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for September 3rd

If your Birthday is September 3rd and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

September 3rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 3rd of September are predicted to be creative, analytical and helpful as well as less judgmental than most other Virgo's. The planet that has astrological dominance on this particular day is Jupiter bestowing you with an excellent memory and making you a deep thinker and a naturally quick efficient problem solver. If you have this
birthday an expressive sharp intellect makes you skillful at explaining and communicating ideas and opinions in addition to usually listening to the views of others. Your practical sensible temperament is ordinarily fairly independent, enthusiastic and optimistic but emotionally you tend to be a bit reserved, serious and cautious. Individuals with a September the third birthday can be a tad idealistic and
while this touch of perfectionism motivates you, it may also cause you to be occasionally unrealistic or critical. Diplomatic yet firm with a strong dislike of inequality it is unlikely for you to let anyone push you around.

Work and Finances

Prospective work type to a person born on the third of September is usually mainly chosen for its potential to fund a
comfortable lifestyle. In spite of this preference for a highly paid job you have sufficient talent to find an enjoyable occupation in many fields and you are destined for success in your selected profession. Concerning finances you may be quite susceptible to occasional gambling or impulse buying. This could make it difficult for you to commit fully to large financial investments.
In later years monetary security often becomes much more important so you as a rule learn to curb your frivolous spending.

Personal Relationships

For a Virgo, the person born on the third day of September is typically very loving, caring and romantic when they express their true feelings. Emotions and romance can make you feel nervous but despite your usual seemingly disinterested cool
stance your biggest underlying wish is to meet your soul mate and settle down to domestic bliss. An ideal partner must have a good sense of humor and be your intellectual equal as you will greatly value the friendship element in a long term partnership. Your passion for sharing in and out of the bedroom helps keep a special love fresh
and harmonious. You are inclined to crave variety in the physical side of the relationship and playful role play really turns you on sexually. When totally devoted to someone you can be prone to be sometimes rather jealous if others pay them compliments or extra attention.


Ill health experienced by those born on September 3rd is usually infrequent due to your sensible
approach to all areas of healthiness. Your affection for tasty food normally naturally directs you to aim for an active lifestyle in an attempt to keep fit and well. Your mental health is kept stable by your tendency to possess an abundance of positivity and any bad habits you develop like smoking or drinking are commonly moderated. People born on this
day should try to avoid lengthy periods of inactivity or not getting enough sleep as these two things are the most likely to cause you to feel or look unhealthy.

September 3rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are most apparent in your ample levels of patience and inquisitive logic. These qualities are a fitting accompaniment to your practicality and efficiency and give you a calm philosophical outlook. Your seriousness and caution are other positive traits that usually prevent you from making silly mistakes. The majority of personality weaknesses for those born
on September 3rd seem to be connected to your propensity for idealism. Along with your steadfast firmness and when you are upset this negative side of your disposition can make you dig your heels in and be incredibly stubborn.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 3rd of September graces you with lots of inquisitiveness and imaginative logic making you rarely short of
ideas for aspirations. Your goal orientated frame of mind encourages you to utilize all your energy into achieving important targets. Your touch of entrepreneurial spirit sees you often wishing for the opportunity to start up your own business. Plenty of thoughtfulness guides you to dream of doing things that will assist others as this generally gives you greater satisfaction than accomplishing
something for yourself. Fantasy dreams are likely to feature emotional rather than materialistic desires.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the third day of the month your date of birth is granted an associated Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' highlighting the sharpness of your intelligence, sound judgment and identifying puzzle solving
skills. The 3rd card in a Major Arcana Tarot deck symbolizing the Empress is linked to your birthday. This recognizes your creativity, independence and ability to listen patiently. The lucky gemstone for September the third birthdays is an Amethyst, to be worn for intuitive guidance towards fulfillment and the possibility of increased wealth.


The fundamental outline of all Virgo personalities is astrologically
based on the presumed influences of the planet Mercury. The actual day you were born on, the third of September, is imagined governed by the authority of the celestial body Jupiter's presence. Thus these 2 influential planets are thought to determine the probabilities of your individuality. Your favorable proclivities for expressing diplomacy and clear explanations help with the communication of your
views and disfavor of unfairness. Your usual commonsensical enthusiasm and optimism grant you a realistic outlook and reasonable attitude. If you can conquer your pursuance of ideals it could make you happier and a bit more openminded. An ending thought for people born on September 3rd is to try and be more assertive and less afraid of failure in order to
fully develop your destined potential.

September 3rd Horoscope Comments

Born on the 3rd day of September.The number 3 and 7(standing in for seventh month) indicate a perfect moment for Our lives. #proudlyseptember3rd#

[ Greg ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm happy to connect with other people born on 3 September. I am in love with a Gemini for 3 years, and we have a secret relationship because he's married. I can't believe I'm in this situation, but I am so compatible with him.

[ Louise ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi and hellow to you plz sugest me best stone 3-9-1990 I will very much thankful to you

[ mamir0664@gmail.com ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Sep 3rd and this is mostly true about me. The problem is i'm 26 and I've never been into a relationship yet and i don't know if that gonna ever happen!! The worse is lately I've started feeling depressed very often while I've achieved a lot so far in my life and i gotta get even stronger... I
don't know how to have my high energy and motivations back!?

