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for September 24th

If your Birthday is September 24th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

September 24th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 24th of September are envisioned to be highly intelligent, creative and imaginative with the usual Libran strong sense of fairness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus bestowing you with musical and artistic talents and a fondness for tranquil pleasant surroundings. If you have this birthday your friendly approach and flexible viewpoints
make you generally fairly easy to live with. Although a bit of an idealist you tend to usually look for the best in everything and everyone and be naturally optimistic, charming and family orientated. Cooperative and compromising you are likely to have an open minded view of the world yet be no pushover and stick strongly to principles. Individuals with a
September the twenty fourth birthday are inclined to be very loyal natured and fun loving but a touch of restlessness and a need for variety. Emotionally you are quite sensitive and may be slightly dependent or overly demanding due to a craving for stability.

Work and Finances

Writing, photography or fashion design are often popular work choices to a person born on the
twenty fourth of September. Your gift of creativity and appreciation of beauty and harmony steers you towards any career that allows expression of these qualities. Your high levels of sociability and flexibility make you a great workmate and you are ordinarily able to handle a varied workload with ease. Managing your finances is usually easy but you can be a big
spender and you should try not to rely on credit too much.

Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the twenty fourth day of September is typically someone with a busy social life yet a preference for the simple comforts of home too. Your huge heart has a strong desire to love and be loved and along with the natural charm
in your nature makes you very attractive to others. In a steady secure long term relationship you will be deeply considerate, caring and understanding and will value and adore your soul mate partner. A faithful, dependable and generous temperament guides you to be extra attentive while your imagination helps you think up lots of romantic ideas to keep a loved one
happy and content. You are inclined to yearn for a deep mental and physical closeness to help you overcome any emotional barriers and fully open up.


Illness experienced by those born on September 24th is sometimes a result of your usual slight difficulty in moderating anything. You seem to try and make an effort to be fairly sensible with your eating habits
but other commonsensical health routines are likely to be occasionally neglected as you tend to find them boring. It often takes a lot to motivate you in terms of participating in exercise and its benefits but your wish to look and feel healthy is a common form of encouragement. People born on this day are advised to discover effective relaxing ways
of dealing with stress overload to prevent it impacting on your overall healthiness.

September 24th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are displayed in your free spirited intelligence and visionary optimist based outlook on life. These favorable traits along with your additional fortes of loyalty, impartiality, receptivity and ability to compromise make you lovely to know. The personality weaknesses for those born on September 24th focus on your reactions to emotional insecurities and tendency
for restless behavior. If you are upset, unhappy or bored the negative side to your personality is exposed. This negativity if full force can include nervous, unsettled or neurotic displays of emotion, totally unlike your usually cheery self.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 24th of September gives you the skill to easily imagine and visualize the things you want to achieve
in life. You will normally utilize your intellectuality and common sense as well as all your other resources to accomplish an important goal. Being very responsible and honest with a strict adherence to your convictions means it is unlikely for you to take shortcuts if they present themselves. Nurturing and expressing your potential gifts in music and art will sometimes
be in your list of desired ambitions. Dreams have the inclination to reflect your wishes for a comfortable home base with someone special.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty fourth day of the month the total of the two and four in your birth date grant you a Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday
has the keyword 'Social' pinpointing your warmhearted friendliness and regard of togetherness. In Tarot the 6th card symbolizing the Lovers in the Major Arcana is closely associated with your birthday. This symbolism represents your required reassurance levels of warmth and security in your environment. The lucky gemstone for September the twenty fourth birthdays is Turquoise for boosting energy and promoting happiness
and long life.


Astrologically, the celestial body Venus is believed to be the strongest influence on the probabilities of all Libra personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty fourth of September, is ruled over and so influenced by this same planetary force. As a consequence this planet is the primary authority on your uniqueness. Your easygoing positivity alongside your
sensitivity and touch of dependence are a fine combination of attributes for coping with life's ups and downs. Your determination, cooperation and idealism are not self centered and can therefore usually gain you many rewards. If you are able to conquer your propensity to be slightly self doubting there is not much you cannot succeed in doing. Two ending thoughts for
people born on September the 24th are to not be afraid to use your plentiful talents in addition to aiming to be a tad more decisive.

