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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Week 17 June, 2019 - 23 June, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 17 June, 2019 - 23 June, 2019 for the Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 17 June, 2019 - 23 June, 2019

What matters most this week is reaching an agreement on a joint financial issue. So, ignore the career pressure triggered by the Full Moon midweek and concentrate on what is happening in your private life. If you play your hand with care you can gain some commitment and support, which could make domestic life far easier to handle. Be diplomatic, but do not hesitate to spell out where you stand. By the end of this week an emergency arises and you will be an important factor in saving the day, provided you can keep calm and become the eye of the storm. Your dreams this week will have deep spiritual meaning and, as is so often the case, they will be hard to remember.

Lucky numbers for this week: 65, 13, 32, 58, 76

Taurus Horoscope Comments

when are you updating your 2019 yearly

[ Tony ] [ Post Reply ]

When will you update calendar to August 2018?

[ jim ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to watch the greedy drown in an an ocean of gold

[ R ] [ Post Reply ]

On the weekend i had so many coincidence with one person and this weekend i'm having a date with her isn't it amazing. But before that i was suffering from lonelyness and now i'm one of the happiest persons in the world

[ Echo ] [ Post Reply ]

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[ randy ] [ Post Reply ]

I wanna know my life

[ Venu ] [ Post Reply ]

No we are not divoce I will trying bild my house . All taurast will come good life

[ safee ] [ Post Reply ]

i just cant explain how bad things are happening with me.since the last week of october till today i am suffering alot of problems.i just cant help myself. i dont know when the fuck i will be on the track.i am very irritated,stress and frustrated.

[ monjit ] [ Post Reply ]

If i can do it you can do it. And i did it

[ Buddhas bday ] [ Post Reply ]

M Taurus life is hell our neighbour is giving hard time pm kidney transplant patient plz pray to solve

[ Parul ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a taurus and i just moved in my new place and i love it .

[ Theresa ] [ Post Reply ]

My life is amazing . Dont pray just be thankful that is the only prayer you shoild focus on . Its all seeking you if your lacking it and coherant of it.

[ P ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought I was the only one going through troubles as s Taurean baby now I know that im not alone its a battle that needs to be tackled head on, I support the group prayer it will do wonders!!!

[ Sam ] [ Post Reply ]

I've been having the worst luck in the past 4 years .will it ever turn

[ les ] [ Post Reply ]

You're in good company. Me too. Rumor has it, the worst should be over and done with by mid-September.

[ Angela Catirina ] [ Post Reply ]

I have cancer will get through this and I'm dirt poor need help

[ Anne ] [ Post Reply ]

God please help me to get a nice job with nice package

[ durau ] [ Post Reply ]

We are go into divorce . I am not happy

[ safee ] [ Post Reply ]

We too divorce out of the blue Scorp -taurus... instead of start live she broke up

[ K ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey, all of you brother and sister fellow Taureans. I read that some of you have been having problems too at this time. What a brilliant idea this gave me: If we all pray for each other, for everyone on here, then we all get the benefit of a group of kindred people praying for us. Umm... it is i
nevitable. I looked at some spiritual literature lately and it said that there is no way to affect one's life in an ultimate way without re-engaging the power which created us. I was like, whowh! So anyhoooo, I'm praying now, for all of you bros and sis's. Peace!

[ Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

Alex, You sound super effeminate. America is in such miserable state because "men" like you are afraid to be men (they want to have cunts and grow titties) and women want to be men... there truly is such thing as penis envy and we are seeing it so much more than in Freud's time.Ursula of Europe (Ita

[ Ursula ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks God bless you all billion billion times with lots of happiness amenNyspk@aol.com

[ Mano ayesha ] [ Post Reply ]

. . . there is no way to affect one's life in an ultimate way without re-engaging the power which created us. Right on, brother!

