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for November 18th

If your Birthday is November 18th and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

November 18th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 18th of November are presumed to be rather calm, collected and diligent with the usual charming, interesting Scorpio temperament. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars gracing you with an active creative imagination, plenty of determination and a strong intolerance of injustice. If you have this birthday your sharply intuitive nature is
willful, energetic and productive with a tendency to thrive on challenges. You like nothing more than to win a debate or argument but you can be quite stubborn and impersonal if you do not get your way or are proved wrong. You are naturally brave, selfless and understanding with the likelihood to not be afraid of anything or anyone. Individuals with
a November the eighteenth birthday are shrewd and ambitious yet emotionally a little sensitive with slight insecurities that can cause occasional attention seeking. You are ordinarily incredibly perceptive making you especially adept at picking up unspoken words or repressed feelings.

Work and Finances

The calmness, diligence and perceptiveness common to a person born on the eighteenth of November makes them suitable to many
different jobs. Your fondness of a challenge and making important decisions is coupled with a dislike of working behind the scenes. An ideal occupation will accommodate all your personal preferences and provide a sense of satisfaction and productiveness. You tend to be careful with money in addition to being highly unlikely to give others control of your finances. Despite this mindful
approach you may once in a while make surprisingly bold moves in order to take advantage of a seemingly favorable financial investments.

Personal Relationships

For a Scorpio, the person born on the eighteenth day of November is typically not really in to shallow short relationships and will need a meaningful love partnership. You seem to seek a partner who shares similar interests and
views with the capability to cope with your ambitiousness, energy and the intensity and sensitivity of your emotions. In return you are likely to be a caring, compassionate and devoted soul mate that sometimes is a tad overly protective of a loved one. You will usually insist on loyalty and respect but you are not as expecting of perfection from your
other half as the majority of your zodiac sign. Full of passion you often prefer to lead in lovemaking but a deeply involved emotion bond has more importance than physical attraction. You have a proneness to become very temperamental, resentful and intensely jealous if insecure and find it almost impossible to forgive unfaithfulness.


The energized spirited zest for life you possess can
greatly assist the usual good health experienced by those born on November 18th. As you tend to be constantly on the go and adore your food balancing your calorie intake with your high level of activity is often essential to prevent unwanted weight gain. Getting to really know yourself and your limits is usually the best way to preserve overall healthiness.
Pacing yourself effectively will help keep fatigue and moodiness to a minimum. People born on this day could discover that excesses of sugar or caffeine may be detrimental to both your normal concentration power and skin condition.

November 18th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed in your sociable charm and appealing composure and serenity. These positive fortes along with your enhanced intuition, spirit and vigor act as excellent guides for choosing favorable paths in life. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 18th are usually activated by a feeling of anger following an unexpected event or
upset. In these particular negative circumstances and occasions your underlying obstinate unfriendly stance will probably surface on the outside. On the inside your emotional responses can consist of the displaying of either a weepy needy or grumpy tempestuous manner.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 18th of November means you are exceedingly enterprising with a liking for goal orientated techniques when it
comes to achievement. You are willing to endure hardship or make sacrifices on a quest to achieve something really worthwhile. Generally tough and enduring it is rare for you to easily give up on a desired aspiration. Dreams are inclined to focus on your ambitious side and they can bring you lots of inspiration and hope for the future.

Birthday Luck and

As you were born on the eighteenth day of the month the one and eight in your birth date adds up to a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker' identifying your love of debating and finding the truth plus your natural inclination for fairness and balance. In Tarot the 18th card in the
mystic Major Arcana illustrating the Moon is associated with your birthday. This highlights your ample empathy and insight but also your overreactions to negativity. The luckiest gem for November the eighteenth birthdays is imagined to be a Bloodstone, to be worn for the probable further enhancement of your psychic senses.


The probabilities of all zodiacal Scorpion personalities are thought to be astrologically
shaped by the influential planet Pluto. The actual day you were born on, the eighteenth of November is ruled over by Mars's power. These 2 planet's combined influences are presumed to determine your predicted originality. Your unselfish and attentive perseverance and collectedness grant you the courage and dedication to accomplish much in life. Your considerate judgment and responsive awareness emphasize the
softer part of your disposition. If you can aim to be more prepared for disappointing refusals or disapprovals every now and then your mood should to brighter and stabler. A concluding advisory thought for people born on November the 18th is to go with the flow, watch out for opportunities and never doubt your inner feelings.

November 18th Horoscope Comments

11/18/52. Did we mention stamina??? Good and pretty accurate definitions as they relate to me. Still very young at heart too! Happy Birthday to all who share this date :)

[ RM ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes still young at heart still getting it with the women

[ Mike ] [ Post Reply ]

11/18/68.....my day!! :)

[ Milisia ] [ Post Reply ]

My day too

[ Aj ] [ Post Reply ]

That's wild this site decribed me and they don't know me many people don't local

[ Adam ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow,that's all me

[ Kenny brown ] [ Post Reply ]

i am scorpio woman. ieverything said is all true about me. i am empathetic,bold i don't listen but here. and most of the times people misinterpret what i say. thank you so much. all these years i thought i was crazy.good to know that there're people like me.

