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for November 13th

If your Birthday is November 13th and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

November 13th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 13th of November are destined to be wise, patient and honest, but like most Scorpio's with a sting of a temper if your good nature is taken advantage of. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you determined and persevering along with a cautious secretive streak. If you have this birthday
your abundance of energy and drive makes you rather decisive but also a bit of a restless rebel who can be impatient and stubborn. Independent and dignified you are likely to be highly organized, hard working and focused. Your naturally kind and thoughtful temperament is inclined to be especially fond of knowledge and justice in addition to usually possessing a quick
spontaneous sense of humor. Individuals with a November the thirteenth birthday are sharply intuitive yet prone to be a bit critical and while loyal they can be a tad untrusting too. Instinctive and fairly emotional you will usually possess a natural inquisitiveness and a clever artistic flair.

Work and Finances

A flexible following of fate or circumstance may sometimes provide some direction towards
a suitable job to a person born on the thirteenth of November. Your independence, creativity and patience allow you the ability to adapt quickly to any new occupation. Your caring practical side can often encourage you into a career based on care, research or social work. You are ordinarily careful with money matters and tend to think far ahead when planning
future financial decisions. A usual inclination to save avidly and make sensible well timed investments, particularly concerning property purchase or sale, could bring you lots of luck financially.

Personal Relationships

For a Scorpio, the person born on the thirteenth day of November is typically a real romantic who places lots of importance and insistence on openness and fidelity. However you can be insecurer
about your appearance, despite dressing well and looking after yourself and are commonly not be as showy or stylish as many other Scorpions. You are unlikely to love half-heartedly but you may sometimes become besotted and put a partner on an unrealistic pedestal. If things are going wrong in a relationship you have a tendency to easily become overly domineering, jealous
and possessive. You seem to need plenty of personal freedom in order to keep cheerful and flirty in and out of the bedroom therefore you need a special someone to help you slow down and relax once in a while. With your somewhat tender emotions you can surprisingly be attracted to a soul mate who is very different from you.


Excess nervous
energy can soon wear down the normal healthiness experienced by those born on November 13th. You appear to have good control over your physical and mental needs in a quest to stay healthy and hopefully live a long time. Getting too stressed can weaken your admirable intentions. Your predilections for light exercise and a varied diet are beneficial habits that along
with adequate relaxation are the key to maintaining your vitality. People born on this day may need to learn to cope effectively with irritability and anger to retain a constant calm state of mind. Yoga, Martial Arts or meditation are often appealing relaxation techniques.

November 13th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are best noticed within your usual truthfulness, decisiveness and caution. These positive traits and your curiousness and knowledgeable intellect help you closely follow your instincts and be adventurous yet careful in everything you do. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 13th are linked to your touch of rebelliousness and pronenesses for criticism
and stubbornness. In response to negative vibes or a feeling of being manipulated your behavior is likely to become agitated and meddling. If a situations does not improve your annoyance levels have a tendency to rise and tantrums may begin.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 13th of November graces you with an array of useful talents in addition to heaps of
versatility and perseverance. These are perfect attributes for motivation and maximum achievement. You will strive to achieve your full potential in anything you attempt but it is rare for a goal to be reached if you are unable to do it all your own way. Dreams can be funny, sexy or venturesome depending what is currently on your mind.

Birthday Luck and

As you were born on the thirteenth day of the month the one and three in your birth date generates a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' relating to the upright fairness and sincerity in your character but also your occasional bluntness. In Tarot the 13th card featuring Death is associated with your
birthday, no need to worry this simply signifies your impulses of free will and the controlled care of your health you take. The luckiest gemstone for November the thirteenth birthdays is thought to be Topaz, wear it for enhancing wishes and for the chance of attracting love and prosperity.


All Scorpio personalities are imagined to be primarily influenced astrologically by the power
of the planet Pluto. The actual day you were born on, the thirteenth of November is governed by Uranus's influence adding a few more probabilities to your individuality. Your wisdom and capacity to wait patiently are two of your finest fortes giving you refinement, understanding and steadiness. Your honorable just disposition and thoughtfulness stand you in good sted throughout life. If
you can try and respond differently to negativity or the attempted manipulation of your kindness your angry side should rarely be shown. A final thought for people born on November the 13th is to consider listening at a deeper level or you may miss opportunities to increase your overall sagacity.

November 13th Horoscope Comments

I was also born on November 13 1991...

[ Vanessa ] [ Post Reply ]

Just want to hit Woopie Goldberg with a special Astrological Twin Happy Birthday Shout Out I was born 11/13/1955 in Queens Memorial Hospital 2 miles down the street from Whoopie

[ Alf ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born that same day. 11/13/55

[ Vicki ] [ Post Reply ]

Its true I'm insecure about my appearance but why?

[ Vinayak ] [ Post Reply ]

same here. btw happy birthday to US.

[ scrpn ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me! It's almost unreal

[ Caitlin ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a question for a male Scorpio Bord November 13 in there 20's or older ..so what do you guys like in a woman like what will make you want a girl all to your selfs ..what are your types???

