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Astrological Signs Dictionary - Big Glossary of Astrological Terms & Definitions

A Dictionary of any kind provides a helpful reference point when reading and learning about any interesting subject. Astrological signs have fascinated people for centuries and although it can get quite complex in its numerous alternative methods, the basics are considered easy to understand and remember. An Astrological Dictionary will give you brief definitions of any particular word, name or phrase you are unsure of, or need clarification on the meaning of. It may also enlighten you on the historical or mythical origins connected to it and sometimes explain an example of the word's use. An Astrological Dictionary is a specialized listing of the words that appear frequently or occasionally in the history, methods and overall understanding of Astrology. It can be a handy assistant when surveying writings and ideas concerning the motion and interaction of celestial bodies upon human traits and destiny's.

In order to gain a simple quick comprehension of the terms used in Astrology online or when reading a book on the subject the dictionary will prove very useful. It will assist in the explanation of how planets express themselves astrologically in the natal chart and in the zodiac sign positions that they may fall in to. Each celestial body can be briefly and quickly explored for its likely influential cosmic power and its most favorable locations. All the 12 star signs are covered in the Astrological Dictionary along with their typical characteristics, assigned symbols, gender, compatibility and traditional order. You will also discover details about the twelve Houses and their cusps generally referred to in horoscope analysis, as well as their significance and relevance in all forms of ancient and modern Astrology.

The Astrological Dictionary covers all the various Major and Minor aspects to illustrate their numerical degree of formation and meanings. Within it you will uncover the importance of certain positional angles and all their names and the variety of different effects they could signify. Anyone curious about or studying astrological concepts will benefit from browsing the contents of an Astrological Dictionary. Most people are aware of their zodiac sign so the interest and further discovery of the enlightenment of Astrology usually starts here. Included in the dictionary are all the other little pieces that you may need to know on your journey of discovering Astrology. Information about the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth and their natural association with the signs will increase your cognizance of the many possible variations of personality type.

The Qualities or Modes of a person's Sun sign can play a determining role in shaping the finer features of their persona. The dictionary will allow you to ascertain the astrological implications of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs. While you delve into finding out more about Astrology or if you plan to scrutinize your birth chart you will find an Astrological Dictionary useful to check up on any of the words you are unfamiliar with. By familiarizing yourself with the predominant terminologies and their word etymologies there is less chance of confusion in your interpretation of them. The processes of planetary movement and direction supply a valuable insight in all Astrology systems. So investigating their value in the dictionary aids perception of their possible authority.

Learning to recognize the assortment of positive and negative aspects formed and their connotations is usually left to experienced Astrologers but a fundamental grasp of them helps anyone with recognition. Also knowing about planet orb allowances and rulership from perusing a explanatory term dictionary will often be of much assistance to beginners. Individuals with an avid curiosity about the art of Astrology will find the Astrological Dictionary a source of inspiration. Woven within the basic terminology entries there are snippets of references to the mythological deities and real Astrologers, Mathematicians and Philosophers, who have contributed, in some way, to the continued development of the study of this popular esoteric science.


Above Earth, Abscissor and Abscission of Light, Absides (Absis), Accidental Dignity, Acronichal (Acronycal; Acronychal; Acronical), Adept, Adverse Aspect
Aether (Ether, Жther), Affinity, Affliction, Age, Astrological, Age of Aquarius, Age - Harmonics, Air Element
Air Signs, Akasha, Alchemy, Alcocoden, Aldebaran, Alfonsine Tables, Alfridaria
Almuten, Anareta, Anaxagoras, Androgyne


Ba Zi, Balsamic Moon, Barren Planets and Signs, Behenian Fixed Stars, Behold and Beholding Signs, Benefic, Benefic Aspects
Benefic Planets, Besieged, Bestial Signs, Bicorporeal Signs, Birth Chart, Birth Place and Birth Time, Black Moon
Blavatsky, Bode's Law, Birth Stones, Biorhythm, Boomerang, Bounds


Cabala, Cadent Houses, Calendar, Campanus, Cancer, Capricorn, Cardinal Cross
Cardinal Houses, Cardinal Signs, Celestial, Celestial Latitude and Celestial Longitude, Celestial Spheres and Celestial Poles, Ceres, Chakra (Cakra)
Chaldean Order, Chaldeans, Chandra, Chariot, Chart, Chiron, Chronocrators
Climacterical Periods, Coalescent Chart, Combust, Composite, Conjunct, Constellations, Contra-Antiscion
Converse, Coordinates, Copernican System, Co-ruler, Cosmic, Cosmobiology, Cosmos
Critical, Cross-Quarter, Culpeper, Cusps


Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Davison Relationship Horoscope, Decan (Decanate), Declination, Decreasing in Light, Degree, Delta T
Descendant, Descending, Detriment, Dexter, Dignity, Accidental and Essential, Direct Motion and Direct Station, Disjunct
Dispositor, Diurnal, Divination, Divisional Chart, Dodecatmoria, Double-bodied Signs, Dragon's Head and Tail


