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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Lagna, Latitude, Leo, Libra, Light, Like-engirdling, Lilith
Lagna is a term used in Hindu Astrology to describe the Ascendant for inclusion in a birth chart. It is regarded as the first house in a horoscope assessment and is the most popular choice for the use as an astrological reference when looking at the houses. It is known as the default citation for house referencing and if no method is listed Lagna will probably be the one used. Your Lagna is thought to decide some of your general health and personality traits and is calculated using your date, time and place of birth. Lagna's for the star signs are Aries is Mesha, Taurus is Vrishabba, Gemini is Mithuna, Cancer is Kataka and Leo is Simha. The Lagna for Virgo is Kanya, for Libra it is Tula, for Scorpio it is Vrishchika, Sagittarius is Dhanus. Finally Capricorn is Makara, Aquarius is Kumbha and the Pisces Lagna is Meena.
Astrological planet positions can be evaluated by the measurement of two types of Latitude on a birth chart. Celestial Lattitude is the distance of a planetary body located North or South of the ecliptic. Terrestrial Latitude is measured from a North or South position in line with the Earth's equator. Studying and calculating planet latitudes for an accurate place of birth can help reveal valuable insights into an individual's true character. There are many references of tables online called Ephemerides that can assist with degrees of Latitude for the collating of more precise birth information.
Leo is the star sign nominated to people born between July the 23rd and August the 22nd and its name originates from the Greek word for Lion. This sign is symbolized by a Lion and usually creates personalities that are leaders rather than followers. In the zodiac circle the sign of Leo is the fifth sign that is fixed and regarded as one of the Fire signs. It is situated in between Cancer and Virgo and is considered Masculine and Positive. This sign is ruled by the Sun possibly accounting for their typical high energy and enthusiasm for life. Leo's are known to be very loving and generous but they can also be bossy or intolerant. They are often most compatible with Cancer, Libra or Aries.
Libra is the star sign assigned to people born between September the 24th and October the 23rd and its name comes from the Latin for Scales. This sign has scales as its symbol and usually produces personalities that are known to be well balanced. Within the zodiac wheel the sign of Libra is seventh and considered Cardinal and one of the Air signs. It is positioned in between Virgo and Scorpio and is regarded as Masculine and Positive. This sign is ruled by Venus who is thought to bestow them with their typical good looks. Libran's are known to be charming and easygoing but they can also be indecisive and self indulgent. They are often most compatible with Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio.
The definition of Light for astrological purposes is that it is a luminous energy that bestows enlightenment wherever they are situated. There are 3 main Lights in Astrology and these are the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon and they all play a significant part in the deciphering of a natal chart. These light influences represent the ego and emotions for both our conscious and subconscious thought. Lights are sometimes referred to as Luminaries due to their radiating authoritative insights. Even without studying the other planets involved in a birth analysis the 'Lights' will highlight the major characteristics of any individual.
This term is used in Astrology to describe the positive relationships between zodiac signs and their planetary rulers. The Sun and the Moon are both regarded as ruling celestial bodies and also reign over the signs of Leo and Cancer. Like-engirdling comes from the word engird meaning to circle and encompass and explains the natural affinity of these planets and stars with each other. Like-engirdling illustrates the rulership of Gemini and Virgo by Mercury and that of Taurus and Libra by Venus. It can also be applicable to Jupiter's ruling of Sagittarius and Pisces and Saturn's astrological authority over Capricorn and Aquarius.
In Astrology the name Lilith can refer to the Asteroid 1181 named after her or to certain placements in birth charts. The Asteroid Lilith is thought to represent her mythical female spirit and the ' Black Moon' her memorable trail. The 'Dark Moon' Lilith is believed to be the communicator of her femininity and in natal readings can indicate particular coping mechanisms we may adopt when hurt emotionally. The Dark Moon Lilith is assumed to be a reflection of the opposite side of the Moon's caring, nurturing qualities. It's positioning discloses our hidden emotions and has an association with women and their influence in a person's life.
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