[ Cancer woman ] [ Post Reply ]

Having been born on this date and more experienced in these things I'd offer the following description. You must be fun. A smile goes far with the 13th Scorpio male. Be attentive without being overbearing. Show that you appreciate the things he does for you. Doing so makes him want to do more. Be "r
eal" because falsehoods will drive him nuts. Maintain your appearance. Not meaning you have to be "model gorgeous" but show pride in the way you look. Above all look this man in the eye. His eyes will speak volumes to you. His heart and soul are on his sleeve for the right lady. And it will happen q
uickly so don't be alarmed. Best of luck.

[ Yama ] [ Post Reply ]

If your name is Mackenzie then you just be yourself. If you are not Mackenzie, then be strong minded, caring, loyal, and hard working is really sexy. I'm a 25 year old Scorpio born on Nov. 13th 1991. Those traits have life long keeper written all over it :) Hope this helps you

[ Ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello I need advice I'm a cancer women ..there was a guy born on this day that tryed to talk to me online we exchanged numbers .. We texted and out of no where he stoped responding ..but when he finally did he said sorry he has been very busy.. So we stop communicating for a month then out of no wh
ere we bumped into each other and that was the first time I seen him off line ...guys I tell you know lie looking at him in his eyes made me feel loved at first sight ..but we seen each other but we didn't say a word ..so I texted him he texted back but then I bumped into him again somewhere else ..
me being a cancer I'm thinking its fate but idk what type of women he likes or anything but I know he's very mature for his age and that's what I've been looking for I'm 21 and he'll be 22 on this day 10/13I need help guys how do I pull him in ...? ?????

[ Ms.s ] [ Post Reply ]

It's like only another Scorpio born on the 13th would live up to our standards of life & love

[ Lili ] [ Post Reply ]

this is soooo true :O i like be a scorpion..:* !;)

[ honey ] [ Post Reply ]

That was like an insight into my mind, and insight into my soul. They're really describes me and now it age 63 I can see why I acted and do act the way I do. I will learn from this and also learn not to overreact to negativity. Thank you

[ Rx ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh! That's just like me!!! :) LOL...we are romantic??!!

[ Linda ] [ Post Reply ]

I would never get into the research or care profession, far from it! That and a great many other traits here have utterly nothing to do with me at all. This profile is also full of contradictions stating that in one place that I'm patient and in another that I'm impatient...what a joke..don't read
this crap.

[ TIM ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to wear topaz from now on ^_^

[ Mac ] [ Post Reply ]

We are so perfectly made...It is too bad noone understands us.

[ GolcondaSaint ] [ Post Reply ]

I so know right. People easily take offense in what we say. We are easily mistaken:-(

[ ManuElla ] [ Post Reply ]

We suffer so beautifully

[ Rusty ] [ Post Reply ]

That's fuckin true though

[ nick ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel that one.

[ Char ] [ Post Reply ]

Sometime i aint gonna lie i hate being a scorpio . . :bad:

[ Gabby salazar ] [ Post Reply ]

Marry me

[ bozo ] [ Post Reply ]

It's always trippy seeing the similarities that I have with this zodiac. Scorpio's are trippy in general; we just get taken advantage of way too often! Especially, when when we let it happen, just to be "normal"

[ Brendon ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a fifth generation female Scorpio in my fifties.The above description fits me perfectly.I have learned over the years, if I do something to help someone, not to expect anything back in return. Yoga and meditation daily, even just a few minutes,is very helpful.

[ Elaine ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a 13th woman and have to agree to several points. Its really hard to find a mate that gets me. I give 100% and get 10% back, maybe I expect everyone to have the love, care and faithfulness I have and its not realistic.

[ Catherine ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me . Like all the way , I can be nice , caring , loving all the same time . I open my heart to anybody & no matter what you might've did to me , ill let you back in . I think that might be why I'm always down . I give people a inch & they take a yard . I'm almost emotional everyday

[ nana ] [ Post Reply ]

Perfect summation.

[ praful ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Devon ] [ Post Reply ]

OMFG... Im 17 and I can not believe how many ppl this also applied to, it is sooooo on point and accurate that it's also kinda creepy that we all act alike but ily all !!!!

[ BryannaKillion ] [ Post Reply ]

That explains so much about me....

[ jessica ] [ Post Reply ]

its correct

[ riya ] [ Post Reply ]

yweah true and accurate

[ arah ] [ Post Reply ]

So true for me. Can't Believe it.

[ OliviaLin ] [ Post Reply ]

That clearly scared the sh*t out of me. The first time I actually read a reading that was so on point about me.Now I'm on a mission to be the best Scorpio that ever lived!!!!!!!

[ Devin ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true

[ Ally ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds pretty accurate

[ David Goat ] [ Post Reply ]

So true and accurate

[ Sandie Pott ] [ Post Reply ]


[ hannah ] [ Post Reply ]

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