Earth, Earth Signs, East, Eclipse, Ecliptic, Eighth House, Elections and Electional Astrology
Elements, Elevated Planets and Elevated Pole, Eleventh House, Empedocles, Ephemeris (Ephemerides), Epicycle, Equal House System
Equinox, Esoteric, Ether, Event Astrology, Event Charts, Exaltation


Face, Feminine Planets, Feminine Signs, Feng Shui, Fiery Element, Fifth House, Figure
Fire Signs, First House, Fixed Houses, Fixed Signs, Fomalhaut, Fortuna, Fortunate Degrees
Fourth House


Galactic Centre, Galaxy, Galen, Galileo, Gemini, Genethlialogy, Gender
Geocentric Model of the Universe, Geomancy, Gibbous Moon, Gnosis, Grand, Grand Trine, Great
Gregorian Calendar


Hard Aspects, Harmonic, Harmonic Astrology, Hayz, Heliacal, Heliocentric, Hellenistic Astrology
Hermes, Herschel, Hipparchus of Rhodes, Horary Astrology, Horoscope, Hours, House


Iamblichus, Iatromathematics, IAU, Immersion, Impedited, Imum Coeli, Inconjunct
Increasing, Inferior Planets, Infortunes, Ingress, Intercepted, Interfector, Invisible Planets


Jaimini Astrology, Johndro, Joys, Judicial Astrology, Julian Calendar, Julian Day, Juno
Jupiter, Jyotish


Kabbalah, Kalsarpa Yoga, Kama, Karaka, Karma, Katarchic Astrology, Kendra
Kepler, Keplerian Aspects, Kepler's Laws, Ketu, Keywords, Kite, Koch


Lagna, Latitude, Leo, Libra, Light, Like-engirdling, Lilith
Logarithms, Long Ascension, Longitude, Lord, Luna, Lunar Cycles, Lunar Mansions


Major Aspects, Malefic, Malefic Aspects, Mandala, Mantra, Mars, Masculine & Feminine Planets
Masculine & Feminine Quarters, MC, Melothesia, Mercury, Mercury Retrograde, Meridian, Meteorological Astrology
Metonic Cycle, Mid-heaven, Midpoint, Minor Aspects, Minor Year, Modality, Moiety
Monomoiria, Month, Moon, Mundane Aspect, Mystic Rectangle, Mythical


Natal Chart, Natural Astrology, Navamsa, Neptune, Neutral Planets, New Moon, Night and Day Signs and Planets
Ninth House, Nocturnal, Nodal Degrees, Nodes, Northern Signs, Novile, Numerology


Obliquity, Occidental, Occult, Occult Knowledge, Occulation, Octile, Oneiromancy
Ophiuchus, Opposition, Oracle, Orb and Orbit, Oriental, Orpheus, Out-of-Sign
Outer Planets


Parallel Aspect, Paran, Paranormal, Part of Fortune, Partile, Peregrine, Phases of the Moon
Pisces, Placidus House System, Planet, Planetary, Plato, Pleiades, Pluto
Polarity, Porphyry, Precession (of the Equinoxes), Prediction, Prenatal, Primary Directions, Prime Vertical
Profections, Progression, Prohibition, Psychic, Psychological Astrology, Ptolemy, Pythagoras


Qi, Quadrants, Quality, Quadrate, Quadriform, Quadratures, Quarter
Quartile, Quantum Entanglement, Querent, Quesited, Quincunx, Quindecile, Quintessence


Rahu, Radix, Rapt, Rashi, Rays, Reception, Rectification
Refranation, Regiomontanus House System, Regulus, Reincarnation, Relationship Astrology and Analysis, Remedy, Retrograde
Rising, Royal Stars, Rudolphine Tables, Rulership


Sabian Symbols, Sade Sati, Sagittarius, Sanguine Humour, Saros Cycle, Satellite, Satellitium
Saturn, Scorpio, Secondary Progression, Sect, Semi, Separation, Septile
Seventh House, Sextile, Short Ascension, Sidereal, Sign, Sixth House, Solar
Solar System, Solstice, Speculum, Square, Stars, Stationary, Strictures
Succedent, Sun, Symbol, Synastry, Synchronicity, Syzygy


Tables, Talisman, Tarot, Taurus, Temperament, Tenth House, Terms
Tertiary Progression, Testimony, Tetrabiblios, Tetragon, Thema Mundi, Theosophical Society, Third House
Time, Topocentric, Transit, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Trine, Triplicity, Tropic and Tropical
T-square, Twelfth House


Ucha, Umbra, Unaspected Planet, Undecile, Under the Sun's Beams, Universal Astrology, Universe
Upachaya, Urania, Uranian Planets, Uranus


Vaastu, Varga, Vedas, Vedic Astrology, Venus, Vernal Equinox, Vertex
Vertical, Vespertine, Vesta, Via Combusta, Vigintile, Virgo, Visible Planets


Waning, Watchers, Water, Waxing, Wedge, Western Astrology, Wheel
Whole Sign Houses, Wicca, Wisdom Religion


Yang, Yin, Yod, Yoga, Yogakaraka, Yuga, Yuti


Zaminium, Zenith, Zero Point, Zeus, Zodiac, Zoidion

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