[ nkele ] [ Post Reply ]

so true....happy birthday to all born on the 18th yeah!!!!partyyyyy

[ gina ] [ Post Reply ]

It's is definitely me for sure

[ kenny ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy to see all of you scorpion... : :)

[ Ahon ] [ Post Reply ]

This is definitely me lol :-) happy birthday to us :-) :-)

[ universalgodliness ] [ Post Reply ]

seems real. i have no idea how to deal with diappointment and have few friends

[ Agatha ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Agatha seems real. i have no idea how to deal with diappointment and have few friends
Seems to be unreal..bawasss

[ Raul ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to those who are born on this day! Yeaay! Its so nice to read such nice and interesting things and feel the same way. Wonderful and Amazing Feeling! Always great to be a Scorpio and born on the 18th! ;-)

[ EM ] [ Post Reply ]

so really me intuitive spiritual psychic an understanding thank you millions

[ dee ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on this day but not all true about me.... I am so NOT calm anyway, 10 days til b+day. if u share my b day, leave a funny comment

[ savannaj ] [ Post Reply ]

This is actually me,it describes everything about me...

[ iamteexkye ] [ Post Reply ]

Its real...i understand everything around me...i can read wat is hidden...i never gv up on anything...am vry brave n fearless

[ Emmanuel ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born that date! It is true that I am highly intuitive! I see and feel almost everything that is going around me. I look at people's eyes when they are talking to me and I hear exactly what they mean, not what they say. I am not afraid of anythyone or anything! Strong will power!

[ Martina ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes I'm also born this look up the 52 playing cards u r cards is the 2 of clubs and look up your tarot cards which is the moon

[ Isabel ] [ Post Reply ]

i am a cancer women who is currently talking to a scorpio male who was born this day i need advice me and and my scopio guy started off strong we use to talk on the phone and face time everyday but now we only text he sayshe caint get to the ipad nor the phone but thats hard to believe but when we
tect he tells me things like i want you to stay with me or i like you alot but how can he if he caint even pick up the phone i wanna know is he still interest or not because i cut off everyone just for him and now i have nobody because he haasnt text me in 2 whole days #help

[ baily ] [ Post Reply ]

I think its strange that you don't go and see him. if the relationship has distance, that could be all bad. that leads into overthinking about things that rob us of our energy. in the end it comes down to, "if she loves or wants me, she would be here right now". you should never ever tell us that yo
u cut off other dudes for us. How would you feel if I said, "i put 5 vaginas on hold for you". I don't need that attention so every woman I encounter gets me with no baggage. plus I don't bring up past people, I like to paint the best of me in the mind of who I'm with...

[ Antonio ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on this day, baily, and in my experience he probably really does like you alot, but maybe you just aren't his priorty (at the moment).

[ Tabitha ] [ Post Reply ]

i am a cancer women i know this i suppose to be

[ tina ] [ Post Reply ]

It is totally suit for me...!!Thank you

[ Prakash Tank ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks for this facts and factual. It best describes me....... Hoping to marry a Scorpio.... Contact me on +2348133073220

[ victorola ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so so so me!! And people keep telling me to go with the flow, like it says here! I'm actually really glad this kind of understands me, because no one really does!

[ mjbee ] [ Post Reply ]

All of this sounds like me. It describes everything down to the last bit. :D

[ Skitty7 ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything said here is absolutely true. This is so me. The world would definitely be a better place with more of us

[ Liz ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so me!!

[ Nae_ ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah i agree what said in this is true.Happy birthday to me..!

[ Cinderlla ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to me! Another years of living for us ... hehehe!

[ Rhina ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel like we"re meant to change the world ... Turn negativity into positivity ... Happy birthday everyone in advance !!

[ Kassan ] [ Post Reply ]

Damm thats all me right there... Lmaoo :') imagen we all scorpions become friends and understand eachother :)

[ Ashley ] [ Post Reply ]

exactly i am creative and imaginary persone

[ vedanta sury tirunagari ] [ Post Reply ]

That's me ....dam

[ dhud ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything described here totally true. Its helpful.yeah I love arguing and debates

[ sumit sharma ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds just like me...I am super temperamental. But also have a strong personality and take negativity from others too seriously. :D

[ Mia ] [ Post Reply ]


[ hayz ] [ Post Reply ]

Ive never seen or heard a better description of myself. I was actually and literally reading about ME. This information is precise and accurate.

[ Chenny ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty accurate!

[ Wanito ] [ Post Reply ]

Ah, I feel special now. =)

[ Skittie7 ] [ Post Reply ]

Really helpful and I like the descriptiveness in it It told me about why I was the way I was It was VERY helpful

[ Faith Simon ] [ Post Reply ]

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