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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Week 15 July, 2019 - 21 July, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 15 July, 2019 - 21 July, 2019 for the Zodiac Sign Gemini

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 15 July, 2019 - 21 July, 2019

Why can't your dreams come true? What is the obstacle to progress? How much power and potency does your biggest single problem really have? These are questions that need to be asked today, even if you have already raised them recently and found the answers uninspiring. The climate is changing in the sky above your sign. Significant new factors are at work. Go back and look at what once might have seemed impossible. Somewhere in the troubled history of a key situation is a clue to a most delightfully different future.

Lucky numbers for this week: 43, 27, 14, 50, 24

Gemini Horoscope Comments

please tell about studies also that is main in every persons life

[ gemini ] [ Post Reply ]

my life has been good horoscope accurate and things seem to be well in others in the lifestyle of others around me since I've been looking at horoscopes couldn't be any thing to do with but am a very superstitious person so trying not to let any thing change very hard.

[ Kenneth j,harris ] [ Post Reply ]

How about Gemini and Cancer man

[ Jane ] [ Post Reply ]

please, tell me what is the zodiac sign can be possible or perfect partner in life of Gemini?

[ annabelle fundador ] [ Post Reply ]

especially the air signs like Libra, Aquarius, or another Gemini.

[ serena ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing daily, weekly horoscopes. I find them becoming true most of the times.

[ MT ] [ Post Reply ]

Gemini and Gemini are the best married to a Gemini and I am a Gemini we are 80% compatible and that's the truth also we are soul mates. Best of the Best. Never felt like this with any other zodiac sign. Gemini's are the very best of everything

[ Rickey ] [ Post Reply ]

perfect kaiya. Me 2 gemini ...Scorpios are most selfish and mean these peoples want to control others but they do not share any secret with others and don't respect others privacy and space ...these peoples should understand that all zodiac signs are equally important ...

[ sam ] [ Post Reply ]

Gemini and Capricorn are match

[ Junior ] [ Post Reply ]

It's a horrible match, I was married to a male Capricorn

[ Snflwr ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Junior Gemini and Capricorn are match
No they are not , this thing I'm in now is the most challenging and frustrating situation I've ever been in. The Capricorn thinks I have no understanding for anything at all. And refuses to give in even the tiniest bit that maybe I'm
not so dumb after all. Fml.

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Jess Message from Junior Gemini and Capricorn are matchNo they are not , this thing I'm in now is the most challenging and frustrating situation I've ever been in. The Capricorn thinks I have no understanding for anything at all. And refuses to give in even the tiniest bit that
maybe I'm not so dumb after all. Fml.
I, Capricon, married a Gemini..almost 25 years. Match by birthdate confirmd we are lovers and friends. So be sure....everything is possible aslong you want.

[ Debbie ]

A good match can't be determined by merely sun signs (the 12 zodiac signs)- there are too many other variables to consider including one's moon, planets, houses, rising sign, Chinese zodiac, and element signs. Trying to determine compatibility has to take into account all of these variables. Even wi
th all those considerations, love makes everything I just mentioned above insignificant. I had an amazing relationship with a Virgo (who was very critical) but I loved him in spite of it and we had a great time. Take away message: as har as horoscopes are concerned- forwarned is forarmed but take it
all with a grain of salt!Aloha!

[ Island.Gem ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi. I believe the horoscope

[ Miyrigul ] [ Post Reply ]

Belief and science are two different things, Ithink its a science. It has no relation with beliefs as are other natural and social sciences.

[ Sher khan ] [ Post Reply ]

I am searching job do I get the job in this week.

[ Akshata Naik ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm searching too and wondering the same thing

[ Jodee ] [ Post Reply ]

Gemminies are the worsest in this hole world.cause they can go down & down for their own safety.they better know how to use & spoil others lifes

[ relegious ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm afraid its a characteristic of 95% scorpio, but not gemini (could be 10-15%), its my life experience. do you know why that sign is called 'scorpio' ? because of their hidden sting which they use whenever they need, they will betray you, stab you behind if they needs, no matter how much you serve

[ Not Important ] [ Post Reply ]

I promise your Expierience with one of us isn't an experience with all of us. Don'tthink that Gemini's are not Selfless because they can be. The only reason that Gemini is acting like that is because you may have upsetted her/he with one of your actions.. Im going to guess your a Scorpio because Not
many zodiacs get along with them. Also learn how to spell *Whole and *Gemini's. Please and Thank you.Im A Gemini myself.