September 24th Horoscope Comments

Exactly me, every thing mentioned is true. I have believed that September 24th is a special day

[ Sharon ] [ Post Reply ]

Dis is very great and true it amazes me well my num is +2348160501747 for hook ups with my fellow birthmate

[ brown9ice ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of the prediction is true.

[ Gurishka ] [ Post Reply ]

Me to the T. #924 the start of the best weather of the year

[ Mikel G ] [ Post Reply ]

Completely agreed with d prediction. My strength and my weakness are exactly same. Even so many things are absolutely correct... I love my life.. N i m so glad I m 24sep born... Cheers :)

[ Ankita ] [ Post Reply ]

Right on the spot with everything here

[ Muhammad ] [ Post Reply ]

This is incredibly accurate on all fronts. For those who may dismiss some of these details, I think the importance lies in considering our lives holistically rather than our current state. I myself began to cast doubt on a few details, but then realized I bottlenecked the last 2-3yrs. It was an eye
opener. All in all, how could any of us be unsatisfied with this brief insightful overview of who we are or can be.We can change the world for the better my friends! Cheers to all and continue to keep your head up and your ears open because we are all pretty awesome :-)

[ Anthony ] [ Post Reply ]

Aiii am goinna change this world... Watch out for me

[ Royal ] [ Post Reply ]

This is my boyfriends birthday.. and he is nothing that is described here.. in fact the utter and complete opposite.. could this be due to his narcissist personally disorder??On a brighter note my birthday was dead on..

[ Sharlene ] [ Post Reply ]

This describes me perfectly

[ Vanessa ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Clive ] [ Post Reply ]

So glad to be born on 24 sep. i love my life

[ Kyle sapphire ] [ Post Reply ]

:like: its truee

[ rohan ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Alexandra ] [ Post Reply ]

It's all true !

[ Vera Ristovska ] [ Post Reply ]

It's all true abt mi.

[ sylvia ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree with the predictions almost true,

[ Prakash Chand ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of this is true! :o

[ Rarity ] [ Post Reply ]

True, describes me perfectly.

[ Lainey ] [ Post Reply ]

This is a fun idea. But let's face it. There are no such thing as overnaturality./Erik the one that was born on 24/9

[ Erik ] [ Post Reply ]

itsssssssssss true guys

[ hari ] [ Post Reply ]

that sounds good :)

[ Ibrahim ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG! It described me perfectly correct even my weaknesses

[ Yazmin ] [ Post Reply ]

peoples who are born on this day should know we are the leaders of all.

[ Mikiyas Ewnetu ] [ Post Reply ]

A lot of this is pretty true. I studied fashion design and currently working in the industry and I also have a great passion for writing. I am indecisive. I kinda wonder how these astrology analysts are able to get at least some of this stuff accurately.

[ Maria ] [ Post Reply ]

i am the n greatest man alive

[ marvin carter ] [ Post Reply ]

You guys do know we are actually a mixture of Libra and Virgo so we have mixture off both and is it me or are all September 24th people scared of ghosts.

[ Lathees Yogeswaran ] [ Post Reply ]

im born on 24th September and im scared of ghosts

[ nikky coleman ] [ Post Reply ]

So true!

[ Rishika ] [ Post Reply ]

That was a great show!

[ fraka ] [ Post Reply ]

So true they all match me perfectly

[ jartu ] [ Post Reply ]

I disagree about the health and eating. It made our seem that we are jolly looking people. I'm a work out junkie

[ mem ] [ Post Reply ]

Fits me pretty well, happy birthday fellow librans

[ Tenia ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep im one , seems to sum us up quite well I think !!

[ Gary ] [ Post Reply ]

Soooo true!I love being a libra.

[ tina ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow Amazing :-D

[ Dalbir Singh ] [ Post Reply ]

Me to a tee. Happy Birthday to all September 24s!

[ Lisa ] [ Post Reply ]

I can't relate to this one. I am not intelligent at all.

[ sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

Well i am :)

[ adil ] [ Post Reply ]

exactly I am a Libran , intelligent, loving, caring, artistic, emotionally secure, helpful and possesses the looks.

[ fe ] [ Post Reply ]


[ shruti pathak ] [ Post Reply ]

Feel great reading this ... Thankyou ! :)

[ Priya ] [ Post Reply ]

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