[ bugs viking ] [ Post Reply ]

Bugs Viking, you understand it, bro. I'm praying for you by your name right now. Let's use this free and powerful way to give each other a step up in this testy life.Peace. And let's not forget success!!! :)

[ Alex ]

l don t have a boy friend mens don t chat me l don t no why

[ mirabelle ] [ Post Reply ]

mirabelle I like to be a good friend ok I think you are more than that I care get in contact with me on fbook Michael akaruese

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

smile cos Jesus loves you ...ask him again :)

[ paul ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Well wisher ] [ Post Reply ]

I am ever willing to chat with u my dear .

[ Vick ] [ Post Reply ]

I am initiating the conversation time and again but my Husband who is a Cancer does not seem to come out of the shell, I hope he does this week and comes back to me.

[ Rui ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought I was the one having such difficulties in life but looks like so many of us Taureans are going through this phase.But don't loose hope Taureans.We are the bulls and we never give up.Keep fighting.Life will improve.

[ ANGEL ] [ Post Reply ]

Im tourus looking for love

[ imdan ] [ Post Reply ]

my life sucks please god let me pass the exams. when will the good thing happen

[ amit mondal ] [ Post Reply ]

No worriesThe best is yet to come

[ swati ] [ Post Reply ]

is that a life changing really his faces every day and also so cruel to us... love always s*cks and you astrologists too ..

[ Sahir ] [ Post Reply ]

I am having a very rough time in my life right now,my gf is getting married and m not able to do anything.m depressed.please give me an geinuine answer

[ alone ] [ Post Reply ]

From a fellow Taurean, there is both dark and light parts of a persons life. The universe will keep it in balance. You are meant to suffer in order to keep you on the ground and you are meant to experience support and joy, to keep you soaring through the air to explore; its called life's lessons.

[ Shaun ] [ Post Reply ]

You sound like a sensitive guy who loves to love..always keep youre heart open.

[ leah ] [ Post Reply ]

same situation here..These predictions are really Perfect..!!! :)

[ M ] [ Post Reply ]

No.. if the opportunity presents itself.. i'm going to ESCAPE. .. :D

[ Armani ] [ Post Reply ]

This is the best, the real deal y'all.

[ Footalee ] [ Post Reply ]

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Why Taurus Weekly Horoscope?

Weekly horoscope for Taurus is not something extraordinary that can empower you to have a full control over your life. After all, astrology has been around for thousands of years and we have grown accustomed to viewing it as a natural way of preventing dangerous situations and solving the most difficult of problems. However, a certain period of our history can
be rightfully referred to as the oblivion time for the sacred art that astrology is, but.enough of the sad talk!

A note must be taken that a weekly horoscope for Taurus can help all Bulls solve many outstanding issues no matter how complicated they might be. After all, stars are there not only for the purposes of warming distant unexplored worlds
similar to ours. Each star is an energy cogwheel in the single astromagnetic clockwork that our vast universe is. Each star, not to mention every planet, is a natural generator of astral impulses which are beyond our control. We can, however, take them into account and this means we can change our future.

Taurus is a powerful sign of a terrain
trigon whose patron, Venus, is one of the most influential (from the energy stand point) celestial bodies in the solar system. This means that it is simply a contraindication for the Bulls to ignore the astrological signs; after all, high up there- beyond the blue vault - they've got the allies that can help them win any battle. A weekly horoscope
for Taurus is not only a bunch of some printed words; these words contain a powerful weapon capable of changing your life path. A weekly horoscope is a personal guide through the maze of astral energies. Master all of its secrets and you will be able to conquer the mountains you never thought possible and discover the mysteries that you otherwise
would never be even able to recognize. After all, every event in our life, every detail of our environment - even the most insignificant one -can one day snowball into the most large-scale event in our life or life of people around us. The important thing is that by realizing this fact and understanding the patters of astral connections between our
actions and the planets which in one way or another do impact our life, we are able to design the future which circumstances will not be able to control.