[ Kaiya ] [ Post Reply ]

Typical Gemini! You have no problem being mean one moment and then playing the victim the next. You think you are always right even when you slam someone else's feelings to a pulp! And yet you still believe you deserve mercy for being ruthless. In this world you reap what you sew. If you live by tha
t sword then you will fall by it too or fall by the sword of someone who knows how to use it. Heres some advice...be open, honest with yourself and others, MOST IMPORTANTLY...DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD EXPECT THEM TO DO TO YOU. Geminis are not warriors so stop acting like it. Cry babies!

[ JR ]

Gemini and Virgo can be a great match, especially if the chinese signs are also aligned. My fiancee is virgo/dragon and I am gemini/rat. I find it as the best possible combination from the real life. we are team!

[ gita ] [ Post Reply ]

you better be careful, someday your life may be spoiled. try to stay away from virgo and scorpio as much as possible

[ Not Important ] [ Post Reply ]

It's a very bad combination

[ S ] [ Post Reply ]

there was no attack in taba in 15 feb 1989...

[ lies ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo men are the worse... They treat those they love very critical, unfair, and sometimes horribly wrong.... Be careful

[ Gemini ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Chit ] [ Post Reply ]

They are extremely possessive jealous and selfish and when you break up with them they break your arm (True Story) Don't do it!!!!

[ Ms Natee ] [ Post Reply ]

why you said so "Virgo men are the worse... They treat those they love very critical, unfair, and sometimes horribly wrong.... Be careful"

[ yan ] [ Post Reply ]

So, so true. I completely agree!

[ twins ] [ Post Reply ]

Is Jemini and virgo a good match?

[ juliet ] [ Post Reply ]

'NO', gemini is a selfless lover, they need someone who can understand their love and always will be there for them which cannot be expected from selfish people.

[ Not Important ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from juliet Is Jemini and virgo a good match?
Yes it is me n my fiance are still together after when I made the hugiest mistake ever and he loves n I love him wer e making it work even tho in the beginning was lack of communication our love is strong I kno in my heart that gem
ini n virgo are the one

[ lina ] [ Post Reply ]

he's seeing me but has a girlfriend and promise me this week that they're going to break up is this a good sign

[ jamie ] [ Post Reply ]

can there be successful marriage between Gemini man and a Scorpio woman

[ pravin ] [ Post Reply ]

'NO', the scorpio will betray the gemini's selfless love and spoil his life

[ Not Important ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, my inlaws were married only to each other for almost 50 years when she died. He has a Scorpio sun with a Gemini moon.

[ Jenni ] [ Post Reply ]

Need more details in daily horoscope. Extended, single, couple, finance, work, what might be, what would be, what to do, what not to do. With full exact details.

[ shoyeb ] [ Post Reply ]

I like it very much

[ Melba ] [ Post Reply ]

wheres the weekly horoscope?

[ ann ] [ Post Reply ]

how is husband wife relation

[ harisha ] [ Post Reply ]

I like this web

[ Amani ] [ Post Reply ]

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Why Gemini Weekly Horoscope?

Weekly horoscope for Gemini posted above is pretty much a brief peek into the future. It is a sort of a wormhole in the space and time which allows you to have an unbiased look at the events that are only about to happen. This is an interesting and extremely helpful opportunity, don't you think? We have thousands of years of
gradual, but steady development of astrology - a sacred art of the ancient times capable of peeking into the future by interpreting the stars' messages. It is a sure thing there will be many sceptics who think astrology to be a pseudoscience and a quackery. On top of that, many tend to genuinely believe that the ability of stars and planets
to impact our lives is simply nonsense. Such people's beliefs are based on neither common sense nor scientific facts since at the current stage of its evolution astrology is in full harmony with both. A weekly horoscope for Gemini which you can see here is the best proof of how insolvent the theories stating that astrology is not a science are.
Many truly educated and knowledgeable experts work in this field and there is no count to these who these specialists helped. Helped with what? With everything! Stars give answers to all the questions, but only to those who can hear them.

However, a weekly horoscope for Gemini should not be perceived as some sort of panacea capable of instantly curing all
of your diseases and making you happy. No one is capable of this, but yourself. Stars can only show you the way and it is you who can decide how to travel this way and where the finish line would be. For some of you it might a career success and a self-realization, for others it is their families and friends
who come first. And some want all and they want it now. This is also, by the way, a want worth praising, but it can be absolutely meaningless if nothing gets done.

While good luck favors the prepared, stars help the confident: self-confident and confident in the future. For such people astrology is a welcome and significant bonus helping with overcoming
barriers and conquering new heights. Those, however, who are neither willing nor capable of changing the world for the better, won't see stars for nothing but sparkly glassy little things scattered in the skies.