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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Week 24 June, 2019 - 30 June, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 24 June, 2019 - 30 June, 2019 for the Zodiac Sign Libra

Libra Weekly Horoscope for 24 June, 2019 - 30 June, 2019

Not everything is going exactly as you'd like, but if you stand back, you'll see that it's not so bad! Although you always try to see a balanced view, you do tend to cherish the ideas with which you started. You may have made plans, or had firm expectations, and find that they just can't work out. No problem! Life has dealt you a different timetable this week! Go with it, and you'll find that unexpected good things await you. If you resist, you deny those things to yourself, and make uncomfortable waves around you. Always, it is better to work with astrological indications, and not to set your heart against them. People born under your sign like to be in charge of their destiny rather more than is usually thought, but you are also amongst the most reasonable and civilized of people. You're a good communicator, and you can explain things very clearly, especially on Thursday and Friday, when communication is favored.

Lucky numbers for this week: 6, 9, 8, 65, 45

Libra Horoscope Comments

I usually read my horoscope every day. But gradually, the predictions don't materialize or happen to be true, so my beliefs are minimizing by the day. I am libra (27th September) and have been facing an unreal situation and tough time in life all throughout 2018, since daughter's cancer diagnosis an
d continued medical complications, preventing her from working normally and forced to run after government support, which is simply insufficient and relying on my single paycheck. It has been 6 years now and the new year did not begin well. We are living on survival mode and hoping that the univer
se will finally change things for us to make life a little bit easier. Something has to happen soon, because I sincerely don't know how long we can go on like this.... I work at a job where it is impossible that I could get a raise or a promotion, as predicted in Libra's weekly horoscope. It is t
he total opposite, therefore causing me to be forced to work at a salary that is not enough to handle such a drastic situation in our lives.

[ Susan ] [ Post Reply ]

nice reading ..

[ nancy ] [ Post Reply ]

First I had belief in this horoscope. But gradually, as I find that the predictions doesn't happen to be true, so my belief diluted. I am libra (4th October) and face lots of hardships, failure, criticism, tough time in life.Shattered life....

[ ANUPAM BANERJEE ] [ Post Reply ]

Can u tell. Me about my education plzz?

[ Mona ] [ Post Reply ]

I went on a interview yesterday, will I get the job?

[ ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a libra and with each passing day life gets from bad to worse. After losing my job, i started business but am losing money constantly and now almost bankrupt. Waiting to die

[ Tonnier ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey matey hope all goes well with you ... we're Libras & we know damn well not to let go too far, youre much more better than that, we both know this! You'll get what you put into it. Stay strong because we're good at it !Kellz

[ Kellz ] [ Post Reply ]

At First check your natal chart or horoscope with the help of an erudite astrologer.He/She will guide you to take the profession according to your chart.

[ somnath de ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Tonnier I am a libra and with each passing day life gets from bad to worse. After losing my job, i started business but am losing money constantly and now almost bankrupt. Waiting to die
Read Happy Pocket Full of Money. You need to change your approach.

[ Joi ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm also a libra, I am doing my best to be nice to my colleagues at work but they are just being plastics. It's hard for me to trust anymore.

[ Joy ] [ Post Reply ]

When i will get good salary

[ Suvarna ] [ Post Reply ]

Uhmmmm,being a libra is a great task,am partially tired of all this tribulations

[ Prince fasade adebowale t ] [ Post Reply ]

Is good to a Libra but not easy I luv libra

[ Sidia ] [ Post Reply ]

i haven't recover yet for the loss of my mom 20th February then after 9 days another member of the family 29th February passed away whom i love dearly he mold me to be a better person and made me strong to face life difficulties i have learned so many things from him. he used to be my best buddy.
always be there for me when i am feeling down. now you are gone... i do not know where and how to start... RIP i love you Daddy Charles.. you are always in my heart :(

[ Johanna ] [ Post Reply ]

My mom passed away on Feb 22, 2016. My dad passed away Feb 01, 2004. My dad battled cancer for 3 years, but he was my rock. Watching him die was rough but I had the chance to take care of him for once and ask him all the things I wanted to know at the time. And he got to see me as a woman and not ju
st his little girl. My mom however, passed away in one day. Her and my daughter were extremely close and my only option was to move 8hrs away from the town I lived in my whole life after she died. I recently lost my job and am doing the best I can, but I can't help but miss my childhood. It was fil
led with unconditional love and security and trust and I just miss my parents. For whatever reason the good die young, I like to think it's because I have a great purpose that isn't fulfilled yet. And altho I feel lost sometimes, I am a better person bcuz of my parents. A stronger person. Good luck
to u.

[ Emily ] [ Post Reply ]

Remember energy never dies. Their not gone but just changed form. Call on them whenever.

[ Yeshuaha ] [ Post Reply ]

SoooooTrue !!!!

[ jr ]

Sad Libra :(

[ hema ] [ Post Reply ]

Where's the weekly? Hope you guys are okay! Love reading your work!

[ Nathan ] [ Post Reply ]

Currently facing lot of problems in my life.Just waiting for my dream job and also interested to pursue research.But things not going right and as always I am confused.I am too nervous and worried.I just want this time to pass away..it's really disturbing.Suggest me when will I be able to experience
happiness in my life?

