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for November 1st

If your Birthday is November 1st and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

November 1st Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 1st of November are believed to be very energetic and intense with a restless spirit and an inclination to be more gregarious than most Scorpio's. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is our Sun giving you a cheery outlook and making you confident and persistent in your approach. If you have this birthday
a real zest for life makes you determined, courageous and fairly ambitious with objective opinions. You are usually shrewd and outgoing, charming and proud but you can also be moodily demanding, critical and bossy at times too. Your sensitive emotions feel deeply and are likely to be greatly affected by a disappointment yet able to soon bounce back. Individuals with a
November the first birthday are quite open, straightforward and naturally honest as well as insightful towards others but not always in relation to themselves. You tend to plan ahead in all you do and are inclined to see any obstacles you encounter as challenges that you can usually easily overcome.

Work and Finances


shrewdness and high standards typical to a person born on
the first of November usually help them choose a stimulating and personally rewarding occupation. You seem to need a lot of satisfaction and a feeling of playing an important role in society from your chosen profession. Your touch of restlessness and likelihood to have varied interests means it is highly likely that you will follow more than one of your preferred
career routes. You are ordinarily excellent with financial management allowing you the opportunity to usually save a little whenever you can for the security you strongly seek for your future or any urgent unanticipated expenses.

Personal Relationships

For a Scorpio, the person born on the first day of November is typically someone who will demand but also genuinely display lots of affection in
a relationship. You are attentive and romantic, loving and passionate with a tendency to seek a serious lifelong soul mate, ideally with shared interests and ambitions. Your emotional intuitiveness emphasizes your warmth, openness and honesty making you generally immensely loyal and dependable. Your proclivity for strong likes and dislikes can make you a tad difficult to live with sometimes, but only
devious betrayal is likely to make you consider breaking a committed loving bond. Although extremely appreciative of respect yourself, you may be jealous, secretive or resentful if things are not going well in a love partnership. Between the sheets your lusty libido is always ready for fun so you need a lover with the same degree of enthusiasm to be able
to keep up with you.


The expected healthiness usually experienced by those born on November 1st is a consequence of your likelihood to have a sensible attitude regarding the care of your body and mind. Your preferences for a mainly natural diet and moderate exercise tends to help you stay as healthy as possible. You appear to simply take life as it
comes and not worry about things unnecessarily further helping your overall good health state. People born on this day often believe strongly in traditional remedies for illness so they could be cautious of new medical treatments. You could also be a bit accident prone especially if you allow yourself to become overtired.

November 1st Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are readily seen within your directness, high energy levels and fondness of the company of others. Along with your other positive traits of cheeriness, confidence and an expansive mind these fortes accentuate your impassioned shrewdness and objectivity. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 1st are connected to your typified propensities of occasional
attention seeking or criticizing. When feeling particularly negative or following an emotional upset you can be prone to act in a destructive or chaotic manner. Additional weak characteristics include once in a while proclivities for bossiness and moods.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 1st of November graces you with virtually unlimited eagerness and dedication to becoming successful in all areas of
life. Despite this vehement driven positivity and a preference for adopting a steady well planned pace you are as a rule quite unpresuming of success. A popular goal especially in later years is to aim to discover some of the deeper meanings of our existence and purpose in a spiritual sense. If dreams are not linked to ambitious yearnings or personal
happiness they could be related to the overcoming of any anxieties.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the first day of the month your birth date awards you an equivalent Root number of One. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Drive' indicating your wholehearted, motivated and persistent will to succeed. In a Major Arcana Tarot deck the
1st mystical card illustrating the Magician is associated with your birthday. This represents your thirst for knowledge, numerous talents, endless patience and adept timing. The luckiest gem for November the first birthdays is imagined to be a Ruby. Wear this precious red stone for its potentials to attract wealth and stability in addition to detracting negativity.


The basic favorable and unfavorable qualities
bestowed upon all Scorpio personalities are thought to be astrologically conjectured by the planet Pluto's power. The actual day you were born on, the first of November is governed by the influence of the Sun modifying some of your predicted idiosyncrasies. Your determination and dignified self esteem present you as incredibly forthright, capable and purposeful. Your astute lively charm and sensitivity
give prominence to your admirable receptivity and gregariousness. A few finishing thoughts for people born on November the 1st offer some sound advice. This is to utilize your common sense, get to know yourself better, always look forward and avoid pondering the past.

November 1st Horoscope Comments

I am from india. I am astonished that being born on November 1 I have my zodiac sign as pisces and the characters of Pisces suit my personality more.how is this possible?

[ milan ] [ Post Reply ]

Are November 1st scorpions considered Leo's and Scorpio or how does it work, very confused.. Since the sun is out birth date ruler????

[ Michelle ] [ Post Reply ]

You only have one sign. That's it. Leos are born late July and early August.

[ Jessica ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah !! its true i've met two people of this date and they are as same as you told =)

[ Hijab ] [ Post Reply ]

I guess this describes me to a great extent only problem is I am not that confident and I have so many insecurities regarding my appearance

[ San ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm the exact same way, you're not alone

[ Ruby ] [ Post Reply ]

use topaz

[ sifir ]

it's amazing... it's true cause if we read it carefully,we will find these traits in a Scorpio born on 1st November...... ..I like it............ :)

[ Ulsa ] [ Post Reply ]

yep, this is right on the money. !;)

[ magpiefly ] [ Post Reply ]

Ok. allis true but what is the way forward most especially with love affairs? At 30 yrs am tired because i cant stand any.

