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for November 30th

If your Birthday is November 30th and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

November 30th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 30th of November are believed to be intelligent, eloquent and enthusiastic with the typical Sagittarius patience, wit and optimism. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter increasing your natural charm, creativity and curiosity but also your restlessness too. If you have this birthday your open minded, tolerant and thoughtful temperament is very
ambitious but will dislike accepting help or being rushed. You like to be a bit different and follow your own path as well as being capable of making a statement without speaking and you are able to laugh at yourself too. Your outgoing and spontaneous nature is predicted to be bold, forthright and especially good at planning. Individuals with a November
the thirtieth birthday are naturally kind, generous, sociable and adventurous with a passion for travel and education. Intuitive, persuasive and affable you tend to be jovial most of the time but emotionally you can be a tad defensive at times.

Work and Finances

Any job that offers some variety and the chance to use initiative

will usually be considered a suitable occupation to a
person born on the thirtieth of November. Being rather patient and witty gives you the ability to gently calm people so care or social work is often a popular choice. You do possess wonderful sales skills but utilizing this talent will rarely be a favorite chosen profession. Although you try to be careful with finances you tend to be quite lucky
regarding money but you can be occasionally tempted by frivolous spending or forms of gambling. It will be useful to seek professional advice concerning any large financial investments.

Personal Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the thirtieth day of November is typically inclined to be flirty yet faithful in romance situations. You seem to be excellent at interpreting body language and
giving others the confidence to be themselves, however you are often not so great at expressing your own emotional needs. You have a tendency to really grow emotionally when in a long term committed relationship, leading you to sometimes leave home early. When in search of a soul mate with whom to start a family you need someone who is supportive
but not too pushy or clingy. A little tough to tie down romantically you may have overly idealistic expectations of a partner but the inclination to believe truth is absolutely essential to a happy loving partnership. A perfect partner will share your interests including reading and listening to music plus your clear vision for future happiness together.


A stubbornness about sticking to
tried and trusted healthy routines can considerably assist the normal healthiness experienced by those born on November 30th. You appear to prefer to keep things simple with regard to dietary choices and exercise plans finding what works best for you and normally adhering to it with a common sense attitude. A regular intake of fruit and vegetables is important for physical
and mental health and the companionship of a pet could have lots of advantages for evoking a general sense of well being. People born on this day should maybe avoid overworking themselves as too many stresses can quickly overload the nervous system.

November 30th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are disclosed in your thoughtfulness and spontaneity along with your thorough, funny and confident enthusiasm. These positive qualities and your sharp intuition help you ordinarily look on the bright side of life. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 30th stem from the negativity of a disappointment or other type of discontentment. Negative
tendencies in these instances increase your potential to be rapidly agitated and can include being touchy, nervously wary and reactive, At these times of low mood you can be disposed to sometimes really over justify or defend your uncharacteristic actions.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 30th of November means you will usually need a real challenge in order to be motivated
to achieve a goal. Aside from being challenging, an ambition or intention must also have a careful outline and deadline to aspire to. Aspirations of the most importance are likely to command the majority of your time and effort. Dreams are prone to feature some of the wishes you most want to make a reality.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born
on the thirtieth of the month your date of birth qualifies for a synonymous Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' emphasizing your clever creativity, plentiful interests, strong will and streak of independence. In Tarot the 3rd Major Arcana card illustrating the Empress is associated with your birthday. This is a sign of your
emotional perception and sensitivity together with your requirement for stability and peace. The luckiest gem for November the thirtieth birthdays is an Amethyst, wear this stone for its presumed promise of extra determination, courage and vivacity.


As a Sagittarian the probabilities of your personality are imagined to be astrologically influenced by the powerful planet Jupiter. The actual day you were born on,
the thirtieth of November is governed by this same celestial influence intensifying your anticipated typicalities and qualities. Your admirable eloquence, diligence and receptive, inquisitive mind should be nurtured as these mannerisms can take you far in life. Your straightforward and direct kindness make you easy to approach, warmly polite and a lovely individual to know. If you are able to gain
control on your bad reactions to displeasure and discontent you should become less temperamental and possibly more decisive. A concluding thought for people born on November the 30th is to learn to loosen up a little, improvise more often and trust your intuitive impulses to continue following favorable paths.

November 30th Horoscope Comments

Happy Birthday 2017 to us all! !;)

[ Saggy London ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday is also on November 30th! Not only is it a special day for me but for everyone else who was born on this special day. What I read all the way up there, describes me percent. I would like to wish all of you who where born on November 30 just like me, a happy birthday.

[ November 30 bananaloca30 ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to November 30 ppl out there. I'm one of them! Goosebumps all over my body when I read it. So accurate!

[ Sam ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Sag as well and this describes me to a tee. At least that what friends, family, and a lady friend told me.

