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for September 27th

If your Birthday is September 27th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

September 27th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 27th of September are believed to be very inquisitive and observant as well as much more determined and energetic than a typical Libran. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars predicting you to be highly ambitious, creative and amiable with a real zest for life. If you have this birthday your naturally
tactful and compassionate temperament is especially sensitive to the moods of others. You are usually rather intuitive, kindhearted and generous natured with a tendency to trust and listen to your inner voice. You are likely to commonly strive for an easy uncomplicated lifestyle despite often finding it quite difficult to say No. A tad indecisive and occasionally quarrelsome you tend
to expect a lot of yourself and others. Individuals with a September the twenty seventh birthday are versatile and cooperative with an intolerance of unfairness and ordinarily highly appreciative of harmony, consistency and sharing.

Work and Finances

Career choice is often an easy decision to a person born on the twenty seventh of September despite your inclination to possess a touch of indecision.
Full of assiduous ambition and alert perception your astute versatility allows you to easily utilize all your attributes and talents to the fullest in any chosen profession. Your outgoing sympathetic nature and heightened inquisitiveness makes you a people kind of person who will probably enjoy care, social or research based work that helps others. Financially you should be quite lucky with
investments enabling you to sometimes save enough to be able to retire early.

Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the twenty seventh day of September is typically flirty and romantic with delight in courtship. You seem to need some personal space and not be in a rush to settle down but loneliness is something you really dislike and so avoid.
A soul mate who shares a similar degree of enthusiasm and optimism for life with the same sincerity. True to your zodiacal sign of the scales you seek balance as an essential element in an important love relationship and do not like any sort of arguing. Fairly openminded and kind you yearn for an equal and fair loving partnership. You are
normally especially good at switching positions emotionally allowing you to be an immensely supportive partner when needed. Charismatic, adventurous and passionate in the bedroom you are likely to find seductive words and massage appealing when it comes to favored foreplay.


Illness concerning weight problems is rarely experienced by those born on September 27th as you appear to be attracted to an active
style of living. You are likely to be fond of simple exercise types like walking or cycling in addition to frequently finding body and spirit activities, things like yoga or martial arts particularly stimulating. While you are generally open to suggestions to improve overall healthiness you do not always act on such advice especially regarding dietary choices. People born on this
day have high self expectations that may lead to stressfulness that can increase if you are at all unhealthy or tired.

September 27th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed in your elevated levels of curiosity and friendliness as they emphasize your caring instinctive side. Your other usual positive qualities of generosity, tact, compassion and a kind heart all assist in adding plenty of sensitivity to your sincerely zealous disposition. Imbalance or disharmony are usually common triggers for the personality weaknesses for
those born on September 27th. These negative tendencies when activated can cause you to get stressed fairly easily and become a bit argumentative along with the expression of oversensitive, insecure or withdrawn behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 27th of September gives you a strong longing to regularly assert your independence and follow your curious instinct. These cravings gift you with
the ability to do your own thing using natural senses and so usually boosting the will to succeed in any aspiration. Your sharp intuition guides you to be adept at recognizing the most fortunate places and times to attempt to achieve something important. Emotional growth often arises from your accomplishment of meaningful goals. Dreams have a tendency to highlight your value
of love and support therefore inclined to feature emotion based wishes.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty seventh day of the month the two and seven in your date of birth total a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker' in connection with your inquiring mind and avid desire to learn
and know everything. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 9th mystic card representing the Hermit is associated with your birthday. This reflects your inclinations to look within oneself and be patient but also the instability and unease when decision making. The lucky gem for September the twenty seventh is a Bloodstone, wear it close to dispel negativity.


The planet Venus is
assumed to greatly astrologically influence the probable personalities of all Libra symboled men and women. The actual day you were born on, the twenty seventh of September is governed by the celestial body Mars's authority. The combined influences of these 2 planets are imagined to destine your originality. Your quick perceptive alertness coupled with your perseverance and energy are fine characteristics
for improving the likelihood of going far in life. Your preference for and adherence to fairness should possibly reap you some additional luckiness. If you can discover perfect ways to unwind your less positive traits will be kept to a minimum. A completing thought for people born on September the 27th suggests practicing your mastery of trusting and accepting, remembering
to embrace the extra enlightenment and happiness this could bring.