[ Annet Desire ] [ Post Reply ]

SO true but advice on the perfect partners its a big problem....its had to have a lasting relationship

[ Annet ] [ Post Reply ]

Am very proud to be among d 1 Nov. Baby.

[ Am Nelo ] [ Post Reply ]

M confused i dnt knw weather it is me or not m feeling it tough to recognise my ounself ...suggestions are welcome

[ raksha ] [ Post Reply ]

Much of that is true but as a ScorpioMan I've had trouble seeking a good love match I always want what I can't have and always end up with 3 month flings or complete psychos any tips fellow 1st Scorps?

[ Jonny5 ] [ Post Reply ]

Find someone born on 19 november.!Damn sure u gonna stay happy for ur whole life the way u want! ;) gud luck searching soul mate :)

[ Amy ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm Nov1st as well, i actually just met someone last month a couple days before her birthday Nov. 19th and for reason i feel extremely connected to her, your comment just confirmed everything. Thank you soo much Amy!

[ Dsm ]

Water rises to its own level, in other words we attract those we are emotionally equal to. sometimes their broken pieces and our broken pieces seem like a good match for awhile, only to find out we bring out the sharp fragments within one another. work on some self help and get outside perspective o
n your relationships, often times our closest friends can see damaged goods before we can.

[ hayden ] [ Post Reply ]

Try a cancer woman very typical want what u can't have

[ Stephanie ] [ Post Reply ]

Go for a Taurus - My husband is a Scorpio born on November 1st and we make a good match. I'm a Taurus born on May 15 and the complementary aspects of our opposite personalities work well together when we remember to compromise. =)

[ Mandy ] [ Post Reply ]

find someone different but with their own things to compliment you, that make you a better person..

[ sanemadman ] [ Post Reply ]

my son was born on 1st november and now 6months old..am going to be a watchdog on everything here on him

[ Samuel Asiedu ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so damn true of me, I'm a male. I feel like I belong now! If you guys and girls like dark humor, watch Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. It's so damn dark but histaricle. So is Robot Chicken but that got old fast. Oh I almost forgot, ARCHER (adult cartoon comedy) is the treasure trove of dark hum
or on Netflix I believe it has 7 seasons, 6 of which for now areon their. Netflix sucks major balls for taking off good shows.

[ Your Friendly Dictator ] [ Post Reply ]

True by me also. I feel bad for the other 365 if counting leap year to

[ Garth ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks for this reading , This is exactly me :D ,1st of Novembers , we go for gold! Many talents!!!!

[ MissBoss ] [ Post Reply ]

it's true..(i think)........ :angel: :angel: :

[ ulsa ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from MissBoss Thanks for this reading , This is exactly me ,1st of Novembers , we go for gold! Many talents!!!!
I can't believe how true all of this is of myself. How neat, but strange also!

[ Linda Antonio ] [ Post Reply ]

Creepy and true.

[ 11 1 65 ] [ Post Reply ]

This is a good site, I think they pulled their info from the secret language of birthdays by Gary Golschneider. This November 1st is so damn true for me. Also random question, Idk why but dark humor attracts me, am I the only Nov 1st that feels this way?

[ thekingofscorpios ] [ Post Reply ]

No, you're not the only one who's attracted to Dark Humor. I too am attracted to dark humor and it's really something cuz most of the people don't get it. Hail Scorpions!!!

[ ScorpionLord ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 1st of november. Your correct. Thanks

[ Nwokorie stephen ] [ Post Reply ]

Its just like someone wrote auto biography of mine. Each n Every word is so damm perfect and match's me.

[ Yuvaraj ] [ Post Reply ]

Very truei][/i]

[ Tarsem Kaopoor ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree with you all.... Everything mentioned above is exactly correct.... It's as if I wrote it myself !! I feel a bit sorry for all the people born on one of the other 364 days :-)

[ Muzza ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Jamaica ] [ Post Reply ]

Weird but mostly true

[ mystysid ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of this is true for me! Great reading and or understanding, great work! It truly takes a lot of classless, devious or backstabbing nastiness for a November 1st baby to straight out throw a friendship or relationship to the black hole of eternal oblivion, but rarely when it happens their world i
s a brighter, happier & most beautiful planet. A Scorpio can see straight through fake & nasty, but will play along just to see how low a "Ways of Cain" human (?) will go towards loving the selling of their soul to toy with a Scorpio & it usually involves everyone in that weirdo's life..... A Scorpi
o friend is very generous & forgiving, but when something becomes too devious the Scorpio is out of that situation stone cold sober, leaving the fake & classless troublemaker needing years of therapy for withdrawal symptoms........this article is right on the money!

[ Been There ] [ Post Reply ]

Every single thing she said is true about me. haha

[ jennigma ] [ Post Reply ]

It has a lot of truth to it Scorpios are the best especially the 1st of November people =)

[ kadie ] [ Post Reply ]

thanks :love: \\

[ mysterious girl ] [ Post Reply ]

what is so weird is this is all so actually true its in a way very creepy

[ kendra-lee ] [ Post Reply ]

same here :cool:

[ mysterious girl ] [ Post Reply ]

mysterious girlsame here :love:

[ sharmilah ]

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