[ southme ] [ Post Reply ]

I think Sagittarius girl and an Aquarius are natural lovers and none of them works hard to make things work.Confusions can be solved by effectively communication , but it takes time and a little bit a patience for sag born on 30th November to open up. We Aquarius much enjoy being around a Sagittar
ius girl. They are great entertainers and there is many interesting things that usually happen when these two creatures are together. They make an Aquarius young at heart , open and playful. An Aquarius is usually seduced easily by a sag girl because sag girls are quite open-minded creatures , s
hameless sometimes, aggressive, fearless and an Aquarius love those differences. Critically they wont necessarily tell you but deep in their heart they crave for people with those qualities. Most importantly their sex drive is really really hot and think a sag girl becomes even addictive. But it's
perhaps a good way to cool down an Aquarius and steal his heart if you are looking for a genuine relationship, intimacy and loyalty. Aquarius does usually reciprocate well to a sag girl and he understands well sag temperaments and will do his best to make her feel loved and appreciated. In my expe
riences , 21 January , i usually feel drawn to Sagittarius born between 22-30 November,1-5 December. I also found Virgo born between 6-8 and 21-24 September quite a team . Gemini born between 24-31 May connects well. But i think i only dated a sag and prefer sag. I had one year relationship with a
sag born on 5 December before she went back to her home country. Her mood was terrible but it took me good efforts to come to point whereby i totally understood her changing mood to be a natural herself being ruled by mercury. Still We are loved each other and it took few months of planing things sh
e likes doings ( Like eating ice-cream, preparing her delights of special dishes, sighting and camping , long road driving and vising pet shops, beach camping on weekends , listening to soft musics with her and watching movies and of course gossiping together about celebrities were her delights. Al
though she went back , we are very good friends and she is married now with a daughter. @4th July , the best thing to do is search for Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn.I hope i answered the sag girl's question over Aquarius experience with a sag. Good luck for you also with your Aquarius. But be aware t
hat Sagittarius are proven to flirt even when in bed with their bf, but that doesn't actually make them cheater. I think they do it for fantasies ; sometimes an Aquarius wont tell you he feels bad about it but he will observe.They are good detectives in a relationship , never fool yourself because
they can even ask their close friends to test how loyal you are to them without even knowing it.The best thing to do it to always communicate( that's the secret) . Dont ever think that an Aquarius doesn't know what it is going on. Hey , they know almost everything without even asking you whats goi
ng on. They can read you mind , sometimes even ask you test questions to understand where you stand the most. The good thing about sag girls is that they tell the truth and they dont know how lie. That makes them the most perfect candidates for crazy Aquarius like me. And if you are good at details
that most Aquarius usually lack then you will capacitive him for eternity. Leave a message if you want more advice

[ Aquarius ] [ Post Reply ]

M so glad that we are born on this date. I love my Aquarius man alot I really hope if any aquarius man share their story with there sagg girl.... I would love to knw how a sagg girl and an aquarius girl is compatible?....

[ Cute sagg gal ] [ Post Reply ]

Tell me was your experience alike dating an Aquarius? My Friend is born 30th November. It's true she has difficulties expressing her emotions, workaholic and loves pets. She dislike being helped tough but i cannot stop forcing her to.

[ January 21st ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so true , i am happy to be born on the 30th of nov , i thought that no one understands how i feel , but i'm happy to know u guys.i think the day we were born is just the perfect day!i love you :D

[ sagi girl ] [ Post Reply ]

30 th of November is best date of birth

[ Roberta ] [ Post Reply ]

