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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Descendant, Descending, Detriment, Dexter, Dignity, Accidental and Essential, Direct Motion and Direct Station, Disjunct
The definition of Descendant in Astrology is a point that lies directly opposite or 180 degrees away from the Sun's path. It is usually found in the West celestial horizon and often on the right hand side of the natal chart. The Descendant also highlights the starting point of the 7th house in an individual's astrological profile. This concentrates on all kinds of personal relationships and can be very revealing in its explanation of how we will interact with partners. Descendant locations can also tell you what type of people you're attracted to.
This word originates from the Latin descendere thought to have meant climb down, and is used in reference to planets in Astrology. Descending describes those planetary bodies found in any astrological house in and including the fourth and the tenth. After this section of houses the planets begin to ascend. A planet is said to be descending when it travels from the Mid-heaven until it arrives at the opposite point. Descending planets are considered weak influences and Descending angles can help determine likely personality and behavioral traits of individuals.
The Latin word detrimentum is the thought to have been translated to Detriment from it's meaning 'to rub away'. In Astrology it is used to apply to a planet that is placed in the opposite sign to its natural ruling celestial influence. A planet or sign in detriment is also sometimes described as being in exile. An example is the Moon is in detriment when found in Leo the opposite of Aquarius. When a planet or star is said to be in detriment it means that it is uneasy in its position and therefore it's authority is often weakened as a result.
The beginnings of the word Dexter are thought to have come from a Latin phrase meaning 'on the right hand side'. For astrological reference Dexter is applied to aspects of a special kind. An example of a Dexter aspect is a planet located in Pisces with a 60 degree distance towards Capricorn. Dexter aspects are formed using the reverse order of the signs of the zodiac. In Astrology they are regarded as powerful and more direct than other aspects. Planets appear to circle the Earth from East to West and the interpretation of Dexter aspects reflects this.
Dignity, Accidental and Essential
The word Dignity is from derived from the Latin dignitas translated as 'merit' and partly explains it's importance in Astrology. Certain sectors of a natal chart are known as dignities and planets found in these areas will have a strong influence. Both Accidental and Essential Dignities are important but Accidental dignity is considered to have the most significance. Accidental Dignity is seen when a planet position in a house is favorable and strong, Essential Dignity is apparent when a planet location in a sign is well aspected and forceful.
Direct Motion and Direct Station
Direct Motion is the term used in Astrology to illustrate the straightforward and regular movement of the planets. It refers to the conventional Aries the Ram first, Pisces the Fishes last, order of the zodiac signs. Direct Station is the phrase used to explain the time when a planet pauses for a brief period following its usual backward or retrograde path. This temporary position of a planet's stationary state is considered a favorable time. It is encouraged as a good time to make essential decisions in several popular kinds of Astrology.
This word meaning not united or joined probably originates from the Latin disjunctus meaning separated. For Astrology it is another word used for quincunx which is an aspect created when two planets are both at a 150 degree angle or 5 signs apart from each other. Ptolemy named planets with no obeying or commanding influence, those of equal power and those not in any kind of opposition to be disjunct. In a horoscope they are insightful as they often signify that some personal adjustments may be needed to secure success in the area the disjunct is.
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