[ Alia ] [ Post Reply ]

Iam same as you Allia. Ian waiting for a new positions and things just go in curcles. I don't know whether I will ever get this job. Sometimes I think, would not be libra

[ Mzi ] [ Post Reply ]

I Love being LIBRA...

[ Bevs F.E. ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Bevs F.E. I Love being LIBRA...
all libra is full of viagra

[ banerjee ] [ Post Reply ]

I love ervin certeza garcia very much. !!!!

[ im miss A ] [ Post Reply ]

Am very tired

[ tyet ] [ Post Reply ]

this week's horoscope (week of 13th july) is great and has manifested for me in the sense that my dad told me that he wished I had died when I had a near death experience last year and we stopped talking for many months and I felt unloved by him and as a result didn't feel like any man could ever lo
ve me but we sat down with a priest and my dad saw me sob about what he said and he didn't realise it affected me the way it did and so he apologised and instantly I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and the gates locking my heart open up and I now believe I can find love and he learned that his w
ords can cut like a sword so yes, the horoscope is true, we learned lessons in a very harsh way but we found a solution and we are now back to how we were.

[ lovely ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't think people understand that words cut deeply - and as a Libran, I feel like it cuts us up the most. I'm always weighing people's words in my mind and sometimes it takes talking it out again before we can ease that burden in our hearts. As much as we want to believe we've weighed all the pro
s and cons of their responses, we will actually never know the true intention behind their words & actions without asking. Sometimes they were upset or saw something we missed. Whatever the case, we should speak up when our worries overtake our lives... or just learn to let go.I'm glad your father t
alked to you and apologized. I hope he knows to be more careful with his words around you next time. Take care!

[ msvickie ] [ Post Reply ]

I am libra husband is Virgo and he cheat on me with cancer women ! He want to leave me for her and my heart is bleeding when he is having fun or what ever . There was two occasions that he try to back and I easly want to give him chance as I love him but he lyed me again . Lease advise me what t do
We have two kids and we work hard for all and when we get all he want to break all:(

[ Ewe ] [ Post Reply ]

Get legal advice. Your spouse has legal obligations to you and the children if he chooses to move on. Legally you need to know your rights and your children's rights. From there you will be more knowledgable and can make some decisions. Moving on is never easy but you deserve delight and happiness a
s much as anyone. Highly recommend to let the weight go that is dragging you down and will surely be impacting your children as well. Good Luck.

[ Kylieminogue ] [ Post Reply ]

Get a job and a young boyfriend. Trust me.

[ ginger ] [ Post Reply ]

Let him be or let him go.

[ sofia ] [ Post Reply ]

Im kinda Very Very Proud being Libra ! Lovelotss, hope my leo man in my dream will turn up to reality.

[ AngeLgyPssLovemyLeo ] [ Post Reply ]

Lol Its Funny Because I Have This Old Friend Coming From College In Las Vegas To See Me.. And The Other Guy I Was Talking To Stood Me Up For Our "Date" Yesterday And I Seen Him With Another Girl Today.. And I Start My Job Next Week...

[ Daja ] [ Post Reply ]

i want money!alots of it!i want wealth!what can i do?

[ blessed ] [ Post Reply ]

When will Libra get dream job?

[ Soona ] [ Post Reply ]

I actually have someone at work I just started talking to Sunday night! He seems serious n understandinformation. A good gentalmen! Holla at the Libras!! =)

[ miamigiggles ] [ Post Reply ]

Just stumble upon this site. Interesting. Shall be observing and be back again. :cool: :like:

[ Libran ] [ Post Reply ]

I definitely love this page and ofc being Libra, best zodiac sign ever ^^

[ beSi ] [ Post Reply ]

Ill try. I wish it can be sucessful :-) Pray for me Im also a Libra :-) Thankyou.

[ Joan ] [ Post Reply ]

I just love being a Libra

[ busisiwe ] [ Post Reply ]

i beleive in horoscope :)

[ z ] [ Post Reply ]

Do I move to old house this week (next week) or other house? Libra.

[ sveta ] [ Post Reply ]

libra basic situation of the history that they itcome social main. ?)

[ camille ] [ Post Reply ]

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Why Libra Weekly Horoscope?

Weekly horoscope for Libra gives those born in this zodiac house a unique opportunity to look at their life under a slightly different angle. And even if some might think this angle far from being objective, it did prove its effectiveness long time ago. Otherwise this site would not exist, would it? After all it is the demand that drives the

So, what is it about the horoscopes that make them so attractive - so luring that even the worst of the sceptics turn their eyes to the night skies with the purpose different from just admiring its beauty? As it has already been mentioned above, it is all about the effectiveness. A weekly horoscope for Libra is a view on
your life from as high as millions of light years! It is not only the combinations and positions of the solar system's planets that are used to compose a horoscope. Distant crystals from familiar constellations also impact our lives in the most direct way. Surely, Mars or Mercury, for instance, have a much greater impact on our life and this is
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However, while appreciating horoscopes in general, we should realize how valuable weekly horoscopes are. After all, such horoscopes as a
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