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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Week 22 July, 2019 - 28 July, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 22 July, 2019 - 28 July, 2019 for the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 22 July, 2019 - 28 July, 2019

A private business meeting is a success. Real fun and games must be planned out logically, not emotionally this time. Now focus on personal affairs as you see fit with little or no interference. The stars are particularly favorable to your personal life at this moment. Don't let the opportunity slip away. Consider changing your attitude towards others. You are capable of great accomplishments; be confident, your energy will do the rest. You'll want to spend time in and around the home and it is very likely that you have something special in store for after dark.

Lucky numbers for this week: 53, 5, 67, 21, 75

Scorpio Horoscope Comments

when does scorpions have a happy life

[ Santu ] [ Post Reply ]

That is very true, especially for me. .y birthday is November 21,1971

[ Jennifer Shatokin ] [ Post Reply ]

i hear ya!

[ Ronda ] [ Post Reply ]

mine is happy kinda bit i do relate were nice kind people that get walked on. makes life lonely as heck!

[ Ronda ] [ Post Reply ]

This is our happiness: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Remember: we are Scorpions

[ Dub ] [ Post Reply ]

when I will have peaceful life ..... I am really tired..... so much of pain...

[ Shridevi ] [ Post Reply ]

Melly, October 25th here, also going through a really hard time.

[ Rabbit ] [ Post Reply ]

is exactly d sme hpning wd mee

[ rubina ] [ Post Reply ]

Im Waiting for this Positive Horoscope this week :)

[ Rochelle ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so accurate...!

[ phill ] [ Post Reply ]

is something good coming for scorpions?

[ jas ] [ Post Reply ]

Often which needs a deep Astro study...

[ Max ] [ Post Reply ]

I always read my horoscope but nothing happen

[ dodo ] [ Post Reply ]

Sometimes your dily horoscope fits on me and sometimes not.

[ Hanna ] [ Post Reply ]

caution is key.

[ Lloyd song ] [ Post Reply ]

Help me deal with all this emotional pain!!!

[ Melly ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Melly Help me deal with all this emotional pain!!!
that's my name too. is it your last or first? I'm Scorpio rising, just found this site, came to read my sun and rising

[ star1chart ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes it's my first name I'm a Scorpio libra cusp

[ Melly ]

Pluto is not in Aries, ... it is Uranus. Pluto is since many years in Capricorn and will stay there for many years!

[ Lola ] [ Post Reply ]

your weEkLy hoRoscope fOr scOPio fits me . thanks ..

[ arrianne de villa ] [ Post Reply ]

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Why Scorpio Weekly Horoscope?

It is amazing how the least significant events of our life - seemingly invisible nuances - can alter our environment in a blink of an eye. We all have been through that, haven't we? The only thing that involuntarily comes to mind is a legendary butterfly effect. Even though it would have been better if something different - objectively beneficial in
an everyday life - had come to mind. An astrological forecast, i.e. horoscope, for instance.

Weekly horoscope for Scorpio is nothing supernatural derived as a result of selling your soul to devil or something similar to that. Neither is it a freestyle scribbling by a half-crazed wizard who imagines himself a connoisseur of fundamental postulates of the universe. This is hardly

A weekly horoscope for Scorpio, similar to any other astrological forecast, is a result of a well-planned and prompt activity by the experts who used to be referred to in no other way but flamens. Today we call them astrologers, i.e. "studiers of stars". Not to confuse with astronomers who are "namers of stars"! So, today, astrologers do not excite
awe as their medieval ancestors used to. Today astrology is a complex of methods that had been worked on in the greatest detail by way more than one generation of experts. Thus, in our days, we have much more effective ways of reading the stars compared to those of our ancestors; after all, it is not only their experience that we
possess; what we have is much more extensive knowledge as well as much more advanced technologies. So, those of you who think that ancient wise men used to have some super secret knowledge that is out of our reach today are hugely mistaken. Based on the old methods, but with the application of modern technological inventions we reached such heights that
would make the wisest of our ancestors' jaw drop. We do not mean any disrespect, though.

That's why the weekly horoscope for Scorpio you can see here is truly effective. It prevents you from getting lost in the maze of the concrete jungles and in the informational hypercube of the Internet vast spaces. A horoscope is a cheat note on your
hand that you get to use in a timely manner. This cheat note can help you pass the most important test - the test on your life. Of course, this is not the determining factor, but an exceptionally important and thoroughly positive one. Thus, it would be wrong to ignore it.