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for October 14th

If your Birthday is October 14th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

October 14th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 14th of October are destined to be very kind, considerate and tolerant but like all Librans may have fairly idealistic views. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury intensifying your expressiveness and making you highly curious, articulate and persuasive. If you have this birthday you tend to be more independent but also
a tad shier than most others of the same zodiac sign. In spite of this you will strongly crave companionship and ordinarily prefer to do everything with moderation. Naturally creative and helpful you are great at balancing and prioritizing things in life and especially good at compromise. Individuals with an October the fourteenth birthday are usually rather concerned about their image
and although they are inclined to quickly learn from mistakes they dislike being judged or criticized. Home loving and family orientated you possess high standards and a need to keep busy keeps you optimistic with a drive to actively achieve and progress.

Work and Finances

Career options to a person born on the fourteenth of October could be quite varied as a consequence
of your streaks of idealism and independence. You are likely to have numerous talents but your ability to verbalize ideas and your creativity are areas of expression that sometimes help determine your favored type of work. Your intense level of curiosity, organizational skill and striving for balance can mean you find your ideal job in research or law based employment. Being
sensible with money makes it unlikely for you to be keen on gambling or other financial vices. This means that you often sensibly shy away from considering credit too.

Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the fourteen day of October is typically someone with a lighthearted but serious and sensitive attitude to romance. You need to feel genuinely loved and
appreciated as you believe in true love and usually seek a strong soul mate connection with somebody special. Sincerely affectionate and loving you tend to consider an intimate close friendship and mental rapport very important in a long term relationship. A perfect partner will make you feel truly cared for and supported as well as sharing a wish to keep the
home as calm and harmonious as possible. This shared preference normally works well if a partner's patience is not tested by your touch of indecision. In the bedroom your inventive sex drive springs into action in response to seductive looks and suggestions of erotic lovemaking. Although you are not overly demonstrative generally you make up for it with your thoughtfulness.


Overwork or
neglect of dietary requirements may sometimes impact on the typical healthiness experienced by those born on October 14th. Aside from this proneness you are commonly full of unfocused energies making you once in a while rather restless and nervy. Moderate regular exercise can keep you healthy and trim in addition to helping realign energy and aiding restful sleep. People born on
this day could be occasionally be neglectful of their diet but they do have a flair for and interest in cooking. You do enjoy your food so aiming to choose more sensibly is sure to have numerous health benefits and possibly prevent minor illnesses.

October 14th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed in the reasonable composed kindness, consideration and tolerance. These positive traits and your expressive inquisitiveness and ability to prioritize far outweigh the majority of your other fortes allowing excellent progress in life. The personality weaknesses for those born on October 14th are usually stirred on occasions where you feel overly analyzed or
dispraised. Your negative characteristics can vary in vehemence from reserved to unresponsive concerning emotion. You could also behave in a fairly cautious and subdued way in reaction to an emotional upset.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 14th of October means you have a tendency to be intensely conscientious regarding the achievement of cherished goals. When you decide on a particular course
of action you will try to carefully plan each step in order to give the project every chance of success. A common goal is to go as far as you can in your chosen profession but this is usually of secondary importance to having a successful relationship. Dreams are inclined to be tuned into your imaginative inquiring mind and will usually
feature fantasy type adventures or scenes in relation to your yearning for comfort and complete happiness.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fourteenth day of the month the one and four in your date of birth calculate to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' emphasizing your investigative desire for knowledge
and understanding. In Tarot the 14th Major Arcana card representing Temperance is mystically associated with your birthday. This is an indication of your balanced degrees of toleration, composure and fairness. The luckiest gem for October the fourteenth birthdays is a Diamond. Wear this precious stone to strengthen trust in yourself, for added inspiration and to dispel negativity.


Descriptions of Libra personalities
are mostly derived from the influence astrologically of the planet Venus. The actual day you were born on, the fourteenth of October, is governed by the influences of Mercury's celestial presence. These 2 planets combined therefore presumably shape your probable uniqueness. Your persuasiveness is not as evident as your other attributes but it should prove useful. Try not to let your
bit of shyness hold you back in anything you attempt. If you can conquer slight fears of criticism or disapproval you will not attract the possibility of negativity. In conclusion a thought for people born on October the 14th is to have fun more often to retain your sparkle.

October 14th Horoscope Comments

I'm 14th Oct 1987 born.. it's almost true when i compare it to my life..

[ Vijay ] [ Post Reply ]