My GF is Sagittarius born on 30 th November, I feel she is like a perfect soulmate. We can communicate by heart , I know when she is feeling bad ; without asking her. She also knows it ; without even asking me.Sometimes I used to run in the park early in the morning to just find out she dreamt on t
he same day I was running in the park that I was with her at the park -2 times. Sometimes when I want to speak to her I just whisper her name in distance to to see her messaging me back in less than 12 mins. Interestingly I also dreamt sometimes ; before I hadn't met her , seeing two couples in a
dream in front of me, a male seated on a crown chair and female standing on his left (that's on the right hand of the male who looks like king). It was the only time I argued with him and he was telling something I came to realise it was a choice I made. This time something was happening , I was f
rustrated, and about to change the entire path of my destiny... The same male was myself personalising into one person.I found that night chatting to both couples and asking how I am going to recognise her, at the time seeing the same female reincarnating within the same male .sitting on the crown
chair. That was in 2005 before I haven't met her .I could dream seeing my current GF surrounded by flowers in the sky - I was just like watching her through a small window , lifting bottles , and dressed in medical robe; at the time on the same night. I first entered into a relationship with a
girl (distant relationship) parental pressure and something finally got unlocked ,when I dreamed I was trying to save her, but in my dream there was a person watching me ( a male ) as battle to save the girl . He was standing behind me as I strench my hand to reach that girl , trying to pull her f
rom someone trying devour her , when he said : she is not the one( your wife). I had forgotten long time ago about the dream I had in 2005. This dream battle to save a girl , parental arrangement and who got pregnanted later on , occurred in 2009-2010. In 2013 , luckily I met my Sagittarius , the r
eally GF , I dreami of in 2005 , and who I should call my future wife. I don't know what to say but I think she taken my heart. The strange thing is that when I met her ,I realised that the flowers I saw back in that dream in 2005 were all over on her facebook page. We met in March 2013 and the
first photo she sent me was taken on top of tower house on a balcony, dressed in red blouse alike the same lady I dreamt in 2005. The background had a mix of a golden and yellow Colour, with grotesque, like a chair , similar to a crown seat I saw back in my dream in 2005. Surprisingly, her name ha
s the same meaning of a crown-doom grotesque. When I first friended her on face book I did not remember anything about seeing her back in 2005 in my dreams. It was until 2014 I started noticing something strange, dreaming I am with her . When started chatting on Skype I discovered she was the same
alady similar to the person I watched in the skies through a window and in a room with flowers and was lifting bottles. The sky distance , the mirror of a window I saw and the use of skype on my computer seemed to a make sense. When I asked what 's her occupation , she told me she was doing lab ex
periments. Yet, another reason to question the link between the bottles and her Lab experiments. The was I saw busy lifting bottles is similar to the way she is always busy in lab. It was nothing strange to be surprised of .well, things started geting serious and my memories were coming back. As I n
avigate her Facebook page , I was surprised that the flowers I seemed to peer down in the room in which she was lifting bottles were similar to the flowers, by colours, I saw in that dream at night back in 2005. I cannot describe or story tell everything here , or else I will be writing a small boo
k sort of a diary. But I really believe a little in Astrology the fact that I read that I can find my soulmate among Sagitariuses born between 22november to 30 November. We are still dating but everything looks promising. I like planning ,she also loves it. She is progressive , thinker and I am two.
I am not sure if having lots of similarities is good thing or dangerous. I think I am feeling overwhelmed and excited too. It's too early to think this will be a match made in heaven.

[ Aquarius ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Aquarius you know what?..I also dreamt of a person sitting beside me on a bed. I can't see his face But I remembered his pose and the sitting position.it was like in 2002 or 2003.. And then I experienced a De Ja Vu with that dream with my current BF same position like the way he was in my dreams
and looking on me while I was sleeping..it was in 2013 10 yrs after not seeing each other (a childhood sweetheart).He's my kind of guy too and we know each other like the back of our hands.. Those dreams really are odd but I don't know why they are happening in real life

[ Sagittariam lady30th ] [ Post Reply ]

hello thereJust to reply you back It's a good thing to have dream .You can see the future, not everyone has got this spiritual gift

[ Aquarius 21 jan ]

Message from Aquarius My GF is Sagittarius born on 30 th November, I feel she is like a perfect soulmate. We can communicate by heart , I know when she is feeling bad ; without asking her. She also knows it ; without even...
Howdy bro, ur story about you finding ur love is so splendi
d, and mind you i am a big victim of love attachment if you read my birthday 4th July you can see how attached i wanna get with my relationship, i need ur help with how to find which particular sign and date will be my best soul mate. kindly help me with this knowledge and i will owe you for life as
the 1 man who helped me heal i prone to love hurt streak of a sign. (the link that showed you what particular zodiac sign with date to look out for in true love)

[ troubled lover ] [ Post Reply ]

That really is me :love:

[ Helen ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Helen That really is me
that's toat true

[ bri ] [ Post Reply ]

Thank u and happy bday to us

[ Eugene ] [ Post Reply ]

My birtday

[ Aishwarya ] [ Post Reply ]

We are lucky enough that we were born on the 30th of this month,its true how it has been outcast by our reader im consider to be the same who i am..i had a big and pure heart and a helping hand for someone who needs my help ...this is great and the best horoscope that i read...Happy birthday to all
who celebrate their natal day on the 30th..

[ Jude ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, This read me like a book, just simply amazing.....

[ Bubbles ] [ Post Reply ]

We the people born on 30th November are the life of a party, an instant speaker on any occasion and a great healer with full of moral support to those who are needy. We are extremely intelligent, intuitive. We are direct and honest and sometimes hurt people by speaking truth at the wrong time. We h
ate criticism and have an instinct for knowing when and how to attack whatever challenge we wish to overcome. Being over sensitive we should learn not to overreact to what people say. We should always listen to our intuition.

[ Jamie ] [ Post Reply ]

U are so like my ex husband he was born on this day and yes he was life of the party and could say anything to anyone! Wow u to r the same

[ Mel ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Jamie We the people born on 30th November are the life of a party, an instant speaker on any occasion and a great healer with full of moral support to those who are needy. We are extremely intelligent, intuitive. We are direct and honest and sometimes hurt people by speaking tr
uth at the wrong time. We hate criticism and have an instinct for knowing when and how to attack whatever challenge we wish to overcome. Being over sensitive we should learn not to overreact to what people say. We should always listen to our intuition.
Yes were are, Jamie you are so write.

[ Bubbles ] [ Post Reply ]

Jamie you are absolutely correct about this sign..thats why we are born on the last day of the month bacause they save the best for last... (-:

[ natasha ] [ Post Reply ]

No, us Leos are much better.

[ Leo ]

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