September 27th Horoscope Comments

i m alone i luv my father and mother but they are not with me ,,god i want my family

[ abhinav ] [ Post Reply ]

Dated a Leo once . Leo's and libras are the best matches of all the zodiac signs . It was magical . #sept27

[ Kathleen ] [ Post Reply ]

I love my birthday. Most people don't have strong feelings one way or the other. I was unlucky in love before age 28, then, due to one heartbreak too many discovered being alone and loving me was a good choice. Met my husband shortly after that. My bugaboo has been career, though I have an artistic
bent that keeps me going and happy.

[ Roxanne ] [ Post Reply ]

Born September 27th. My life has been a sad one. Love is important and most everyone likes me as a person. I have an outgoing personality.Men like me as company. Seems that everything is good until I begin to like them and then they leave. Makes me sad. No one out there for me..:-(

[ SandraT ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from SandraT Born September 27th. My life has been a sad one. Love is important and most everyone likes me as a person. I have an outgoing personality.Men like me as company. Seems that everything is good until I begin to like them and then they leave. Makes me sad. No one out t
here for me..:-(
That's a darn shame . Maybe they are just nice dummies and cannot not to see the good in you . I think you are very attractive and a cool lookin Slick Chick Ms. Sandra T From Bobby E :)

[ Bobby E ] [ Post Reply ]

aaawwww..:-) Blushing now.. :-)Thank you for the good feeling Bobby E..

[ SandraT ]

mee too amazing display of the 27th sept born.any details on those born the year 1952

[ sudhir ] [ Post Reply ]

mee too amazing display of the 27th sept born.any details on those born the year 1952

[ sudhir ] [ Post Reply ]

It actually true........I can believe my self,I am a really awesome girlAnd I thank to my precious GOD..... :love: =)

[ Nashita ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow. That's me a 101%

[ Gracey ] [ Post Reply ]

What does it mean if you were born on the super moon eclipse in 1982, and your 33rd birthday fell on the next one in 2015?

[ Eric ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too! I was also born on 27th Sep 82

[ Eric ] [ Post Reply ]

Too a tee!! 27th September 1987

[ Samantha ] [ Post Reply ]

wooow! this is very true

[ sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

27 Sept 1988

[ libra ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG this is me sept 27th...I love this

[ Marietta ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate description. Very impressive. have been with a Leo for three years now and I have found him to be the true companion and compliment to the Libra traits. We both are ambitious, love hard, take care of people that we need to take care of and have the love the world attitude.

[ Dina Baca ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a libra as well born Sept 27th and date a leo. Everything you just said is on point. I think I found my soul mate.

[ Ellen ] [ Post Reply ]

All i can is wow :like:

[ Jody eldridge ] [ Post Reply ]

Can't wait for my birthday! Haha, I bet you are all excited too! =)

[ Vanessa ] [ Post Reply ]

true that

[ Shivani ] [ Post Reply ]

that's 100% me......born 27 September 1992.

[ mbulelo ] [ Post Reply ]

Intriguing true! Can't wait for my bday!

[ Jensen atte ] [ Post Reply ]

So True! I'm 9/27/1981. How cool am I 9x3 =27 27x3=81. I love being a Libra and want to wish all 27's a happy and successful,upcoming, birthday. We deserve to be happy, because we are great people who love hard and care for the world!

[ Queen Libar ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Queen LibarI am 9/27/81. I totally agree. I want deep passionate LOVE and to save the world all at the same time!

[ Marshell ] [ Post Reply ]

Love it..Most of it is true for me..Looking forward to my birthday on the 27th.Thanks though.#September_baby ;-)

[ becca ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me.It sums me up perfectly.

[ David ] [ Post Reply ]

Accurate. I just want fairness. My wife is a Pisces and boy is she a Pisces. We have a little Scorpio and a Sagittarius on the way. I am always moving forward in circles with my wife, it works. Pisces works for you people, just make sure they are good looking enough for your higher expectations of p
hysical beauty.

[ William White ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a Pisces husband! 27 yrs now :) two kids Aquarius and a lil Leo

[ Samantha ] [ Post Reply ]

1995! also unlucky in love. Can't believe other people that have the same birthday also have the same issues

[ Gianella ] [ Post Reply ]

wow this is absolutly true!! i was shock when i know it is me!

