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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Logarithms, Long Ascension, Longitude, Lord, Luna, Lunar Cycles, Lunar Mansions
The word Logarithm comes from the Greek log and arithmos meaning number and this clever mathematics can assist with horoscope reading. Logarithms were an invention of the Scot Mathematician John Napier. In astrological calculations they are used to place planet positions as precisely as within the hour. Logarithms also help locate the arc direction for any specified date. To display the timed pattern of life events a logarithmic calculation can be performed on an Astrology birth chart. This can be done easily and quickly with simple addition and subtraction, making them easy to work with.
Long Ascension
Long Ascension in Astrology relates to the 6 zodiac signs that take longer than the other six signs to ascend over the horizon. The Earth has a tilt comparative to that of the Sun and so in the Northern Hemisphere these Long Ascension signs need over 2 hours to rise over the East horizon line. The signs regarded as in Long Ascension are Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo and Cancer. These are also the signs with seasonal associations with Summer and Autumn. These are the opposite equivalent of Short Ascension signs on the Southern Hemisphere that takes less than 2 hours to rise.
Longitude in Astrology terms is the measurement and degree distance along the Sun's path of the zodiac signs locations. Celestial Longitude is measured from the point of the Spring equatorial zero degree at Aries. Terrestrial Longitude's are the range in divisions and minutes of any location East or West of England's prime meridian in Greenwich. Absolute Longitude is the name given to the 360 degrees of the zodiac sign arrangement. Aspects for natal horoscopes are also determined by Longitude calculations based on one degree of Longitude equating to around 4 minutes of Earth time.
In Astrology any planet that has a dominating influence over another celestial body, sign or house is called a Lord. This word is used as well as the alternative term Ruler to describe the dominant force that controls its surroundings and will have the most significant authority. The ruling planet of a sign that is positioned on the cusp of the first house is referred to as Lord of the Ascendant. In the past only planets considered Masculine were attributed with the title Lord. Today astrological indicators of both genders can be designated the label Lord to signify their command and reign over other planetary zodiac areas.
Luna is the Latin name adopted centuries ago from the Greek Goddess Selene to describe what we now call the Moon. It has other names mentioned in different mythologies including Soma, Artemis and Isis. Early date recordings before the solar calendar were based on the rhythms of the Moon and so are known as lunar calendars. Luna was believed to be attuned to human instincts and emotions in its cycles assisting with spiritual growth. There are many terms in Astrology beginning with Luna, for example Lunar Eclipse, Month, Node, Return and Lunar Standstill.
Lunar Cycles
The Moon in Astrology is associated with the emotional states of individuals and their reactions to things. Observing Lunar Cycles has been performed since early man first inhabited the Earth. Today as well as the daily horoscopes based on Sun signs of the zodiac there are alternatives available that concentrate on Lunar Cycles too. The Moon has numerous stages of visibility. These are the New Moon, waxing stage, second quarter then the waxing gibbous Moon. Following this a Full Moon is seen, then waning again into the balsamic stage and to it's resting phase. The cycle then repeats continuously.
Lunar Mansions
Lunar Mansions are used in many different types of Astrology and are an ancient adapted system of the zodiac using the Moon as it's guide. This ideology focuses on 27 nakshatras that are the house or mansion sectors that are believed to lie within the zodiacal path. A Lunar Mansion is the planetary position and aspects occurring during the first 24 hours following the birth of an individual. It will reveal details of the emotional needs of a person in relation to every area of their life. Lunar Mansions have also been utilized in order to choose favorable times for the planning of important events.
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