I officially found my soul Twin.. October 14, 1987 ! I am curiously intrigued. When am I not? Lol.. I literally just recently ran a compatibility analysis using my exact birth date 10/14/87 for both people to see what I'd discover and I immediately made a mental note to find my future best friend an
d life coach. Synchronicity. Refreshing. I don't know about the rest of you but I am going through the most amazing.. beautiful.. life changing.. intense transformation I never expected to experience. I once felt lost. Lonely. And cursed? Hell yeah. Talk about a series of unfortunate events. I could
sit and tell you my life story and you would find it beyond difficult to believe such a person of my nature really lived to see let alone tell what I have. From birth til now I felt something evil ..determined to punish and sentence me to eternal suffering and pain too unbearable physically and emo
tionally. I tried many times to end my life as well as dodging several others determined to beat me to the punch. I thought what did I do that was deserving of such cruel torture? I never did or felt I did wrong on such level. I have always been a compassionate loving and loyal individual and could
never succumb to the ways of the world of wickedness. An easy come up never set well with me. I made bad choices obviously but not to this extent. I was angry. Self destructive. Diagnosed mentally ill from adolescent years. No family. No love. I had all odds against me. And it felt personal. But thi
s past year something happened that changed everything I ever believed or felt. It took a lot of strength. In every aspect. The awakening of my consciousness.. April 2015. I haven't stopped my research since and to date I still find inspiration in the information I gather leaving me in tears of genu
ine happiness. Words will never justify or be enough to understand the depth of impact on soul this new change I see feel touch. I found the missing connection and still am learning new things every day along this spiritual journey and effectively putting to use to reap the reward long overdue.. I h
ad to suffer severe situations to push me to the point of surrendering self and soul that would lead me to desperately seek out spiritual salvation of some sort. I survived. I gained wisdom. And life will never be the same for me. I have a purpose and it starts with connecting to others and reaching
out with love and compassion. I want to be the proof needed to believe that hey.. you can come from any background. Race religion region and experience the worst of the worst.. but if you hang in there and don't give in to defeat which will be tempting.. it really does get better. Lessons are impor
tant tools for our evolution of spiritual growth. No excuses or pity party. Wherever you are.. Whatever you went through. You're not alone and guess what? You can successfully conquer the concept and curve balls life sends your way. You'll even experience a liberation so foreign .. Nirvana.. you won
't need drugs after a taste BC nothing on Earth is remotely close to a high of this nature. I by the way did all of this on my own. Yoga. Meditation. Spiritual guidance. Astrologer in training. Crystal healing. And so much more. I taught myself everything I know to point of my idea of perfection. A
nd it feels like I have been doing this all of my life it comes natural. I follow my chart religiously. I even have others that rely on me for advice and guidance BC I am practicing the very words I preach of positivity and who can argue with that? I am so passionate about this and encourage all to
reach out. Especially if you need support or reminder that you're freaking special. All of you. I can show you how to see the magic and miracles of life that happen right in front of us daily yet we fail to see. I want to share my joy. I want to help heal the wounded fore I am a wounded healer mysel
f and we, empathetic healers are the best suited to start spreading the word of love. and promote peace. Until all join forces for the unification of all for one and one for all. We are one. We are love. Confirmation is everywhere. I love you all unconditionally. Each and every being as my own self.
I know this will register for some as the answer you been needing to validate you're not going crazy quite opposite more like enlightenment I leave my email for anyone needing to be heard. Libra loves. Learns. Listens. It is kiti dot connection at gmail dot com my Nickname kiti and I'm on a lifelon
g journey seeking to connect the dots and find how we all fit together bc we do more than realized if initiative is to find common ground. Not separate. and it's invigorating. email kiti.connection@gmail.com 10/14/1987 soon to be 29 and arrived just in time. I am lady also. So be polite. :)

[ Janie ] [ Post Reply ]

I too have gone through worse times, dropped out of engineering. totally broken n used to get constant thoughts about suicidal. Now the things are getting incredible better n better..

[ vish ]

A perfect synopsis. Words to truly live by...enjoy life and by all means have fun!

[ Barb ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born october 14TH and am proud of that day no matter the ups and downs...if everything u have ever loved, liked and want always get destroyed or nothing good has always happened to u has nothing to do with ur birthday it has to do with the decisions u as a person make in your life....

[ MEDINA ] [ Post Reply ]

Dela I feel that this birth date was the curse of zodiac signs, because everything I love,like,always be destroyed.

[ dela ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on October 14th and nothing good has ever happened in my life. Is the date cursed or is it me?

[ torgo ] [ Post Reply ]

It's true for my love abhi

[ Piya ] [ Post Reply ]

True but i doubt the part where they talked about the ruling planet, i think the ruling planet is Venus not mercury.

[ Jim ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi, actually on this day Mercury is in scorpio for us 14th/Oct..meaning the way we think, Sun- Oct, Moon-Aquarius, Mercury-Scorpio,Venus Virgo etc- thats for 14/10/1967 though;))

[ ams ] [ Post Reply ]

100% true

[ Rashed ] [ Post Reply ]

This is pretty spot on even to the point of being independent but shy also the unfocused energy. All in all its a pretty good one... true as well about the criticism I just wilt under it... need a positive and kind environment and then can kick goals!:)

[ ammo ] [ Post Reply ]

All things are so very true. So what is it? The energy between planets the second you are born, something more higher, accident? What is it those horoscopes we read, taking them as granted?

[ Paula ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow... We need better comments Oct. 14th Librans! Remember: have fun more often to retain our sparkle. ;) But I'm with ya...all things written seem very true. *sigh* :)

[ Shelley ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true

[ lore ] [ Post Reply ]

This means nothing God is in control

[ IDontWantToSay ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from IDontWantToSay This means nothing God is in control
Sure. Delusional thinking used to be amusing.

[ Jones ] [ Post Reply ]

100% He's in control! He made the planets, universe, and all that we know. We're just trying to figure it out and haven't tapped in a smidgen if His vastness! For this to be spot on, I praise Him evenmore for me to know that there are others like me even though I'm unique.

[ DJ ] [ Post Reply ]

wow...naive much!!

[ steph ] [ Post Reply ]

All things written above seems very true

[ Sunita ] [ Post Reply ]

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