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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Benefic Planets, Besieged, Bestial Signs, Bicorporeal Signs, Birth Chart, Birth Place and Birth Time, Black Moon
Benefic Planets
A Benefic planet in Astrology is believed to have a strong positive influence wherever it is seen. When they appear well positioned and aspected too this influential power is thought to be intensified even further. Jupiter is regarded as the most benefic planet in the zodiac followed by Venus and Mercury. When Jupiter is in the ascendant position any negative features in a natal chart are usually abated. Venus is thought to generate material success and enhance beauty. Mercury's authority, although a little weaker in beneficence, bestows a good memory.
The definition of Besieged is to crowd around, surround and impinge upon and comes from the Middle English word bysegen. In Astrology it refers to a planet that is located between two malefic planets and so trapped on both sides by unfavorable antagonistic forces. Besiegement can happen in any aspect or conjunction within an astrological configuration. A planet placed between Venus and Jupiter is thought to be favorably besieged. If between Mars and Saturn it lies in an unfavorable besieged position and highly restricted in its influence and meaning.
Bestial Signs
Some Sun signs in Astrology are known as bestial signs due to their connection with an animal in their symbolization. Aries is symbolized by the Ram making them adventurous and energetic. Taurus is identified by the Bull creating persistent and determined people. Leo is represented by the Lion and is usually faithful and loving. Sagittarius and Capricorn with their half beast representations are also thought to acquire some bestial characteristics. In modern astrological thinking this generally indicates the creature's practicality rather than temper.
Bicorporeal Signs
The Greek astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy used the phrase Bicorporeal to identify double bodied signs. These are the Sun signs of Gemini the two twins, Sagittarius the man and Centaur, and Pisces represented by the pair of fishes. In modern times these particular signs are now often referred to as mutable. They are well known for their adaptability due to their dual natures. These signs tend to go along with the flow of life rather than determine the pace of it. With two sides to their character bicorporeal personalities are very versatile.
Birth Chart
On the exact moment in time we are born the planets in our Solar System will have a unique positioning. A birth chart is an astrological representation of these positions that are believed to form their personality and possible destiny. As well as the date and an accurate time it is important to also be aware of the location of an individual's birth. There are other names for a birth chart including natal, natus, nativity, genethliac and radix charts. They can assist people to delve deeper into their horoscope interest to discover a lot more.
Birth Place and Birth Time
In Astrology and especially for natal readings a person's exact Birth time and place are essential requirements. The calendar date provides some information about personality traits and possible life paths but without the accurate timing and location this is limited. With all the required details Astrologers can then plot the precise coordinates of the planets to gain a much clearer picture of an individual. As celestial bodies are constantly moving the Birth place and Birth time are rather important considerations to be able to pinpoint high accuracy.
Black Moon
A Black Moon, Dark Moon, or Lilith as it is sometimes called, is an axis point that is calculated from the Moon's orbit around Earth. It is the meeting location where the Moon is both farthest away and closest to the position of the Earth. It is regarded a void empty area in Astrology but can have some significance in personality interpretation. The Black Moon presence in a birth chart can often reveal the darker side of a person's nature. It can identify characteristics that a person knows exist but they find difficult to acknowledge.
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