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for September 14th

If your Birthday is September 14th and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

September 14th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 14th of September are believed to be independent and intelligent with the usual Virgo generosity and need to be appreciated. The ruling astrological planet chosen for this particular day is Mercury, the same celestial authority that rules your zodiac sign giving you extra charm and vision. If you have this birthday, articulate and full of
innovative ideas you usually like analyzing and putting things into categories. Assertive and ambitious you are naturally enthusiastic about life and easily motivated into action. Your adventurous inquiring mind requires lots of mental stimulation but is not so expressive emotionally and may be also idealistic and over critical too. Individuals with a September the fourteenth birthday are highly observant, moralistic and
thoughtful with a dislike of injustice. Although sometimes your manner is overly fussy, inflexible and skeptical you are inclined to be incredibly loving, compassionate and sincere towards others.

Work and Finances

The abundance of natural talents attributed to a person born on the fourteenth of September makes work options fairly unlimited. Once you discover a personally satisfying profession you are inclined to be
totally dedicated to your job and loyal to your employer. You may often contemplate some form of self employment yet it is rare for you to actually do it. Despite this hesitancy to be your own boss you are especially adept at utilizing your inventive concepts and finances in order to generate reliable extra income streams. You have a keen eye
for a bargain in addition to the patience to save for larger purchases.

Personal Relationships

For a Virgo, the person born on the fourteenth day of September is typically craving of warmth and togetherness yet often held back by a slight emotional distance. You are usually much better at expressing your loving thoughts than showing affection. An ideal partner will be able to
calm your criticism and fear of revealing and demonstrating your true emotions. Quite family orientated, practical, steadfast and loyal, you are likely to be very caring and committed to a soul mate. Your attention to detail makes you receptive, attentive and romantic in a long term settled relationship. More open and uninhibited than other Virgo's in the bedroom you are imaginative
and enjoy sharing fantasies as a turn on. A tendency to dwell on the past could make forgiveness of a love betrayal particularly difficult and emotional unhappiness causes you to be irritable and moody.


The usual fine health experienced by those born on September 14th

is on some occasions disturbed by your proneness to easily get stressed. A bit of a preoccupation with
healthiness and touch of anxiety can once in a while drain your energies causing fatigue and moodiness as well as possibly lowering your resistance to illness. In spite of your sensible food preferences and favor of a varied diet you sometimes do not eat as much as you should. A reliance on caffeinated beverages to fill up and keep alert is
a susceptibility. People born on this day could avoid workaholic burnouts if they ensure they get enough relaxation and sleep.

September 14th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are best exposed in your admirable mixture of effective and efficient independence and intelligence. These finest fortes are enhanced and assisted by your other positive traits of perceptive alertness, curiosity level and keen sense of adventure. All these fantastic attributes help you ordinarily direct your energy positively and so be destined to do fairly
well in life. Negativity is frequently responsible for activating the personality weaknesses for those born on September 14th. These negative tendencies include occasional fussiness, inflexibility, impatience and doubting or critical behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 14th of September means you are a bit of a perfectionist who is likely to have plenty of aspirations. As your usual high standards guide
you to want to do things properly meaning you are often very disappointed with yourself if you fail in something. Your eager motivation encourages you to set goals based on a desire to achieve you full potential. One common desired aim is to find a harmonious balance of time for both your work and home priorities. Dreams are times you tend
to reserve for fantasizing where you envisage a fairer world for everyone with more freedoms and less restrictions.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fourteenth day of the month the one and four in your birth date add up to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' reflecting your intense curious
observancy and need for stimulating surroundings and distractions. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 14th card illustrating Temperance is associated with your birthday. This is an indication of your strivings for flowing harmony and emotional stability. The luckiest gem selected for September the fourteenth birthdays is a Diamond, wear this precious stone for increasing positivity and favorable fortunes.


The typified descriptions of
the probabilities of Virgoan personalities are arrived at from the assumed influence of the planet Mercury's dominance. The actual day you were born on, the fourteenth of September, is also governed by Mercurial power astrologically. Therefore this celestial body is thought mainly accountable for your individuality. Your charming assertiveness and virtuous conduct intensify your helpfulness, kindness and understanding. Your visionary clear
expression and ability to analyze and categorize effectively gives you a spirited approach and optimistic outlook. If you can find methods to try and neutralize negative vibes you should be less doubtful, fault finding, obstinate and finicky. A culminating thought for people born on September the 14th is to try and keep your opinions to yourself as voicing them can every
now and then be disadvantageous.

September 14th Horoscope Comments

That is so me it's amazing

[ Star ] [ Post Reply ]

very accurate ,,,,it really describes the way i am

[ nyle ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks for helping out

[ Emmanuel Zarwu ] [ Post Reply ]

You r right

[ Franklin ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on sept 14th. Horoscope give very accurate description of my personality.

[ Felix Wambua sammy ] [ Post Reply ]

when were u born

[ flavia ] [ Post Reply ]

That's definitely me!!!!!

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Truly me

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100% me as well. So true.

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I am happy to see this. =)

[ Megan o-mega ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow....I never believed in horoscope or whatever but I dunno how they did it bcuz they just wrote about me and many of my b'day mates have the same stories...Anyway, I'd like my b'day mates to get in touch with me on facebook '' Seiboi Kipgen''

[ Seiboi kipgen ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes i am

[ ABI BI ] [ Post Reply ]

This is really amazing..i wonder hw can someone knw me so perfectly..

[ Brenna ] [ Post Reply ]

my name is dave. I am sad and depressed. I want to be a millionaire but I will never ever get there. Help.

[ Dave the Awesome ] [ Post Reply ]

Email me at wylie61@gmail.com let's talk

[ Wylie ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Christian, and was taught not to believe in these things, but it's very accurate..

[ Mattey Ghoukis ] [ Post Reply ]

i m.aslo 14 sep born child

[ fatima ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow...how come you know me too well...I love my birthdayI really think we 14th september borns should know ourselves and communicate...will really love that...what do you think... Add me on facebook Ozy mystique...lets make it work

[ Mystique ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on 14 September and this is Some what me but I am not assertive. But life has been hard for me for the last 5 years and hope it all get better.

[ Blue flower ] [ Post Reply ]

me too ,14 September

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Wow... It's crazy how accurate this thing is! I love my birthday and being a Virgo! That reminds me... Our birthday is in a couple of weeks!

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This is 99% me, how come u know me too well?

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This is awesome and also 100% me lol

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This SPOT-ON. It's nice to "meet" myself. :cool:

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Damm true i am always not happy with my works and still want something more

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Very accurate.I love my birthday

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My birthday is September 14.:angel:

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I am rather surprised how accurately this reflects on my dispositions, character, and way of responding to the world. Thank you, to the person who prepared this horoscope.

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Thanks very good

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I am so glad I read this...it is totally 100% me. I've always felt extra special because I was born on September 14th. I LOVE being a Virgo! My best friends are also Virgos!

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After reading what this says, I texted my friend and told her to look for her date of birth. I was completely amazed at how I read myself. This is so me!!

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Man, you are right on. I see my traits in this horoscope to a tee.

[ Jena ] [ Post Reply ]

Keywords should be:Confrontational/DirectAssertiveHumoristOptimisticEnthusiastic/energeticAdventurousPeople-pleasingUnderstandingEmpatheticLoyalAmbitious

[ Virgo ] [ Post Reply ]

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