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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Geocentric Model of the Universe, Geomancy, Gibbous Moon, Gnosis, Grand, Grand Trine, Great
Geocentric Model of the Universe
The Geocentric Model of the Universe is the title given to the illustration of planetary positions defined by early Greek philosophers. Plato, Aristotle and Ptolemy believed that the Earth held the central point in our Universe and was circled by the Sun, Moon and the other visible planets and stars. They thought at the time that the Earth was a stationary object in its centre position. This system was used for thousands of years in Astrology before being replaced by a more scientifically accurate version following the inspiration of Galileo.
This is a very old form of Astrology using divination and with the requirement of no special calculations. The word Geomancy is derived from the French geomancie and the Latin geomanteia and roughly translated means 'comb the Earth'. Astrological Geomancy was developed from creating dots in the sand with stones and this moved on to forming diagrams on parchment. It uses 16 symbol figures that are set into a tableau. Interpreting these markings that have connection with astrological elements and planets reveals the past, the present moment, and the future.
Gibbous Moon
Gibbous comes from the Latin word gibbous roughly meaning 'humped' and translated to English as convex at both edges. This describes perfectly the illumination of the Moon when it is in a Gibbous phase. It refers to the time when the Moon is between its first quarter and but has not reached the full Moon state. Before a Gibbous Moon occurs the Moon is known as waxing and after it has passed it is known as waning. This in between time period seen in a Natal Astrology chart can signify self and the need for personal growth. It is also a strong motivator for all the planetary influences nearby.
This is an ancient Greek word thought to mean 'seeking to know' and has become known as a term for mystical knowledge in English translation. Gnostic is an esoteric astrological practice that Greek philosophers regarded as a predictive method that worked along with the intelligence of celestial bodies. Gnosis is a method of taking advantage of messages from the stars and involves 7 birth rays with associated gems used to locate and align them. Ray Lords are considered to help you on life's journey and the Ray Cycles are believed to assist them.
This word is Anglo French in origin and was pronounced as graund or graunt. Today in English Grand means impressive in size, appearance or effect. In Astrology it is used to describe several astrological terms. The Grand Climacteric is the 63rd year listed in Climacterical Periods. A Grand Conjunction is one involving the two planets Jupiter and Saturn. A Grand Cross is an aspect that has a pair of oppositions that are placed at right angles away from each other. As Grand indicates influential and effective these names are rather appropriate.
Grand Trine
A Grand Trine is a favorable aspect arrangement sometimes seen in Astrology Natal chart interpretations. It occurs when three separate planets are making the same 120 degree angle Trine at the same time so forming an equilateral Triangle. The planets must all have the same astrological elements of either Fire, Earth, Water or Air present within the positioning to form a Grand Trine. It focuses on and emphasizes a person's natural abilities and can express the harmony needed for good fortune and progress in the particular houses it formed in.
In Astrology the word Great is used to illustrate astrological terms that are considerable in degree or intensity. These include the planets Jupiter and Saturn known as the Great Chronocrators and also as having a Great Conjunction. A Great Circle is created when a ring is formed around a planet or star that has the same central point as it. This favorable term is also applied to planets of greater fortune and positive influence than usual. These are referred to as Greater Benefics to differentiate them and emphasize their higher abundance.
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