..i thank my creator for fixing me in a date like this.HAPPY ME

[ abbah ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow am may 27

[ Mirian ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally my wonderful husband born on 27th of May.

[ L ] [ Post Reply ]

I like it

[ Alli ] [ Post Reply ]

Seriously,because this is so true....

[ geminian girl ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me perfectly

[ Mahmoud ] [ Post Reply ]

This is amazing;am so!! Surprise to see what i am nd mah xtics bein mentioned accurately:diz gud.

[ Isaac ] [ Post Reply ]

WOW! its totally me :angel:

[ Kay ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm impressed! How could this be so accurate =)

[ Michel ] [ Post Reply ]

LOL This is spot on

[ LeVar ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey..I had been told for govt job. But I am in private when will it happen

[ Manoj ] [ Post Reply ]

M too 27th gemini

[ nancy ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so right it's scary ! Wow :)

[ Alia ] [ Post Reply ]

This is scary right. Someone's gotta be watching.

[ Matt ] [ Post Reply ]

Damn straight this sh*t is a lil scary like do I have people following me lol

[ Justin ] [ Post Reply ]

Its exactly me

[ vishak ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah..... Me too 27 may...... Simply awesome

[ Sarthak dangwal ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm in love with my Gemini born 27th of May !!! Nothing required high maintenance ...just a simple mutual "air sign" union based on mental stimulation and the sex was naturally VA VA VOOM !!! Communication was through the mind as we used to complete each other's lines and most importantly give each
other space... I knew he was involved with others as I saw him fortnight...but...surprisingly...when I decided to end the casual based relationship... It hurt him deeply and the chase was on... the expression of emotion and line of "I'm dying without you"... I never realised how much he did love me
until I left for personal reasons... To this date I still love him deeply and we are friends ... If he gave me a reason to stay...I would. The personal profile here of 27th of May Geminis is true compared to other Geminis I've known. I have to say that you are all wonderful and would definitely have
a friend in me that would last a lifetime !!! Many hugs, love and kisses from your beloved Aquarian Humanitarian !!! 3 xox :)

[ Pandora Aquarius ] [ Post Reply ]

Aquarius and Gemini Aquemini

[ Jonathan ] [ Post Reply ]

AweSomE...THtS Me

[ SuLfikeR aLi ] [ Post Reply ]

Yup, that's me!

[ Karen527 ] [ Post Reply ]

crazy how accurate this is. insane! my favorite number has been nine forever too

[ john ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! This is me, on target. 27 is my favorite number. How bout you guys?

[ Joseph ] [ Post Reply ]

Accurate for me and my friends as well. Amazing.

[ Me ] [ Post Reply ]

Indeed, very accurate. However, I still cannot figure out my best suited profession and I am already 34..

[ Olga ] [ Post Reply ]

This is definitely me! :)

[ Brittany ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep :)

[ Magdalena Von Horror ] [ Post Reply ]

I just read about me,lol...

[ Steve ] [ Post Reply ]

Woah! This is sooo me

[ Michel ] [ Post Reply ]

I, too, found this eerily accurate.

[ Andrea C. ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so accurate it is scary!

[ Rachael ] [ Post Reply ]

I think therefore I am.

[ Earth Walker ] [ Post Reply ]

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