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This word describes the angle formation created between the ecliptic plane of the Earth and the celestial equator level. Obliquity comes from the Latin obliquitas and the Middle English obliquitee and it measures the tilt of the Sun's path in comparison to the celestial equator's. In writing and charting of Astrology you may sometimes see Obliquity symbolized by the Greek letter Epsilon. The obliquity of the ecliptic is important to note in astrological analysis. Not only does it control the seasons on Earth it assists in the defining of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn for birth chart interpretations.


Occidental is a translation from the Latin word occidentalis meaning 'Western', and in Astrology it describes a planet that is known to rise and set after our Sun. The term 'occidental in figure' means that a celestial body is visible, and therefore more powerful in its influence in the evening following sunset. It will also imply that the planet is close to the Descendant and will have more affinity with the Moon. An Occidental astrological position is considered Feminine and can also illustrate a movement away from the vertical axis. This occurs in houses contained in the Western section of a natal chart.


Occult is the term used to refer to a collection of ancient knowledge that was in the past 'hidden' from general public view. Centuries ago many religions banned any ideas or practices that they considered in opposition to God. Occult ideologies are based on the interpretation of symbols and some required the power of the mind to increase their effectiveness. It was only when the concept of free thought and choice of beliefs was introduced that Occult teachings and methods reemerged. Today the word Occult is mentioned along with most astrological systems as well as Tarot, Numerology and many other forms of divination.

Occult Knowledge

Learning about Astrology in any depth will involve coming into contact with knowledge that is classed as 'Occult'. The word Occult is a general term derived from the Latin occultus meaning 'to hide' and is considered the opposite of apocalyptic or prophecy. Occult knowledge concerning the planets and the signs of the zodiac provide the main key to the secrets of Astrology. When we take an interest in Occult knowledge we get the opportunity to learn through our own discovery. These previously hidden Science's supply great insights into human characteristics and many are utilized by people today as a non religious journey of personal growth.


Occulation comes from the Latin word occultatus meaning 'hiding' and in Astrology is sometimes known as an Eclipse. It is used in an astrological sense to illustrate when occasionally the Moon crosses in front of a star while orbiting around the Earth. The planet that is eclipsing is considered to be equal to a conjunction and just as powerful in natal charts. It is possible for stars to also occulate and if the occulation involves 2 celestial bodies is then known as Double Occulation. This word is used most frequently in descriptions of lunar positioning and recording the regularity of these particular occulations is done by some Astrologists.


Octile is derived from the Latin word octant meaning the eighth of a circle and is a group of aspects used in Astrology. These angles measure 45 degrees plus or minus and are also known as semi-squares. They were named Octile as a representation of the one eighth of the 360 degree circle of the combined zodiac sign positions. Octile's can only be worked out with careful calculation and are believed to pinpoint the beginning and ending of cycles. A waxing Octile refers to the Moon and the slower planetary influence may highlight uncertainty while the faster moving one could imply hesitancy.


Oneiromancy is the Greek name for a form of prophetic dream divination that was commonly used in ancient Egyptian times. Oneiromancy was also discussed by Aristotle and Plato and has traditional versions all over the world based on different interpretation techniques. The concept concerns the belief that dreams should be interpreted as messages sent by the Gods. In some cultures the 'seer's' who diciphered dreaming had great authority. Oneiromancy is regarded as one of the Occult Sciences with Astrology and although it's results cannot be scientifically measured as such it is thought an accurate prediction method.

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