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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Almuten, Anareta, Anaxagoras, Androgyne
Although the term Almuten is little used today by Astrologers it refers to an important planetary position in a natal chart. The word Almuten is Arabic and thought to mean 'strong and firm in power' and this describes its 'strongest, most influential' presence within a person's birth configuration. The Almuten is considered the most powerful planet when all its essential dignities like exhaltation, triplicity, face and ruling sign are jointly taken into consideration. The planet regarded to possess the most dignity is thought to be able to act most effectively towards the benefit of an individual's destiny.
Anareta is the name used to describe the planet that highlights the opposite benefic Hyleg planet signifying the 'giver of life'. The malefic Anareta is thought to sometimes be the planetary indication in a natal chart of the likely time and cause of a person's death. It is often referred to as a destroying influence to any planet but especially to Uranus, Mars and Saturn. Astrologists do not like to discuss the possible end of life but are able to analyze charts using the Anareta location as a guide. By inspecting both the 'life giver' celestial body with the 'life ender' a probable life span can sometimes be suggested.
Anaxagoras was one of the first Greek philosophers, along with Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy who was very influential in forming the basics of Astrology. Anaxagoras introduced the idea of the Moon's light reflecting the Sun as well as the concept of solar and lunar eclipses. He proposed that celestial bodies were far in distance from the Earth and that the Universe was probably ordered and controlled in part by the cosmic mind. Anaxagoras's early ideas on planets and stars blended with Ptolemy's theory of the four astrological elements to help create the zodiac configuration we consult today.
The word Androgyne is defined in the Dictionary as 'of ambiguous sexual identity' or 'one that combines the male and the female'. In the History of Astrology several of the mythical God's and Goddesses were regarded as androgynous displaying both masculine and feminine influences. we also refer to light with dark and the Yang or the Yin. In astrological terms Androgyne as a definition of Gender can additionally be applied to the planet Mercury and sometimes to the zodiac sign of Gemini. Here when analyzing birth charts an Androgyne influence in a house can be deemed positive or negative in its effect.
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