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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Aether (Ether, Ęther), Affinity, Affliction, Age, Astrological, Age of Aquarius, Age - Harmonics, Air Element
Aether (Ether, Ęther)
In terms of Astrology Aether or Ether as it is sometimes known represents a subtle energy level of consciousness. This awareness of our own existence is believed to surround and penetrate our physical and mental senses. It can also be seen as a dark energy or considered to be a higher element than Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Aether was once assumed the matter that contained all the other elements bound together. The name is written in various ways, has Greek origins and was derived from their personalizing of the influences of the sky.
In a broad sense Affinity is interpreted as any kind of similarity or compatibility when comparing things. In Astrology it relates to known attractions and positive influences between planetary groups. This word illustrates the harmony created by the connections amongst some certain planets with others. For example the Sun is said to have an affinity with all the planets whereas Mars has a good response when attracted to Venus. If there is affinity in two people's Sun signs it is a strong indication of a successful relationship developing.
Affliction suggests not only a serious misfortune but also the emotional effect of this adversity on something. When this is in relation to Astrology it refers to the planets that are badly aspected in charts and made weak and so thought to be afflicted. This weakening of planetary influence will be detrimental to the areas it appears in. Afflictions are believed to be especially unfortunate if seen in the 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. Even usually really positive planets can become upset and so unreliable when located at these distressed points.
Age, Astrological
Lots of Astrologer's today believe that the beginning of a new astrological age is a slow process that does not occur in a single moment of time. This period of a continuous series of changes is described in Astrology as `the cusp'. It is where one age or phase slowly replaces another and becomes the dominant and most significant time or era. Each astrological age is estimated to be of around 2,150 years duration. They run in the opposite order to zodiac signs. So Aries may be the first star sign but it will be the last in line to represent ages.
Age of Aquarius
There is debate as to when we will actually enter the Age of Aquarius or whether we are already existing in it. As each astrological star sign is in reverse order to the astrological ages we are still in or about to leave the Age of Pisces. This Aquarian cosmic age is thought to bring with it, influence and feature computers, electricity and flight. It is thought this particular period will focus on modernization, humanitarianism and freedom. The full effects will be seen when the Aquarius Age has been around long enough to completely establish itself.
Age - Harmonics
Age Harmonics use the age of a person, business or place to find out astrological information concerning them or it. They allow a fine degree of tuning that is not practiced elsewhere in Astrology. For the best results to be collated it is very important to have the most accurate time of birth of the individual or commencement of an enterprise. By plotting two people's Age Harmonic charts it is possible to see how they interact with each other. It can also be very good at determining between two birth times if there is confusion on which one is correct.
Air Element
Air elements are one of four triplicate groupings of astrological signs and relate to the Sun signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The Air element in Astrology is thought to represent intellect, flexibility and everything to do with communication. This particular airy component is said to create people with very observant expansive minds. The air flowing from one area to another makes them full of ideas and quickly adaptable to most situations. The other elements traditionally assigned to star signs in the zodiac along with Air, are Earth, Fire and Water.
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