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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today Horoscope for November 17th

Daily Horoscope for Today November 17, 2019 for Zodiac Sign Capricorn

November 17th, 2019

The emotional level has been too high for your likely recently, Capricorn. You before everyone keeps their emotions to themselves and release them in other ways besides unloading them on you all the time. you try to be respectful in this regard. In return though, sometimes you end up bottling your emotions within and then the wrong person comes along as the wrong time and you can't help but release some of the tension onto them. Spend some time today releasing the emotional tension and preparing your head for the week to come.

Daily Saying for Capricorn

He who loves a one-eyed girl thinks that one-eyed girls are beautiful.

Source: Latin

Capricorn Horoscope Comments

Very nice advice

[ It s d truth... V capri dun need to force it... Just try d 11 other zodiac I believe u will find it soon Our match s aries, taurus n cancer ] [ Post Reply ]

It s d truth... V capri dun need to force it... Just try d 11 other zodiac I believe u will find it soon Our match s aries, taurus n cancer

[ aries ] [ Post Reply ]

Well I'm A Capricorn An I'm Seeing A Sagitarian An I Love Every Bit Of Him

[ None Of Ur Bzns ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes i agree po.... I like u mr. Aries long time already... And i know u wait me also.,

[ Jaja capricorn ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes i agree po.... I like u mr. Aries long time already... And i know u wait me also.,

[ Jaja capricorn ] [ Post Reply ]

yes I totally agree

[ Charmaine ] [ Post Reply ]

I have been married to a Leo gur 35 years what ups and downs YO

[ Charmaine ] [ Post Reply ]

i started a transport service business, will it prosper?

[ luzviminda capanang ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Capri and I wondering is a Sag and Capri a goodmatch

[ Nalian ] [ Post Reply ]

All of my 3 boyfriends were Sagittarius, it didn't work out with any of them :)

[ G ] [ Post Reply ]

Why is my love life so crazy?

[ Rebecca ] [ Post Reply ]

No crazy

[ Waqas ] [ Post Reply ]

Some trading agent took my money can I get it back please base on my horoscope sign

[ Epaphras ] [ Post Reply ]

all this things starting to scare me????????

[ DOCTOR_STRAYNGE ] [ Post Reply ]

does Capricorn woman and Aquarius man is the right match for a relationship

[ kirk ] [ Post Reply ]

I have been married to a Libra for 60 years, high school sweethearts. we do have our Tiff's but we get over them quickly

[ ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Capricorn I love who I am

[ Arissa Ledvina ] [ Post Reply ]

Who is my sing

[ Iliyasu ] [ Post Reply ]

Bron the 12 lost everything's sings dont no sometimes

[ ] [ Post Reply ]

I love libra man

[ Mariane ] [ Post Reply ]

Libra's r nt compatible wit Capricorns. Not in the long run..

[ Sshubham ] [ Post Reply ]

I tend to be attracted to Libra men and Virgo men,something about them is so enticing. Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio men tend to gravitate toward me. Any other Capricorn women agree ?

[ Maxine ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree. I seem to be more attracted to virgo's and scorpios. Scorpios does something to me i cant explain it like instantly crazy attraction. But a virgo has something about them too their personality and style grabs my attention. I am in love with a libra all though I do not feel that type of at
traction I over love my libra to death. We are diffrent but we make a great team and he is the sweetest.

[ Cj ] [ Post Reply ]

Love is often a slow process. Taking time to really get to know the one you love is the best way to make it last. KEEP your heart and mind open is best. Good Luck,everyone, ok?

[ Tina ] [ Post Reply ]

Can a Capricorn and aquarius mix get pass the first stage? He was determined to make it work. Capricorn girl has issues with trust. Will she ever get pass this?

[ Verysexylady ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm not a Sagittarius !

[ I'm not a Sagittarius ! ] [ Post Reply ]

Could two Capricorns be soul mates?

[ Sylvia P. ] [ Post Reply ]

Me and my husband we are both capricorns. It is difficult but it works.I quess we have same similarates which sometimes make things difficult but most of the time we are like one :)

[ Capricorn ] [ Post Reply ]

Only dated Caps. Hard very stubborn relationship..

[ Liv ] [ Post Reply ]

My husband and I have been married 33+ years, together for over 35 - and we are both Capricorns. We were born a week apart on opposite sides of the USA. W are best friends and soul mates. Love at first sight. We are both monkeys in Chinese astrology, too.

[ Annie ] [ Post Reply ]

It is very well so. My boyfriend and I are both capricorns. In fact we share the same birthday only several years apart. The only differences are that our relationship differs more on an business level more so an intimate one. One has more issues expressing or showing affection as the other wont voi
ce their opinion..... Etc... Anyhow nothing is impossible.

[ Chuey ] [ Post Reply ]

Anything is possible.

[ karen ] [ Post Reply ]

can aries and capricorn girl compatible together as a couple/ husband and wife..

[ chin ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Capricorn my husband is Aries and we have 2 kids , it's not an easy relationship requires a lot of compromise on my part but it works for now lol

[ Raisa ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from chin can aries and capricorn girl compatible together as a couple/ husband and wife..
Oh I hope so... I just met myself an extraordinary Capricorn ... and I am an Aries ...

[ MomaCods ] [ Post Reply ]

What about libra and capricorn girl??

[ jazz ] [ Post Reply ]

Do you have any android app for getting horoscope daily on phone?

