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for September 22nd

If your Birthday is September 22nd and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

September 22nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 22nd of September are imagined to be stylish, elegant and very sensitive to surroundings due to their Virgo/Libra cusp day of birth. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you usually crave intellectual companionship more than other Virgo's. If you have this birthday a strong sense of responsibility makes you focused,
industrious and determined. An intuition about upcoming trends can cause you to be particularly cautious concerning change but you are optimistic and forward thinking too. Your highly practical and warmhearted nature favors fairness and strives to be a good judge of character. Individuals with a September the twenty second birthday are seemingly self sufficient and patient with heightened perceptive senses that
they tend to usually trust. Ambitious and dedicated in your approach you are inclined to be able to see all sides to a situation but the flexibility of your viewpoints can also direct you to be a tad indecisive at times.

Work and Finances

Work connected to social causes is often a popular job choice to a person born on the twenty second
of September due to your stance on equality and justice. Your sharp focus and determination are valuable attributes for utilizing in any chosen occupation. Your sensitivity to environment means that harmonious working conditions are ordinarily an essential requirement. An inclination to be a bit frivolous with money especially in your youth may mean that you have to be extra careful when
budgeting your finances. You should try to avoid taking on too many financial obligations at once or borrowing excessive amounts.

Personal Relationships

For a Virgo, the person born on the twenty second day of September is typically in need of a soul mate partner who helps them escape from mundane routines. Despite needing some degree of personal space you give and expect
intelligent conversation, upmost loyalty and lots of tender loving care from your other half. They must be as sincere as you are in their understanding and thoughtfulness in addition to sharing your value of privacy and a comfy home. You like to demonstrate your love in a long term relationship by being very attentive, intensely devoted and great at compromising. In
the bedroom you are broadminded and receptive with an imaginative fun loving approach. Although you will usually appreciate romantic gestures in it unlikely that you will respond well to unexpected surprises. A special loved one should be able to accommodate your preference for slow introduction to any kind of change.


An enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle usually contributes to the typical healthiness
experienced by those born on September 22nd. You will ordinarily try and eat healthily and understand the concept of the benefits of regular simple exercise to keep in trim. Your touch of restlessness can make you a little accident prone and you should perhaps avoid long periods of isolation as this can sometimes evoke depressive states. People born on this day
possess a distracting receptiveness to everything and everyone around them that can once in a while cause you to neglect your usual health routines leading to a zap in your vitality.

September 22nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably displayed in your unique sense of style and well directed insightfulness. Along with your responsible determination and natural industriousness these positive traits help you get things done. Your optimism and fair-mindedness are further fortes that help you get ahead and make steady progress throughout life. The personality weaknesses for those born on
September 22nd are exposed when you are feeling insecure. These negative tendencies are mainly expressed as a streak of stubbornness and guarded moody emotional responses plus an inability to make a definite decision at these times.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 22nd of September usually makes you a believer in fate and gives you the inclination to be immensely dedicated to
achieving goals. Your admirable qualities of practicality, focus and patience are a perfect mix of personal attributes for attaining your most desired hopes and wishes in your professional and private life. Achievements seem to give you lots of satisfaction and allow you to feel that you are following your fated path. You commonly have a real passion for the opportunity to
travel and explore the world and this and a wish to be emotionally happy are frequently reflected in many of your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty second day of the month the double two in your birth date gains you a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' emphasizing
your warm heart, balanced judgment and intensified accountability. The 22nd Major Arcana card in Tarot picturing the Fool is closely associated with your birthday. This highlights your youthful adventurous side in contrast to your usual intuitively fed caution and seriousness. The lucky gemstone for September the twenty second birthdays is Topaz, wear it for the calming of stresses and the reenergizing
and balancing your trusted senses.


The probable personalities of all Virgo's in the zodiac are assumed to be influenced astrologically by the planet Mercury. The actual day you were born on, the twenty second of September is ruled over by Uranus's influence accounting for your slight differences from other virgins that form the probabilities of your uniqueness. Your optimistic fair mind,
self sufficiency and dedication appear to filter through into everything you do. Your elegance, sensitivity and perceptiveness may possibly accentuate the fine touches of Libran in you. If you can manage to conquer your insecurities it should lead you to be a bit less stubborn and more decisive. A final ponderable thought for people born on September the 22nd suggests that
continual wishful thinking and recharging is important to avert negativity.

September 22nd Horoscope Comments

So true..... :)

[ Kendra Ramos ] [ Post Reply ]

92% is really of my life history this awesome and excited prediction ever

[ Timothy ] [ Post Reply ]

That was spot on. Sep 22 2016 is the equinox and I turn 33 what some call Jesus year. I wonder if that all means something

[ Aurelio C ] [ Post Reply ]

96%...al true....bwt m.......#sturbornness haibo#style#overthnkin VS hardwrkin

[ Zipho ] [ Post Reply ]

This is really true.it matches with most of the things that happens to me in life.stylish. very determine. Honest .love to tour around the world ete.

[ Sisster ] [ Post Reply ]

Anyone born 1973?

[ tina ] [ Post Reply ]

wow! Incredible I tend 2 be slow in adapting 2 changes and reading abt it there got 2 me sort of

[ Pamela ] [ Post Reply ]

Oops! It sounds so real

[ Jersy ] [ Post Reply ]

I've never really believed in star signs but after reading this it shit the nail on the head. I would say its 90% correct with me personally. Thanks guys.

[ Rob S ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so true i am stylish i pick out my cloths match them my weakness is stoburness t streak :ups: :angel: :like: :love:

[ Sydnee ] [ Post Reply ]

so true....i think this meticulous thinking and dedication to work is causing other star signs people problems as i am experiencing right now

[ Keerthana ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty accurate overall. The reason we are accident prone is because we have so many things going on inside our head. Sometimes I wish I could relax a bit more, but then again I also like the constant rush of thoughts. Indecisive indeed!

[ D ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep! So much to think about and so little time.I personally keep hitting my elbows. I am the perfect height to hit the posts on the Hallway Handrails. Not to mention those darn door frames.I spend days trying to make up my mind, but when I do, watch out.

[ Tom ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so true....

[ Shamri fellow ] [ Post Reply ]

Not too far off the mark. You might add a bit about the love for art, music, and the written word. Cheers.

[ Jay T ] [ Post Reply ]

Majority are correct. My attitude towards personality, relationship and family/children is damn correct. I am fond of fitness, but, nowadays.... I am disgustingly unfit....thanks for aligning me...

[ Dr Gowri Shankar ] [ Post Reply ]

91% correct

[ lakish ] [ Post Reply ]

That was pretty close, except for the fashion... I wear jeans and t-shirts alone with a sweatshirt

[ Syd g ] [ Post Reply ]

I just want to know what the sign is fir sept 22, like im aries and im fire

[ bdog ] [ Post Reply ]

Thumb up for you guys! you got me close to 89%

[ Sequence, ] [ Post Reply ]

so true and precise! how do they do it?

[ ggirl ] [ Post Reply ]

Now I understand why I'm so accident prone, even though we (virgo) are so meticulous and focus in what we do.Understanding ourselves, help us to improve.

[ Luvu ] [ Post Reply ]

I've never been indecisive!

[ Susan C ] [ Post Reply ]

I am impressed. Not often does a horoscope touch on so many subtleties of my personality. Well done.

[ chris ] [ Post Reply ]


[ SHANTHAKUMAR. M ] [ Post Reply ]

Hit the nail on the head

[ leah s ] [ Post Reply ]


[ krishnan.k ] [ Post Reply ]

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