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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Monomoiria, Month, Moon, Mundane Aspect, Mystic Rectangle, Mythical
Monomoiria is the name for one of the main modes of rulership via domicile lords used in Hellenistic Astrology interpretation. It involves the division of the zodiac into 1 degree parts with each degree having it's own ruler and meaning. Rulerships under Monomoiria are determined using the reverse Chaldean order of the astrological planets, starting with Saturn and continuing counterclockwise. An alternative method used is called Trigonal Monomoiria and this is based on the triplicities of rulers and the sect influence of day or night. Monomoiria techniques are mostly utilized in Horary and Natal chart analysis.
A Month is one of the 12 divisions of a year on Earth and is used frequently in Astrology to indicate set periods of time. In the Gregorian calendar used in Western astrological methods each Month has 30 or 31 days except February with 28 days, 29 on a leap year. A sidereal month is the period it takes for the Moon to complete all it phases and return to the same position. A tropical month refers to the time the Moon takes to return to a zero degree longitude and is slightly shorter than the sidereal month. In relation to the Earth's orbiting of the Sun the catch up time of the Moon in this cycle is regarded as a synodic month.
The Moon is in most forms of Astrology a significant planetary influence and a person's Moon sign can be just as revealing as their Sun sign. Astrologically this is considered a Feminine planet who rules the zodiac sign of Cancer and is exalted in Taurus. The Moon has 7 phases of visibility from Earth beginning with the New Moon. This is followed by the Crescent Moon, then the first quarter, then the Gibbous phase and on to the Full Moon. The final two stages are the third quarter and the Balsamic Moon being barely a sliver visible before emerging as the New Moon again. Some Astrologers also consider the Moon's nodes to be 'shadow planets' with some celestial authority.
Mundane Aspect
The term Mundane is from the ancient Latin mundanus and means pertaining to the world or universe. It is mentioned in Astrology to refer to aspects that are measured from the Earth's rotation rather than the positions in the traditional zodiac circle. The Mundane Aspect is calculated in subdivisions of the day and night time semi-arcs along the line of the Equator and needs to be based on the exact birth time. If 2 planets have a separation of 2 houses they are said to be in Mundane Sextile or with 4 houses apart they are in Mundane Trine. Mundane Aspects are consulted for their indications of events within nations and communities as well as natural occurrences.
Mystic Rectangle
Aspect patterns in Astrology are created from the involvement of 3 or more planets and are very revealing and insightful in natal readings. The Mystic Rectangle is a formation of 4 planets consisting of 2 trines and 2 sextile aspects interwoven with opposition angles. The influence of the four aspects are believed to overcome the opposing intervention and can provide solutions in the area they fall in. The appearance of a Mystic Rectangle in a birth chart may signify a person's best abilities and the personality assets they should nurture. It can also indicate ways that difficulties can be resolved and show the road ahead.
All astrological texts both ancient and modern contain references to myths and mythical creatures and deities. Many of the celestial bodies referred to in Astrology have acquired their names and assumed influences from mythical Gods and Goddesses. These imaginary cosmic representations include Mercury named after Hermes the messenger of the Gods and Venus after the Goddess of love and beauty. The planet Mars gets its name from the sky God and Neptune from Poseidon the God of the Sea. Pluto is named after Hades the mythical God of the underworld. The largest planet Jupiter's name is derived from Zeus who was considered King of the Gods.
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