[ jazz ] [ Post Reply ]


[ WHITE CANDEL ] [ Post Reply ]

Can a Gemini and Capricorn relationship work? So far we have... 3 monts now

[ Geminiwithaj ] [ Post Reply ]

In my experience NO!!! They are insincere egotistical liars who demand all your attention are jealous spiteful and controlling unless you idolise them and forget ever having anyone else in your life. I married one so have first hand experience. He destroyed my life.in the end I broke the spell and t
hrew him out...save yourself the heartache find someone who genuinely adores you. X

[ Pozey ] [ Post Reply ]

No dont do it, the capricorn will drown as he /she cant breathe in the water like aquarius do.

[ maniac ] [ Post Reply ]

Aquarious is an air sign?

[ cainam ] [ Post Reply ]

can anybody say the compatibility of capricorn with sagitarious

[ anima ] [ Post Reply ]

dont do it. sag will break ur heart

[ gayle. capriocorn ]

I'm a capricorn dating a Leo woman for about 2yrs ,d relationship it's like Tom nd Jerry .so dangerous that she is like a torn in d flesh. can she make a good companion

[ Ayo ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Ayo I'm a capricorn dating a Leo woman for about 2yrs ,d relationship it's like Tom nd Jerry .so dangerous that she is like a torn in d flesh. can she make a good companion
I am leo woman married to a capricorn man. 1 yr together. 12 yrs married. look at moon, asc, your
5th and 7th, moon nodes - pretty much everything else in the chart instead of sun sign alone.

[ LionCap ] [ Post Reply ]

Dear Ayo, I once dealt with a leo woman. NOw, the thing is it's all about SEX. Some leo woman confuse love with sex. They usually have a backup. You must be doing something right if it' lasted this long, However, don't go any further. Great business partners and lovers, but not relationship types wi
th Caps.

[ capman ] [ Post Reply ]

can someone explain exactly what todays horoscope means because Im currently talking to an Aquarius.

[ Felicia C. ] [ Post Reply ]

what about Leo and cap

[ pervert ] [ Post Reply ]

This is the most negative web site I've ever read for horoscope I made this name for it sh*tscope just because of the negative prediction it presents !!!!! It must be written by some hatter.

[ sh*tscope ] [ Post Reply ]

Ur right it must be written by some hatter

[ sh*tscope ] [ Post Reply ]

I disagree completely I'm a cAp n my bf is an aquarius and we are happy and in love....ill be a year in a couple of weeks.

[ nene ] [ Post Reply ]

What about cancer and capricorn?

[ maria ] [ Post Reply ]

I am currently dating a cancer and although the sex is awesome, he is super jealous and insecure. He has broken up with me every month since we started dating because of his assumptions but I love him and always worked it out with him. I moved to another state but will soon return to him in a few mo
nths and his jealousy is about to break us up. He requires a lot of affection and praise but he is so passionate, sweet and compassionate. It's really hard to let him go because we have such a strong connection, he calls me his soulmate. I love him and I don't want to let him go but if I'm honest wi
th myself I don't see a future with him.

[ Cappagirl ] [ Post Reply ]

Can be Scorpio and Capricorn have a good relationship,,or can be husband and wife someday ?

[ Riezel ] [ Post Reply ]

Scorp/Cappy love relationship can be passionate and fulfilling. The danger comes over control issues. Must be willing to communicate truthfully and completely

[ nya ] [ Post Reply ]

nO. Absolutely one of the worst combinations. Capricorn and Aquarius is not a good couple.

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

The worst I fell in love with an Aquarius . The break ups were awful we were completely in love for 2 years . Aquarius and caps should just be friends

[ Nnnnnn ] [ Post Reply ]

Can a Aquarius and a Capricorn have s*x and be together like girlfriend and boyfriend ?

[ Emanuel quevedo ] [ Post Reply ]

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Capricorn's will usually recognize their astrological symbol of the Goat. Astrology has been used for centuries and a today horoscope tells us the possible day's events. It will generally describe a Capricorn as ambitious, honest and disciplined. Predictions and influences from the planets will be combined with these conventional Capricorn traits to produce relevant readings.

Planetary and temporal forces are used
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The Capricorn daily horoscope is easily and speedily found in most popular newspapers both on
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The intensity and accuracy of the data gathered for horoscopes is provided by expertly recorded data. Astrologers plot detailed movement of
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our destiny and character attributes can act as a directional focus. Our behaviors and way of thinking are frequently referred to in this sort of advisory Astrology.

A daily horoscope for Capricorn will be directed towards and written for their reserved and a little pessimistic viewpoint. It will usually focus on appealing to their sense of humor and high ambition level
to get mild counseling and motivating messages across. It creates readings that are meant to have a personal appeal and will be meaningful and instantly understood. It will additionally concentrate on the sometimes miserly and rigid moods of a Capricorn person. It will remind them of their occasional lack of optimism tendency and when to avoid situations that may prompt it.
These informative and often humorous Astrology derived looks at life can prove very useful to help deal with its ups and downs.

Searching and finding the brief analysis offered by a today horoscope is easy and fast especially on the internet. You can do this on any day of the year and many of us may be specially interested in a
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Both males and females benefit from the lightheartedness of a horoscope and being able to have a little motivational day to day assistance. The frequent following of
a today horoscope provides a quickly accessible reference that is impartial and can give sound advice. For a Capricorn with their careful approach to things they can sometimes impart a few clues on the best way forward. Although mostly concerned with the present and the future the Capricorn daily horoscope can occasionally also make references to the past. These inspiring insights
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