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for November 6th

If your Birthday is November 6th and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

November 6th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 6th of November are envisaged to be charming, sociable and funny with the typical Scorpio easygoing yet intense nature. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus making you naturally rather fairminded and optimistic with a tendency to always look for the best within others. If you have this birthday your insightful helpful
temperament is very giving but you can also be a bit of a perfectionist at times. Your serious, fairly self sufficient side has an ambitious determined streak and you will ordinarily possess great communication skills. You have a confident belief in your abilities as well as an infectious enthusiasm for life in addition to a predicted fondness of luxury and the
comforts of home. Individuals with a November the sixth birthday are shrewd, honest and direct with an abundance of energy that is likely to flow in spurts. Your slightly cool controlled emotions may make you appear sometimes distant or a tad overly objective, critical or uncompromising.

Work and Finances

Careers that offer the opportunity for continual promotion are often particularly appealing choices to
a person born on the sixth of November. You have a strong desire to climb to the top of your chosen profession and pay could be quite an important consideration in order to satisfy your longing for a comfortable secure lifestyle. Your self sufficiency and calm seriousness guide you to be capable of performing with proficiency in any working environment. Money
is not usually a worry if you stick to your sensible attitude concerning financial matters. Having some savings put aside to be able to rely on in an emergency gives you an added sense of security.

Personal Relationships

For a Scorpio, the person born on the sixth day of November is typically someone with high expectations of a partner and so potentially a
bit demanding emotionally. You seem to fall in and out of love quickly and your heart is easily broken but this rarely dampens your ardor for romance. A true romantic you make a wonderful Cupid for matching up friends but for yourself you search only for your destined soul mate. Expecting upmost honesty and loyalty from a relationship, a partner must
connect with both your body and mind. Your flirtatious charisma and steamy red hot passion usually make sex imaginative and exciting. Affectionate with a warm approach your underlying sensitivity means you will form and maintain close family ties often learning much more about yourself when you become a parent. A solid home base together with a special someone is something that
you tend to greatly value and nurture.


Predilections to aim to keep active and eat healthily can help maintain the usual good health experienced by those born on November 6th. This liveliness is unlikely to involve sports or fitness routines, it is more inclined to be connected to general daily activity. When it comes to food you can overeat sometimes, but you
are usually willing to do additional exercise to compensate. These finely balanced commonsensical habits will assist you to stay fit and well. People born on this day should find that eating a high fiber diet, the avoidance of dehydration and adequate relaxation could greatly benefit healthiness and aid restful sleep.

November 6th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are disclosed in your energetic intensity, cheery outlook and stimulating conversation. These positive qualities enhance your favorable viewing of events and conditions. Your fair directness and perception are extra fortes that allow you to see beyond the obvious and generally make sound decisions. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 6th may come
to the surface frequently if you are feeling below par in any way or especially annoyed about something. In these circumstances your mood is unusually gloomy and your negative traits of tendencies to criticize or be stubbornly inflexible are activated.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 6th of November usually directs your main ambition to be the acquiring of personal happiness above
anything else. A major goal is to strive to keep all your close relationships truthful and happy. In spite of this common aspiration your marriage and parenthood will have much more importance than other friendships. If you are feeling unfulfilled in any area of life then this is highly likely to feature in your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born
on the sixth day of the month your birth date is allocated the same value of a Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' identifying your friendliness and sociability alongside your enjoyment of conversing. The 6th Major Arcana Tarot card symbolizing the Lovers is closely associated with your birthday. This probably highlights your obsession
with achieving contentment in your private life. The lucky gemstone selected for November the sixth birthdays is Turquoise, to be worn for remaining focused and forward thinking and the possibility of gaining better control of your emotions.


Astrologically the planet Pluto is thought to be mainly accountable for the probabilities of all Scorpio personalities. The actual day you were born on, the
sixth of November is governed by Venus's astral influence accounting for your few differences from your zodiacal counterparts. Your composure, fairness and positivity accentuates your responsible helpfulness. Your sense of humor and communicative spirit let you express and share your unique zesty positivism. If you can conquer bad reactions to annoyances and tone down your touch of perfectionism you should be
less likely to be prone to criticism. A concluding advising thought for people born on November the 6th is to contemplate restraining your energies and taking life a little slower every so often.

November 6th Horoscope Comments

Very good I agree this is like me I will say Scorpio woman from personal experience Are no match on the same star sign at alllllllllllllll

[ Pete ] [ Post Reply ]

In response to Scorpios cheating. Cheating is not typical of a female Scorpio. IF a female Scorpio did this she was never yours in the first place or they were betrayed so deeply and moved on emotionally. But this is not cheating because to a Scorpio if you deeply hurt/betray them it is pretty much

[ Dee ] [ Post Reply ]

Some of it is actually like me, however, those who have been cheated upon by personalities born on this day, please remeber, every person is different, and not all people born on this day are cheaters. I, being a female, know that cheating is one of the worst things in life, and I will never do such
a thing.

[ That's my birthday ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep spot on. That's me!

[ Lea ] [ Post Reply ]

Thats exactly who I am.

[ Rahul Vardhan ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite close.. i can connect it with myself

[ lucky number 6 ] [ Post Reply ]

Neither fair nor honest. A flirtatious, cheater and betrayer; the worst woman I ever met.

[ Not Important ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Not Important Neither fair nor honest. A flirtatious, cheater and betrayer; the worst woman I ever met.
Well I was in a relationship with a male with this birthdate and I have to he was a cheaterToo I guess the typical "scorpio" usually keeps hidden secrets like cheating
but wants their partners full on commitment and faithfulness .

[ Sheyla ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm curious to hear about you and another 6th of Nov personality :cool:

[ Kelly ] [ Post Reply ]

i want to know my life financial carrier

[ kiran ] [ Post Reply ]

yaaaaa exactly me

[ abigail ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from abigail yaaaaa exactly me
ya me too ?)

[ fire2200 ] [ Post Reply ]

want to know more about my sign

[ lucky jane ] [ Post Reply ]


[ REAL SCORPIO ] [ Post Reply ]

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