[ Soraya ] [ Post Reply ]

September 3rd b day here. Does anyone else feel like a Leo like I do? An outwardly humble, yet inwardly proud, person wanting to rise to the top and lead others? I've been researching Sidereal astrology and been wondering if it might be more accurate. I am a dramatic, fiery person, but still analyti
cal. But then again, if I'm a leo, then my mercury would be in Virgo, which would explain my analytical studious nature. Tell me what yall think because I have never identified with Virgo the feminine maiden. I'm a manly man dammit!

[ Chad ] [ Post Reply ]

There is thirteen sign astrology and September third birthdays become Leo's. However you might feel Leo misses key parts because all the dates and descriptions move slightly. The thirteenth sign is ridiculously difficult to spell and pronounce so I would suggest looking into that as well as moon sig
nsYou would become a Taurus sharing my b day

[ Jon ] [ Post Reply ]

Check your birthday chart, you might have leo. I act like that too sometimes but I have my Jupiter and vensus in Leo

[ Twotwo ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Gemini man and the love of my life is a Virgo woman born September 3rd. She ended our relationship 28 years ago. She married and had two beautiful daughters who are now grown.And as for myself: I never married, never even had another relationship.....and I think of that Virgo woman every day o
f my miserable existence..I miss her still and it has never ceased hurting.....Doesn't much sound like a Gemini does it?

[ mhm ] [ Post Reply ]

So there is hope for lost love. If you keep loving someone that much for that long it means something. Act on it. Or find your real person.

[ Justine ] [ Post Reply ]

Aww, I dated a Gemini few years ago. He played so many games with me until I told him it will never work between us. I am Virgo female September 3

[ twotwo ] [ Post Reply ]

:angel: it so true

[ Chev ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah I dislike unfairness...this sums me up.

[ shams ] [ Post Reply ]

Puneet, ease out your idealism! :(

[ Anushka ] [ Post Reply ]

This is an excellent summation of me! Thank you for posting!

[ Cori ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true..looks like u know me from Adam.Thank you very muchLet's create group for September born cuz we Rock!

[ Rosalin ] [ Post Reply ]

Just avoid pisces leo and sagittarius ..and all of you shall b fine.trust me.

[ saksham ] [ Post Reply ]

I like scorpio men. I can't wait to be with the love of my life. Been single most of my life.

[ shams ] [ Post Reply ]

I married a Pisces and we have been together for 18 years.

[ Blanca ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything here is so true. Thanks to the owner of these writings. It has really brought a change into my life. I really respect your words and research. I hope to have a direct contact with you. I need to know something about myself. Because I am really destined for greatness. My birth till now is
so unbelievable. I have achieved a lot at this tender age. And I know I am going right to the top. Please I need a group of September borns and anything close to that. I want to be active with my 3rd September borns. I think we will make a very great group. Cuz we are winners. Trust me!!! We really
are. If you are down now. Means you have some lessons to learn. You will just fly out of your problems soon as you done with those lessons. Enjoy life and be happy. We winners. Thumbs up for this info. Reading this everyday to stay on my grind. Lol!!! I love 3rd September. And proud of it. =)

[ Faaaro ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree. My birthday is on september 3 and we definately are winners. I have achieved alot so far and have way more to go to reach my goal !

[ Kp ] [ Post Reply ]

I am september 3 and seriously cnt understand my love lif. And i ask same question. i have guys asking me out but ot just doesnt feel right so i keep turning them down. Am i ever gona feel that lov. spark..am 26

[ lolo ] [ Post Reply ]

Faaaro Me here!

[ Arvin ] [ Post Reply ]

3rd September

[ pravin ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow...we are winners..but I'm just worried about my love life..I know patience is required but still I'm afraid that my true love will come to me or not

[ immature child ] [ Post Reply ]

Don't worry I was scared of this (my birthday being September 3rd) id loved someone for almost a year without them knowing and at the end of the year he told me he wanted to go out sometime were now 1 year strong! If it can happen to me it WILL happen to you xHe will come just build up friendships a
nd let them relish

[ Theunknowngirl_ ]

OMG soooooooo true!!!

[ Vvvv ] [ Post Reply ]

i think its a little bit true :angel:

[ sunny ] [ Post Reply ]

This is absolutely me.

[ Amber ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on!!!

[ Edmund ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't really know why I feel shy when girls talk to me ?? I mean , I don't really know what's wrong with me !! Can anyone help me?

[ Nasser ] [ Post Reply ]

yea since you're a virgo u won't be outward with your feelings and it'll be hard to express your emotions... you're not going to want to anyways.... thats part of the reason why you're "shy"... but this is what it means to be a virgo so have fun :D

[ Nighttime Mountain ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Nasser I don't really know why I feel shy when girls talk to me ?? I mean , I don't really know what's wrong with me !! Can anyone help me?
Hie Nasser ,You might be filled with so much nasty shit in ur mind dat ur imagination must be makingyou shy....Chill if a girl wa
nts to have a coffee with you ..treat that as a special moment only...dont take ur tots too far to her bedroom

[ nafisa ] [ Post Reply ]

You are really blessed mate that you don't have to put an effort to keep off the evil...It is a virtue..feel proud about it.

[ Arup ] [ Post Reply ]

Really accurate! :o

[ Jordan ] [ Post Reply ]


[ marjorie ] [ Post Reply ]

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