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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Ninth House, Nocturnal, Nodal Degrees, Nodes, Northern Signs, Novile, Numerology
Ninth House
The Ninth House in Astrology is also known as the House of Philosophy and is believed to represent belief systems, intuition and travel. This area of the natal chart is found situated 9th counterclockwise from the Ascendant and can reveal our desires for greater knowledge and challenges. This is a cadent house ruled by the zodiac sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. In Mundane Astrology this particular house covers education, legal matters, communication and long distance journeys. In a birth chart assessment the Ninth House focuses more on the intuitive and inspirational side of a person's character.
The word Nocturnal comes from the Latin nocturnus meaning 'belonging to the night'. In Astrology it relates to planets located below the horizon, nativities of people born at night and zodiac signs in the Northern Hemisphere. The term is also used to describe distance or time travelled when a planet passes through the night in a Nocturnal Arc. The Nocturnal Planets are the Moon and Venus who are also classed as being Feminine and Negative. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo are considered Nocturnal Signs and are sometimes known as Northern Signs. These signs and planets labeled as Nocturnal are believed to exhibit their influences more powerfully at night.
Nodal Degrees
Nodal Degrees are measured in Astrology as being equal to the Mean Mode of the Moon without regard to the particular sign. The Nodal axis of the Moon is created by the Moon's path as it orbits around the Earth and the Sun. The intersection of the planes during the motion creates two points that provide a basis for measurement. The influences of the Sun and the Moon in Nodal Degrees accentuates relationships and can be quite revealing when one person's birth chart is romantically compared with another. Nodal Degree comparison can emphasize strong bonds between two people and so the potential success of partnerships of all kinds.
The Nodal axis of the Moon is formed by the relationship between the combined motions of the Sun, Earth and the Moon. The calculated points of the North and South Nodes of the Moon, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, can be important in birth time and date Astrology charting. The North Node is regarded as ascending and thought to reflect the personal qualities and things with potential that we need to develop. The South Node descends and is believed to highlight our talents and how best we should utilize them. Nodes can also be good places to find answers to relationship compatibility with others.
Northern Signs
The term Northern Signs is used in Astrology to differentiate those zodiac signs that lie below the horizon in the zodiac wheel. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo and are sometimes called Commanding or night signs. There is a little rhyme from E. Cobham Brewer and his Dictionary of Phase and Fable 1894 to remind us of the Northern Signs. It goes like this 'the Ram begins, then comes the Bull, in May the twins, next Leo shines, and Virgo ends the Northern signs'. If you can easily recall the Northern signs by remembering this citation the remaining 6 signs are the Southern Signs.
In Astrology a Novile is the name given to a 9th harmonic aspect in the zodiac formation circle. It forms at an angle of 40 degrees giving it a square looking shape. In a birth chart it can give an indication of completion to other aspects and is usually associated with marriage, long term commitment or other spiritual matters. A Novile is treated astrologically as being equal to a third of a Trine and believed to also possess a third of a Trine's luck and harmonious presence. A Novile is sometimes known as a Nonagen and the word is most frequently used in Karmic type Astrology's.
Wherever you find Astrology you will often find Numerology not far away as it originates from the same mathematical roots of Pythagoras. Using numbers is Universal and the methods for prediction purposes are easily communicated to others. This has made Numerology very popular as an alternative but often complimentary interest to astrological concepts. The numbers that form your date of birth hold the key to unlocking the ideas and influences of Numerology. For example a Life Path number is calculated by adding up the digits in the day, month and year you were born. Different numbers have various meanings relating to the personality and future of individuals.
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