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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Ba Zi, Balsamic Moon, Barren Planets and Signs, Behenian Fixed Stars, Behold and Beholding Signs, Benefic, Benefic Aspects
Ba Zi
This is a name from Chinese Astrology that is used to identify the four pillars of Destiny that are thought to represent the Year, Months, Days, and Hours. Each representative pillar is assumed to have a branch and a stem. Ba Zi is translated as referring to 4 Earthly branches and 4 Heavenly stems of an individual's time of birth. Other essential parts of Ba Zi include Yin and Yang, Solar periods and phases, and the astrological elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Ba Zi charts are written starting with a Year pillar and from right to left.
Balsamic Moon
The waxing and waning of the Moon has significant meaning in all areas of Astrology especially concerning emotions. The Balsamic Moon phase is the last crescent view stage seen in the 3 days leading up to the appearance of a full new Moon. This closing part of the Moon's cycle is believed to be a time of adjustment, healing and rest. This period is sometimes called the Wishing Moon time due to it's deep connection with all things emotional. It is also occasionally referred to as acting as an astrological bridge between the past and the future.
Barren Planets and Signs
Barren means physically or mentally unproductive and this can relate to some planets and signs associated with Astrology. Barren planets are thought to include the Sun, Saturn, Mars and sometimes Uranus. Barren zodiac signs are believed to include Leo's, Virgo's and Gemini's. Seen in the 5th house of Children in a birth chart a barren planet's influence may signify limited numbers of offspring. The majority of modern ideology from Astrologists on this 'barrenness' of planets and signs see it as old fashioned thinking and not very accurate.
Behenian Fixed Stars
The name of these fixed stars was determined from the Arabic word bahman meaning 'root'. It is an apt title for these 15 stars that are associated with magical medieval Astrology. Each special Behenian star was regarded as a powerful astrological source towards one or more planet. To initiate a Behenian star's strong influence certain assigned gemstones and plants were connected to them. The nominated stars are Aldebaran, Antares, Alphecca, Arcturus, Algol, Capella, Deneb Algedi, Gienah, Pleiades, Procyon, Polaris, Sirius, Spica and Vega.
Behold and Beholding Signs
Behold is a derived from the Middle English word behaldan meaning 'to keep', it now generally means to see and observe something. In Astrology it relates to planet speeds, positions, parallels of latitude, and distances. It is thought that a faster moving planet beholds a slower planet when in its usual position. When 2 planets are within the same relative positions they behold each other, especially when there are also beholding signs present. Beholding Signs, for instance Aries/Virgo or Taurus/Leo are distanced evenly from the tropics.
This term is of Latin origin and from the word beneficus meaning doing or promoting some good. It is used to describe the favorability and influential power of different planets when they are viewed astrologically. For example hot climate Jupiter is considered a greater benefic planet than cold Venus. In difficult aspects and unfortunate placements a benefic positioning may cease being beneficial and become afflicted. When the Moon is waxing in it's cycle, in this state it is regarded as being benefic, as it generally makes people more eager to act.
Benefic Aspects
This wording is used to illustrate advantageous astrological benefits that are gained from certain planetary positions. Planet familiarities allow the release of cosmic energy and this creates harmony. There are Major and Minor agreeable aspects, the most important are sextile and trine. Those of less significance and power are semi-sextile, quintile and bi-quintile. There are other benefic aspects but these are the most effective and most often seen. A conjunction, if associated with beneficent planets or well aspected, can also be benefic.
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