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for October 12th

If your Birthday is October 12th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

October 12th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 12th of October are conjectured to be wonderfully expressive communicators who like most Librans do not take kindly to criticism. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter making you inclined to be naturally inventive, insightful and witty. If you have this birthday your bright, enthusiastic and sociable temperament is accompanied by a
sharp mind that absorbs information quickly. Eloquent and tactful in most situations you tend to try and stick to your values with a fairly confident and optimistic approach to life. Charming, diplomatic and very helpful you are especially good at taking charge but you are also quite autonomous too giving you a dislike of restrictions too. Individuals with an October the
twelfth birthday are generous natured, free-spirited and fun-loving but may also have a streak of laziness and indecision. You are ordinarily mindful and responsible with a tendency to give and take in an easy even amount and manner.

Work and Finances

The masterly communication skills and helpfulness typical to a person born on the twelfth of October can sometime direct their career choices.
You seem to learn new tasks expeditiously and be adaptable so you cope well with the requirements and responsibilities of most jobs. However work involving noisy atmospheres or overly stressful situations are commonly unsuitable to your emotionally sensitive disposition. You aim to achieve a decent salary to finance your preference for a comfortable lifestyle. In relation to this you should perhaps
avoid ever trying to live beyond your financial means and avoid credit wherever possible.

Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the twelfth day of October is typically warm, generous and a bit flirty concerning love and romance. Your fondness of diversity can mean that you are often attracted to someone of a different culture or background. You could be hesitant
about long term commitment as you can change your romantic thoughts frequently and usually need somebody special to persuade you to settle down. A roving eye in your youth could cause a few problems but when you decide to commit you do so wholeheartedly and are entirely devoted. Your perfect soul mate will allow you your personal space and be as
considerate as you are as you really do not like being bossed around or smothered. You seek an intimate mind and body connection and are likely to be seductively exciting between the sheets. You are inclined to find reading and talking about sex with a loved one a real turn on.


The usual robust healthiness experienced by those born on October 12th
is only maintained by a bit of extra care and attention. Balancing your daily food intake with a proportionate amount of exercise is essential if you wish to retain your vitality. Excess weight gain is a proneness in middle age that could provoke health issues if you fail to monitor your diet and succumb to your potential touch of laziness. People
born on this day should also keep a close check on your back, kidneys and bladder as these tend to be weak areas of the body. Drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration is additionally important to your overall well being.

October 12th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are shown in your excellent expressiveness and diplomacy making you socially adept and dependable. These positive qualities and your fun free spirit, generosity and enthusiasm for life are infectious and a fine match for your high levels of responsibility. The personality weaknesses for those born on October 12th will usually surface if you are
criticized unnecessarily or pressured into making a decision. In these circumstances your negative traits encourage you to be noticeably inactive and sulky. In addition or alternatively you are also capable of displaying egotistical or exhibitionist behavior.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 12th of October gives you an avid desire to try and gain some form of recognition for anything you manage
to achieve. You will generally be quite ambitious and have lots of personal goals to aspire to. You also have enough motivation and patience to normally finish things that you start and be undeterred by any obstacles put in your way. Your aspirations often include the building and nurturing of a happy settled family life and cozy stylish home. Travelling and
experiencing other kinds of lifestyles is one of your biggest wishes so dreams about discovering all the different parts of the world are common.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twelfth day of the month the one and two in your birth date add up to a Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the
keyword 'Innovation' emphasizing the creativity of your imagination and your quick thought processes. In the mysterial art of Tarot the 12th Major Arcana card featuring the Hanged Man is associated with your birthday. This reflects your swift adaptation to change but also your touch of indecisiveness. The luckiest gem for October the twelfth birthdays is imagined to be an Amethyst, wear
this particular precious stone for a possible boost to inspiration, energy and wealth.


The celestial body Venus's influence is believed to be astrologically accountable for the likelihoods of all Libra personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twelfth of October, is ruled over by Jupiter's control slightly altering your predicted nature. Your communicative wit, sociability and proficiency make you well
liked and respected by your friends. Your optimism and self confidence allow you to find ways around most limitation you encounter. A concluding advisory thought for people born on October the 12th is to consider cherishing the simple things in life without lowering your worthwhile ambitions.

October 12th Horoscope Comments

Everybody with the birthday 10/12 should get together

[ Angela savage ] [ Post Reply ]

I am 12th October too.. :)

[ Roji ] [ Post Reply ]

99% accurate.. HAPPY HAPPY :-)

[ Parth ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutely True, Fantastic Libra :)

[ Ari ] [ Post Reply ]

Yaaa this is me :-)

[ priyadarshini ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazingly accurate :)

[ Heather ] [ Post Reply ]

Turned 56 today 12th October 2015

[ Greg ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!!!! Great read. Shocking to be so true :like:

[ Mr. LeCount ] [ Post Reply ]

Seems right on to me.... Happy Roctober 12!

[ Bethany Westfall ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true!!! Everything was mentioned about me is correct...thanx...

[ Sweta choudhary ] [ Post Reply ]

=) Awww yaa I m 12th octii born.....Very true...yarr....im shocked

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Just shagged a lizard, felt pretty weird but I got used. Does anyone know some good moves while shagging a reptile, thanks in advanced.-Beastmaster

[ Uranus ] [ Post Reply ]

I found this very true and learned some new things about myself as well. :)

[ Grace ] [ Post Reply ]

There are things I didn't even know about myself! I'm an Octie (born in October), thanx a million

[ Cass ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true. I was born on the 12th of october. I find these in my self $

[ Solman ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks soo much .actually this is how I I'm .Thank you , thank you and thank you.

[ pilar ] [ Post Reply ]

everything is absolutely right about me, I could realise my personalities in me.WOW! :)

[ rafi ] [ Post Reply ]

Shockingly similar to my personality traits. Uncanningly accurate.

[ RG ] [ Post Reply ]

i find me in these characters

[ chipe ] [ Post Reply ]

I was doubtful in the beginning; but became more and more interested when I read on. Both my strengths and weaknesses are accurately pointed out. Love this!

[ Zuotang Zhang ] [ Post Reply ]

So true as i am 12 of oct. :)

[ mj ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG am born on this day and all those are my characters lol. thnx

[ jhannet ] [ Post Reply ]

hi jannet...all this is unbelievably true...my yahoo id is irshadkhan_mine@yahoo.com..i love all 12 octoberans...we are sort of a family..a global family

[ irshadkhan ] [ Post Reply ]

Funny to see that other people looked into their friend's personality (born this day). I too, did. And my best friend is exactly like what was written here. Love her.

[ Luvu ] [ Post Reply ]

My friend was born on this day and i was shocked as i read this because u guys described him to the tee. His personality, Health an his personal relationship. Thx.....

[ Ms. Taylor ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 12th October. I really appreciate whatever is written above. True, true and true

[ Sandeep Agrawal ] [ Post Reply ]

This tends to describe me, although I'm very creatively and musically inclined.

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

yes i find many words true about my life, thanks

[ jainuddin khan ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 12th October.

[ Ketan Soni ] [ Post Reply ]

My friend was born october 12 th and this is him to a tee

[ tina ] [ Post Reply ]

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