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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Blavatsky, Bode's Law, Birth Stones, Biorhythm, Boomerang, Bounds
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in the Ukraine in 1831 and died at the age of sixty, she was very influential to astrological thought. She was the first to use the term 'Root-race' to describe the seven stages of human evolution she believed in. Blavatsky and her work was much respected by the writer Yeats and the psychologist Carl Jung as well as many others including Gandhi. She was an extremely gifted psychic whose ideas and influence had a big impact at the time and still do today. Blavatsky was also an active co-founder of the Theosophical Society.
Bode's Law
In 1778 J.E. Bode formulated a mathematical system that predicted the spacing of planets in our Solar System. He used the work of his colleague Johann Titius who had recently discovered a rough guide to locating possible planets, stars and asteroids. With these concepts and his own numeric formulas he was able to predict the existence of a likely celestial body between Mars and Jupiter, now known as the asteroid belt. A few years later Sir William Herschel located the previously undiscovered Uranus using the Bode's Law of detecting planetary forms.
Birth Stones
In Astrology each sign of the zodiac has been allocated a gem stone that can be used to help concentrate the positive energies of that particular sign. There are many different forms of astrological thought each having their own nominated gems per sign. In ancient Hindu the Birth Stones were assigned to the months of the year rather than in zodiacal categories. People born in January should wear Garnet, in February Amethyst, in March Bloodstone and in April Diamond. Those with birthdays in May have Agate as their Birth Stone, in June it is Pearl, in July it is Ruby and in August Sapphire. September birth's should wear Moonstone, October's Opal, November's Topaz and December births are allotted Ruby.
Charting Biorhythms is achieved by using a person's natal chart of their date of birth and lunar influence to measure their energy cycles. A Biorhythm calculation is believed to map the astrological ebb and flow of an individual's daily physical, emotional and intellectual levels. There are 3 energy cycles, the physical cycle lasts 23 days, the emotional cycle is a 28 day duration and the intellectual phase period is 33 days. Biorhythms are generated in waves alternating between high and low periods indicating which times will be most favorable for success, strength and positivity in the area concerned.
The name Boomerang is given in Astrology to a focused Yod or Kite type aspect with an opposition to the apex fourth planet. In a horoscope analysis the Boomerang configuration adds perspective and indicates a new direction in a person's life. Astrologically a Boomerang angle with it's additional planet is thought to be more revealing that a Yod. It adds extra information about the timing of life events within a natal chart. This particular celestial arrangement's 4th point is believed to have the 'last word' in its display of energy. The Boomerang aspect is considered a Major and usually favorable reference.
The word Bounds in Astrology is used to describe the places where planets are comfortable and allowed to express themselves freely and fully. These essential dignities are also referred to as Terms and relate to the astrological planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The Sun and the Moon are thought by most Astrologers to have no Bounds, although when the Ascendant is in its bound also occupied by the Sun and Moon this is considered very lucky. However if a planet is positioned in the bound of another sect it will have a problem releasing its energy or forming an influential relationship.
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