[ HENOK ] [ Post Reply ]

amazingly accurate cz m also belongs 27 sep 1988... :love:

[ shan ] [ Post Reply ]

27th sep 1998

[ hamid ] [ Post Reply ]

June 10,2015"-...elevated levels of curiosity and friendliness as they emphasize your caring instinctive side."(5), This sounds like my gemini friend! She says that my curiosity got me into writing such things I write, Though my friendly and sweet side counter my curiously dirty thoughts. :DBirth y
r.:2001 Current ag.:13

[ grace ] [ Post Reply ]

I swear I want to meat the person that wrights this shit..... Accurate as fuck I tell you .... $ighned Fredoe Torres, Extraordinary Producer born Sep 27 1998

[ fredoe torres ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, this is me

[ Vero ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 27 Sep 1995 I'm also strangling with love. And I'm also fat sh*t this people know whatthay were ding , well am not scored to stand in front of millions and millions of people. On Facebook the name is Ashwin Kg

[ Ashwin kg ] [ Post Reply ]

Its very accurate. I

[ seema ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born in 1988 and looking for reasons why i have been unlucky so far , i couldn't find the right explanation but i can see from the comments that everyone born on Sep 27 are struggling

[ Biba ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so accurate that it's scary. sep 27, 1993 here!! great to meet you all.

[ emmanuel ] [ Post Reply ]

I love it, thanks!

[ Boldwin ] [ Post Reply ]

I love itTHANK YOU!!! :D :)

[ Ken ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm only 13 but the weight thing it completely wrong because I have been over weight my whole life! Sept. 27th, 2001

[ Emily ] [ Post Reply ]

HiTry and cut out the starch ang get into cross country running and you will slim down.

[ Mrs Jones ] [ Post Reply ]

I am no doubt the youngest here, born 1999 & am 15 right now. This is very accurate!

[ Sergio ] [ Post Reply ]

This is damn true. Thank you!

[ Boldwin Marutha ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Angel ] [ Post Reply ]

What you said is me totally my life thank you happy birthday to you all in advance I'm born September 27th 1997

[ Alice ] [ Post Reply ]

i am also not favorable in relationship but my career driven.i am lucky in everything except relationship.

[ Mahawa ] [ Post Reply ]

hehe looks like i'm the youngest here, 1998 born. Just turned 16 this year.. Happy belated birthday to you all and the many years that folow :like:

[ lanii ] [ Post Reply ]

same here

[ daisy ] [ Post Reply ]

Same here ^^ it seems that this information is a bit creepishly accurate....

[ Seth ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too!!!! :D

[ Kalaya ] [ Post Reply ]

Am 1986 born.........I dont know weather i am lucky or not,Am sure that, am not lucky in a relation or love U can find me on facebook Mohammed Hafthiq....... =)

[ Mohammed Hafthiq ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!!! This is really interesting. I always hated when reading that Libra tend to be lazy because that is sure not me, but after reading this it makes sense. Also it's so true about Weight never being an issue. I just turned 41 yesterday and am still the same weight I was in my 20's

[ Adri ] [ Post Reply ]

have been unlucky in love so farm a 1988 born

[ kierra ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also unlucky in love thus far. any tips superporsche01@gmail.com

[ Nash ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday! :)

[ Alan ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy bday all!! :) !;) :D

[ rojashree ] [ Post Reply ]

Let,s celebrate our b day.

[ saru ] [ Post Reply ]

!;) Yes its our birthday soon!! And being in love means your very Lucky I'm very lucky indeed!! Happy Birthday to all September guys and girls "I'm a 1996 B-day girl turning 18 Yay"!!! =)

[ Reba ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm born 9/27/96 also! Don't tell me you're born around 10:30 p.m?

[ Ariana ] [ Post Reply ]

very happy birthday to u:-) i too came on thisplanet on this day. enjoy

[ anupam mishra ] [ Post Reply ]

Yay it's out birthday soon...mine is 1965 - what's yours?ps/ I'm very lucky in love...very :)

[ Siren ] [ Post Reply ]

happy birthday in advance to all september 27th people.Lets enjoy in style

[ Jeanet ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks this Saturday is our day

[ nicky ] [ Post Reply ]

lucky when in love:)

[ Eka ] [ Post Reply ]

But... Unlucky in love...

[ SandraT ] [ Post Reply ]

not unlucky very lucky instead..

[ waqas ] [ Post Reply ]

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