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Astrology Dictionary E Page 1


Our Earth made up of 70% water on its surface revolving once every 24 hours and taking around 365.25 days to orbit around the Sun. The Moon provides a natural satellite to the Earth and the planet's Venus and Mars lie in its orbiting path. It is the only planet known to have human inhabitants. For Astrology study the Geocentric view of the Earth, where it is located at the center of our Solar System, is the most commonly used. Earth is regarded as the symbol of life and astrologically the accommodator of all the other elements, Air, Water and Fire.

Earth Signs

Earth sign personalities in the zodiac are assumed to acquire some of the Earth Element influences of solidity and security. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that is typically placid and determined. Virgo is a mutable Earth sign and is generally practical and reliable. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign and those born under it are usually patient and disciplined. This particular triplicity of signs are noted in Astrology for their realistic 'down to earth' characteristics. Earth signs are thought to provide the resources required for life function.


The word East is translated from many languages and refers to a cardinal point that is 90 degrees right of the North. It is one of the four directional points on Earth and for Astrology gives the direction of the Sun as it rises. This is important to show equinoxes and the rising measurements of the cusp in the first house in a birth chart. The Eastern Houses are positioned on the left hand side of a horoscope interpretation and include the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th and the 11th. The East Point is the sign and degree of elevation over our equator.


A Solar Eclipse occurs when there is a fresh new Moon and it blocks out the light of the Sun. A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Moon is a full Moon and the Earth's position obscures the Moon's illumination. These eclipses can have an influence on all horoscope charts by affecting decisions, ambitions, and starting and giving up things. Eclipses come in three kinds, there can be a Total Eclipse, an Annular one or a Partial one. An Eclipse of the Sun emerges from the West and an Eclipse of the Moon is known to arrive from the direction of the East.


The Eclipic is the word for the path of the Sun as it travels through the heavens and passes through the circle of zodiac signs. Eclipic is from the Latin word ecliptica and is important in Astrology as the influence of solar eclipses and their connection in time with Earthly events. The eclipic appears to be stationary through the points of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. It is tilted at 23.5 degrees to the equator. From this strongly defined celestial movements we can analyze astrological aspects, houses, positions and sign character traits.

Eighth House

This area of a birth chart in an astrological analysis is known to highlight experiences, challenges and sexual characteristics. The Eighth House is believed to govern the natural sequences of life including our birth and death. It can reveal the spiritual and private side of personalities. Ruled by Scorpio and the planet Pluto the Eighth House concentrates its energy on marriage, money and clearing way for better things. Like the 4th and 12th house's this house implies revelations and traits that can be worked upon and changed by a person.

Elections and Electional Astrology

There are two basic types of Elections that are used in association with Electional Astrology. Particular Election is constructed with and concerning many references to the natal chart. Universal Election is created without the need to refer to such detailed birth details. Electional Astrology is a special kind of horoscope prediction that focuses on determining the most favorable times to perform specific actions. An astrological chart is prepared that will use a variety of methods to calculate the best times for marriage, moving or business set up.

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